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2022 Audio Archive

December 2022

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23-12-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h1min Back to top
22-12-2022 Save cross pollination between value, growth and quality factors, stocks retreat on stronger growth and personal consumption, toppy patterns in Lululemon and Costco point to peaks in consumer spending. oil eases, dollar firm, gold pauses. 18:56mins Back to top
21-12-2022 Save crude oil bounces from 1000-day MA, stocks unwind short-term oversold, VIX contracts, bonds yields hold gains, dollar stable, 25:22mins Back to top
20-12-2022 Save BoJ amends QE program and yen jumps, gold and silver rebound, global bond yields rise, stocks steady and volatility falls but that is unlikely to last if yields continue to rise. 23:49mins Back to top
19-12-2022 Save Dollar and yields steady, gold pauses, Wall Street remains weak and China rolling over as COVID cases rise. 20:41mins Back to top
16-12-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 57:29mins Back to top
15-12-2022 Save downside weekly key reversals for Nasdaq and Euro STOXX, dollar and bonds firm, gold weak, oil and copper ease, China COVID headwinds likely to peak in Q1 but will be a problem until then. 23:17mins Back to top
14-12-2022 Save Fed raises rates and issues hawkish statement, dollar weak, bond yields contract, oil firm, gold unchanged, recession inevitable stocks stable. 24:23mins Back to top
13-12-2022 Save CPI falls, stocks initially rebound but fade on economic weakness fears, dollar weak, gold and oil firm, non-US asset continue to outperform but with a global recession brewing expect volatility. 24:17mins Back to top
12-12-2022 Save China COVID cases rising but likely to peak by the end of the Q1 2023. Copper pauses near the MA, stocks steady, gold eases, oil unwinding oversold condition, bitcoin stable. bond yields unwinding short-term overextension. 25:51mins Back to top
10-12-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 37:20mins Back to top
08-12-2022 Save China's advantage in EVs, oil continues lower despite sensational stories, stocks steadier on bond weakness, Dollar eases, gold steady. 19:16mins Back to top
07-12-2022 Save China pandemic surge inevitable as quarantines and testing ease, oil lower, gold stronger, Dollar weak, Chinese shares rolling over, Treasury yields lower as deflation priced in, Nasdaq-100 easing back from 200-day MA. overbought instruments susceptible to weakness. 30:57mins Back to top
06-12-2022 Save Amazon trouble, oil breaking down but shares only beginning to feel pain, stock susceptible to additional weakness. bonds yield compressing in response to slowing economic activity. 21:44mins Back to top
05-12-2022 Save PMI surprises on the upside, Dollar steadies, yields rise, gold pulled back sharply, oil weak, Hong Kong firm but US Chinese stocks point to weakness tomorrow. oil weak. container demand collapsing. 23:07mins Back to top
04-12-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h26mins Back to top
01-12-2022 Save liquidity conditions continue to tighten, dollar breaks lower, gold, silver, miners firm, China rebound pauses, India breaking high, oil fails to hold intraday high. 22:03mins Back to top

