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2023 Audio Archive

February 2023

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
08-02-2023 Save Japan inflation has not yet completed its base, China unwinding overbought, India steady, oil firm on backhanded support from President Biden, Turkey ETF as potential support, AI wobbles, gold still correcting. 24:33mins Back to top
07-02-2023 Save correlation between bond yields and growth stocks cannot last indefinitely. AI stocks extend rebound, bond yields rise, oil firms, oil drillers breaking out. 17:19mins Back to top
06-02-2023 Save geopolitical tensions weigh on stocks and further support inflationary pressures with bond yields popping on the upside. Dollar strong, gold eases, oil finds support at lower side of short-term range. 22:26mins Back to top
03-02-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h15mins Back to top
02-02-2023 Save tech stocks surge following Meta earnings but Amazon and Alphabet disappoint in after hours, dollar strengthens on ECB and BoE close to rate peaks, gold downside key reversal, oil eases, Australia's ASX overbought as it tests its peak. 21:24mins Back to top
01-02-2023 Save Fed raises rates and calls peak inflation, stocks and bonds rebound, dollar down, gold jumps, bitcoin firm, growth outperforms value. Adani Enterprises crashing. China continues to rebound. 17:32mins Back to top

January 2023

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
30-01-2023 Save China consumption disappoints, Wall Street pauses ahead of Fed, energy weak, gold pauses. 20:43mins Back to top
27-01-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 49:21mins Back to top
26-01-2023 Save Intel disappoints, Tesla discounting temporarily boosts demand, carbon credits and oil firm, European banks break higher, Hong Kong resumes trading with further gains, bonds yields steady, Australian dollar firm 22:01mins Back to top
25-01-2023 Save near-term scope for rebound versus medium-term challenges, meanwhile emerging markets,gold and miners remain firm. 20:49mins Back to top
24-01-2023 Save Australia extends rebound aided by the US Dollar's decline, Japan and Hong Kong also firm, India steady, Defense companies firm, significant single stock volatiltiy on the back of earnings, gold continues to firm. 21:30 Back to top
23-01-2023 Save Risk-on gaining traction on Wall Street, bond yields and gold steady, oil pauses, bitcoin and fintech firm. 19:59mins Back to top
20-01-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h1min Back to top
19-01-2023 Save stocks weak, dollar hits news low so commodities steady, bonds yields likely to contracat over the balance of the year. 18:26mins Back to top
18-01-2023 Save BoJ holds on to yield curve control fot a little longer, Yen reverses weakness, Nikkei unlikely to hold gains tomorrow, Wall Street rolls over as Treasuries rally, gold eases, oil reverses early strength in US trading, copper reverses early advance, several global markets are short-term overbought so at least some consolidation is likely. 19:37mins Back to top
17-01-2023 Save Dollar steadies, S&P500 tests 200-day MA, oil firm, gold eases, bond yield steady 3.5%. Leveraged loans resurgent, China recovery remains intact. 20:55mins Back to top
16-01-2023 Save VIX pops on the upside even though the US market is closed, short-term oversold Dollar means rebounds are at risk of consolidation, China rebound continues. 19:30mins Back to top
14-01-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 58:16mins Back to top
12-01-2023 Save inflation figures as expected weigh on Dollar, stocks and bonds rebound, gold and oil extend rebounds, non-US assets outperform. 19:23mins Back to top
11-01-2023 Save bonds yields contract, stocks rebound, crude oil rebounds, Egypt pound floats. 14:19mins Back to top
10-01-2023 Save stocks wobble on slightly higher yields, gold and oil steady, 9mins Back to top
09-01-2023 Save China recovery continues, copper breaks out, bond yields compress, tech rebounds, dollar weak, brazil steady, 21:38mins Back to top
06-01-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 54:18mins Back to top
05-01-2023 Save Nasdaq-100 extends decline led by cloud services, dollar steady, bonds yields fail to hold advance, gold eases and silver working on a downside weekly key reversal, China extends rebound and related markets benefit. Mexico testing the upper side of a seven-year base. 16:10mins Back to top
04-01-2023 Save China recovery gathers pace, tourist sector basing, tech still under pressure, bond yield compressing and gold recovering, oil and copper weak. 19:33mins Back to top
03-01-2023 Save China bounce led by autos, Nasdaq declines led by autos, Europe and UK bounce one lower energy prices, Dollar strong, gold holds half advance, bonds firm, 29:55mins Back to top