November 2022

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
30-11-2022 Save Powell pleases markets, Wall Street rebounds led by Nasdaq, dollar weak, gold firm, emerging markets and Europe rebound, bonds yields contract. yield curve still inverted and deeply so. Recession is still likely in 2023. 23:07mins Back to top
29-11-2022 Save FANGMAN underperforming, MIIN on the cusp of breaking out, China rebounds, India new all-time high, nickel surges, precious metals steady, dollar steadies, 24:27mins Back to top
28-11-2022 Save China protests escalate, oil weak, copper soft, gold steady, euro firm, bitcoin weak. 14:56mins Back to top
25-11-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h8mins Back to top
24-11-2022 Save Gold rebounds, silver failed downside break, Dollar rolling over, if this continues non US assets will outperform, European and Australian banks steadying, China property boosted by almost $1 trillion in stimulus. 16:18mins Back to top
23-11-2022 Save gold and sliver steady, dollar eases, stocks steadty, China coronavirus cases rising. 12;32min Back to top
23-11-2022 Save Wall Street steady but monetary conditions continue to tighten, Hang Seng easing back from the first area of the first area of potential resistance. 13:37mins Back to top
21-11-2022 Save China COVID cases rise, copper eases back, dollar firms, gold eases oil reverses initial decline, Wall Street eases. 14:22mins Back to top
18-11-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 52:38mins Back to top
17-11-2022 Save Chinese stocks reverse declines, Vietnam follows through on the upside, Brazilian Real pulls back, UK budget supports bonds, weighs on Pound, US retail sales positive but oil, copper and nickel continue to pullback. Rail worker's strike could be seriously inflationary so worth monitoring. 19:09mins Back to top
16-11-2022 Save Yield curves continue to contract putting pressure on liquidity plays, Wall Street pauses, bonds advance, Vietnam government support, China pauses, India steady, Brazil in danger of rolling over. 21:51mins Back to top
15-11-2022 Save China extends rebound, Wall Street steady, Singapore Financials breaking higher, gold steady, bond yield contract, high yield spreads rolling over, bitcoin steady, 18:46mins Back to top
14-11-2022 Save Bitcoin stock-to-flow charts suggests both a crypto winter and a low soon. stocks pause following last week's fireworks, Dollar and bonds pause, gold and silver steady, oil weak. 23:22mins Back to top
11-11-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h Back to top
10-11-2022 Save 10yr-3-month spread sharply inverts on lower inflation, stocks, gold, copper, bonds rebound emphatically to break near-term downtrends. Dollar rolls over which should boost emerging markets tomorrow, last hurrah rally now beginning before a recession next year. 18:18mins Back to top
09-11-2022 Save bitcoin extends downward break, Mega-caps breaking lower in absolute and relaitve terms, gold steady, oil weak, China supports property developers, Dollar steadies, bonds steady, 23:02mins Back to top
08-11-2022 Save bitcoin breaks lower, gold, silver, platinum and gold shares break higher, Dollar eases, bonds steady, VIX rises for time in weeks, oil pulls back and high yield spread contract. 22:27mins Back to top
07-11-2022 Save global money supply contracting, Dollar at risk of breaking down, bond yields continue to march higher and stocks recovery rally remains in force, oil pauses at $100 and platinum breaks higher. 22:30mins Back to top
04-11-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 51:47mins Back to top
03-11-2022 Save Wall Streets weakens into the close, BoE more dovish than the Fed leans on the Pound, China stock ease, gold eases and oil in a tight range. 25:54mins Back to top
02-11-2022 Save Fed hikes rates and releases a very hawkish statement, bond yields rise, Dow downside key, gold weakens, oil steady, 25:39mins Back to top
01-11-2022 Save unfounded speculation China will ease COVID-zero rules sparks rebound in resources, UK begins to run down the balance sheet, Fed meeting tomorrow which I expect to be hawkish, Amazon breaks lower. 24:15mins Back to top

October 2022

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
31-10-2022 Save India continues to outperform China by a wide margin but is China is very oversold, Brazil bounces following Lula victory, Dollar firms, bonds yields rise, Wall Street pauses. 22:08mins Back to top
28-10-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 57:05mins Back to top
27-10-2022 Save Total addressable market assumptions are proving illusory for cloud, advertising and retail, bonds yields compress, dollar firms, supply inelasticity misrepresents inflation whereas the liquidity-fuelled demand surge explains it better. 22:10mins Back to top
26-10-2022 Save dollar index breaks 110, gold steadies, crypto extends rebound, Treasuries test 4%, 10yr-3mth inverts, megacap earnings disappoint. China supports currency supporting copper. 26:58mins Back to top
25-10-2022 Save risk on sentiment improves with ethereum and bitcoin rallying, bonds yields ease, dollar eases, growth stocks firm with Nasdaq-100 bouncing from the 1000-day MA, gold steadies. 14:15mins Back to top
24-10-2022 Save H-Shares hit 2008 lows, Renminbi weak, no Yen follow through, no Dollar or gold follow through, Gilt yield compress, oil pauses, US natural gas steadies, EU gas compresses, TIPS under report QT 16:22mins Back to top
22-10-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 51:56mins Back to top
20-10-2022 Save Yen carry trade doesn't work when yields are rising this fast. On the other hand lets remember that everything is priced off the 10-year. The discount rate all investments are compared against continues to rise. 24:52mins Back to top
19-10-2022 Save government interference in commodity markets seldom works as expected, oil steady, gold weak, dollar firm, commercial property a catalyst for additional weakness, bond yields surge. 29:11mins Back to top
18-10-2022 Save alternative assets under pressure from rising rates and escalating yields, 10-yr-3mth spread close to inverting, pricing in a recession. dollar eases, gold stable, bitcoin inertia will not last. 26:41mins Back to top
17-10-2022 Save China supports stock market ahead of Xi's confirmation of a 3rd term. Dollar eases on UK fiscal recalibration, Bond yields rebound from intraday low, gold fails to hold the intraday highs, Latin America currencies steady. 21:49mins Back to top
14-10-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 58.51 mins Back to top
13-10-2022 Save CPI surprises on the upside which increases potential for recession inducing interest rate hikes and brings forward monetary easing. Dollar drops, stocks rebound, bonds pause, oil steady. 19:24mins Back to top
12-10-2022 Save BoE defends 5% on the 30yr, Fed Minutes see a long slog to control inflation, stocks ease, bonds steady, Bank of Japan recommits to QE so Yen extends decline, rise of asset heavy businesses versus intangible assets. 26:20mins Back to top
11-10-2022 Save Dollar eases, gold steadies, stocks steady and bonds hold lows, Bank of England intervenes in inflation protected bonds market, China pauses but renminbi remains weak, technological innovation raises scope for unconventional war during times of geopolitical stress. 22:55mins Back to top
10-10-2022 Save bond yields continues to march higher, UK yield curve control will soon be tested, stocks and high yield bonds under pressure, China weak, renminbi at risk of devaluation. 14:10mins Back to top
08-10-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h3m Back to top
06-10-2022 Save cannabis bounces, Dollar and Treasury yields extend rebound. stocks ease, Yen tests government's resolve, Australia rallies strongly but AUD under pressure, 24:32mins Back to top
05-10-2022 Save high yield spread continues to march higher, the yield curve is still inverted, crude oil and oil stocks extend advance, dollar bounces, Treasury yields bounce, gold steady, but stock market also steady. If the preceding trends remain intact, that spells trouble for the stock market. 24:37mins Back to top
04-10-2022 Save Dollar and Treasury yields at first area of potential support. Gold and silver extend rebounds. Wall Street continues to rally too. ASX200 rebound sharply on less aggressive RBA action. 19:29mins Back to top
03-10-2022 Save Bond yields compress, gold and silver rebound, oil steadies on OPEC supply cuts, stocks steady, Tesla weak, 23 mins Back to top

September 2022

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
30-09-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h Back to top
28-09-2022 Save Bank of England wades in to support Gilt market and is interpreted as a risk on move. gold, oil copper, stocks rebound, Dollar pulls back and yields contract. Medium-term it is a monetisation of the debt and is likely to exacerbate inflationary pressures. 19:20mins Back to top
27-09-2022 Save bitcoin fails to hold intraday rally, bond yields extend advance, dollar remains firm, gold steady, stock markets weak. 21:13mins Back to top
26-09-2022 Save Pound rebounds from intraday low but Gilt yields close at their highs, pressure mounting on the Bank of England to act. gold weaker as the Dollar strengthens, Renminbi tests its lows, Treasury yields breaking out. stocks susceptible to further weakness as corporate profits and leveraged loans come under pressure. 24:08mins Back to top
23-09-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h Back to top
22-09-2022 Save conditions for a recovery in gold, bond yields surge, stocks ease, Japanese government tries to support yen without the BoJ helping, oil stable, natural gas weak. 30mins Back to top
21-09-2022 Save Fed is going to cause a recession to get inflation under control. Wall Street reverses early gain, Treasuries stable, Dollar firm, Asia to open weak, Renminbi breaking lower. Another downleg in asset prices appears likely. 28:19mins Back to top
20-09-2022 Save distopian predictions gaining traction around the world but efforts are well underway to avoid them. The greatest pressure is being felt in currencies and bonds while equities are still under pressure. gold extends decline and bitcoin remains weak which signal tightening liquidity. 20mins Back to top
19-09-2022 Save Stocks steady ahead of the FOMC meeting, Treasuries pause at 3.5%, oil and gas steady. energy transition stocks steady. 19:40mins Back to top
16-09-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h4mins Back to top
15-09-2022 Save discussion of what will break and whether that represents crash risk, oil and gas weak, gold breaks lower, stocks continue to roll over. 27:35mins Back to top
14-09-2022 Save recession risk increases with inflation hard to temper. Nasdaq-100 susceptible to breaking the secular uptrend, gold steady but Dollar still strong, platinum outperforming, copper distributing, 23:27mins Back to top
13-09-2022 Save CPI upside surprise leads to Dollar surge, unwinding of longs and potential failure of buy the dip, gold and bitcoin weak, mega-caps lead Wall Street lower, Renminbi weakens. 30mins Back to top
12-09-2022 Save CPI potentially peaking, euro trying to rebound but still encumbered by domestic challenges, European natural gas prices continue to fall, stocks firm, silver rebounds strongly. bond yield still rising . 33:26mins Back to top
09-09-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h7mins Back to top
08-09-2022 Save stocks steady, Dollar eases, bond yields continue to rise, alternative energy and biotech rebound, Fed QT accelerates. 23:44mins Back to top
07-09-2022 Save Crude oil breaks lower, Dollar eases, Yen pauses, Wall steadies as bond yields ease, platinum firming and copper steady. 24:16mins Back to top
07-09-2022 Save EUR swap breads at 2008 levels and bitcoin breaking lower suggest very tight liquidity, oil and gold weak, Dollar at new highs stocks reverse lower, UK Gilts surge on outsized spending measures. 18:13mins Back to top
05-09-2022 Save Liz Truss is the new UK prime minister, now the hard work starts, Pound and Gilts stablise, natural gas initially surges but eases on recession fears, carbon credits rolling over, copper's circular argument, China slowing down, Asia Dollar Index hits new low, 23:05mins Back to top
02-09-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h12mins Back to top
01-09-2022 Save copper and oil extend declines, bond yields continue to rise, Dollar breaks out against the Yen and British Pound, Wall reverses early decline to finish unchanged. 22:12mins Back to top

August 2022

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
31-08-2022 Save India posts double digit growth, Nifty and Rupee rebound, Europe natural gas extends decline, Wall Street and bonds continues to trend lower. 19:40mins Back to top
30-08-2022 Save oil pulls back sharply, copper extends decline, stocks under pressure and correlation with bonds reasserts with both falling together. Euro stable at parity. 21:24mins Back to top
29-08-2022 Save Brent crude oil rebounds, Euro steadies, Europe natural gas declines, stocks ease, wheat and corn extend rebounds gold steadies. 19:16mins Back to top
25-08-2022 Save Bond yields ease, stocks and gold steady ahead of Jackson Hole, Dollar rebounds from intraday lows, Europe natural gas surges, oil eases, global fragmentation trades strengthen. 22:06mins Back to top
24-08-2022 Save coffee surges, fertilisers stocks benefit from high natural prices, bond yields continue to rise, stocks stables ahead of Jackson Hole on Friday, Dollar eases, gold improves. 21:20mins Back to top
23-08-2022 Save Brazilian inflation trending lower following wide positive real rates, Dollar eases and gold steadies in response, oil stable at $100, natural gas eases, stock markets extend retreats and bond yields extend advances. 22:52mins Back to top
22-08-2022 Save correlation between bond and equity weakness reasserts, Dollar surges, oil reverses intraday weakness, Europe natural gas looks exhausted as storage fills up. most stock markets pulling back from their respective 200-day MAs. 23:44mins Back to top
19-08-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h Back to top
18-08-2022 Save meme stocks diminishing returns, euro weak, natural gas and oil firm, gold eases, easing financial conditions increase scope for stronger Fed action. 22:06mins Back to top
17-08-2022 Save Bond yields continue to rebound, stocks pause, oil steady, gold weak, bitcoin eases back, stocks prices for a very benign scenario but bonds tell a different story. 19:47mins Back to top
16-08-2022 Save possible Iran deal puts downward pressure on oil, stocks quiet, China bond yields now below Treasuries putting downward pressure on the Renminbi, gold pauses below $1800. carbon credits firm, crytocurrencies pause. 21:14mins Back to top
15-08-2022 Save China recession risk rising, Renminbi, copper, oil, nickel lower, Dollar firms and weighs on gold and silver, European natural gas surges to new high, Brazil has relative strength and Wall Street extends rebound. 20:36mins Back to top
12-08-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 52mins Back to top
11-08-2022 Save copper continues to rebound but China beginning to restrict liquidity, UK electricity prices close to breaking higher, bond yields rebound everywhere, stocks begin to feel the effects of higher borrowing costs. 22:02mins Back to top
10-08-2022 Save CPI eases led by non-core factors, stocks rebound, yields reversed early declines, Dollar Index steadied at 105, industrial resources steadied 20:15mins Back to top
09-08-2022 Save gold, stocks and government bond yields are crucial areas of overhead resistance. Oil closes lower even on Russian pipeline shutdown, Dollar steadies. 20:47mins Back to top
08-08-2022 Save stocks fail to rally on passing of new energy/medicare bill in US, NVidia surprises on the downside, major indices at first area of resistance, gold steady, dollar eases, oil firms, natural gas weak, 18:06mins Back to top
05-08-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 56mins Back to top
04-08-2022 Save gold rebounds, stocks steady, bonds pause, oil weak, copper steady, investors price in scope for a hiking peak sooner than later without considering the implication for lower earnings as a resutl of a recession. 23:03mins Back to top
03-08-2022 Save stocks continue to rebound on risk-on appetite, oil and copper decline is a possible sign of China weakness, Dollar and Treasuries steady, Natural gas still strong and poses an energy crisis for Europe. 24mins Back to top
02-08-2022 Save Treasury yields and dollar index posted upside key reversals on Fed denial of pivot hopes, Stocks eased, US natural gas fell, copper weak 28:54mins Back to top
01-08-2022 Save crude oil backwardation contracts, natural gas remains strong, Dollar at first support, stocks and gold at the first resistance, yield curve continues to extend inversion, short-term lows for stocks could easily be retested on geopolitical stress. 21:09mins Back to top

July 2022

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
29-07-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 56:18mins Back to top
28-07-2022 Save Technical recession, job openings peaking as demand slows, risk-on assets rebound, Treasuries rally, gold and bitcoin rebound, Yen strengthens. 25:35mins Back to top
26-07-2022 Save earnings remain very mixed, natural gas breaks out in Europe, firm in US, oil and gold steady, bitcoiin weak, stocks pause ahead of Fed meeting, 18:32mins Back to top
25-07-2022 Save oil steadies, Stocks steady, gold and silver ease back, Treasuries pause, India intervenes to support the rupee, Renminbi steadies. 16:03mins Back to top
23-07-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 531;39mins Back to top
22-07-2022 Save Tesla pops, Snap disappoints, Nasdaq-100 at first area of resistance, Treasuries compress, ECB raises rates, China banks slump 19:53mins Back to top
20-07-2022 Save speculative interest in crypto and cannabis jumps, Nasdaq jumps to new recovery high, Dollar steady, oil firm, China weak on growing property issues, Europe gas firms on less supply expected from Russia. yield curve inversions remain lead indicators for future trouble. 17:27mins Back to top
19-07-2022 Save oil extends rebound, yield curve extends inversion but stocks are rallying as the Dollar weakens. Treasuries are still steady near 3%. 22:39mins Back to top
18-07-2022 Save Euro rally ebbs, stocks reverse earlier advances, Treasury yields compress, commodities rebound led by oil and gas. Recession risk continues to rise. 24:06mins Back to top
15-07-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h2mins Back to top
14-07-2022 Save Dollar pause supports asset prices, Nasdaq-100 up, oil rebounds, European natural gas firm, central bank total assets trending lower, joblessness trending higher, picking ultimate winners in tech. 22:26mins Back to top
13-07-2022 Save CPI surprises on the upside and investors price in another big rate hike but bonds rallied and stocks steadied. Willingness to look through trouble and buy the dip has been the hallmark of this bull market but corporate profits are peaking, unemployment is about to rise and we have not felt the ill effects of a recession yet. 28:15mins Back to top
12-07-2022 Save recession risk rising, inverted yield curves, oil weak, copper extends downtrend, financial sector weak heading into earnings, China recession risk. 25:04mins Back to top
11-07-2022 Save Dollar surges, bond yields contract, recession risks jump, oil steady, stock markets weak in constant currency terms. 22:04mins Back to top
08-07-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h1min Back to top
07-07-2022 Save Dollar extends rally, Stocks rebound, oil firm, gold steady, stocks rebound on China stimulus. bond yields rise on hawkish Fed minutes. 18:50mins Back to top
06-07-2022 Save stocks quiet, oil and copper trim declines, gold extends decline, Treasuries pause, Dollar firm, yield curve inverts again. Back to top
05-07-2022 Save copper, oil, gold, silver break lower, Europe makes new reaction lows, Dollar breaking higher versus Euro and Pound, Nasdaq-100 rebounds as Treasury and Bund yields compress. 25:23mins Back to top
04-07-2022 Save immuno-oncology stocks suggests judicious bargain hunting is underway, oii remains firm, European natural gas surges, stocks markets steady, bonds quiet. 18:34mins Back to top
01-07-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55:53mins Back to top

June 2022

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
30-06-2022 Save consumer finance companies trending lower is a negative signal, bond yields contract, stocks begin to steady, lumber rebounds oil weak, copper extends decline, China steadies, European gas prices surge and local industrials trend lower, Australia pulls back sharply. 24:06mins Back to top
29-06-2022 Save value is not what it seems as long as liquidity is tightening, oil pulls back, Treasuries steady, equities soft, gold steady, Dollar firm, EU gas breaks out on rising geopolitical tensions. 23:05mins Back to top
28-06-2022 Save downside key reversals for the Dow and S&P, Nasdaq 3% lower, oil firm, copper rolling over, Dollar firm, emerging currencies weak, Renminbi downside key reversal, H-Shares relative strength for now, 18:18mins Back to top
27-06-2022 Save China outperforming as Xi commits to hitting growth targets, Australia rebounds impressively following Wall Street on Friday, oil and gas extend gains, gold eases, copper pauses, bond yield firm. 24mins Back to top
24-06-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 46:19mins Back to top
23-06-2022 Save copper extends breakdown with battery metals, stocks stable, bonds rebound, Dollar pauses, Powell mentions Fed balance sheet to contract by $2 to $3 trillion which suggests the end of tightening is not imminent. 23:54mins Back to top
22-06-2022 Save copper and nickel break lower, cyclicals now underperforming, Treasury yields contract, Dollar eases, gold steady, Wall Street bounces but fails to hold intraday highs, market continues to price in recession risk. 26:29mins Back to top
21-06-2022 Save Hang Seng firms on support from China's credit impulse. US retail inventories surging which will hit demand for Chinese exports, Wall Street bounces, oil, copper and gold stable to weak, grains roll over, Treasury yields stable, Yen at new low. 23:39mins Back to top
17-06-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h1min Back to top
16-06-2022 Save Dollar weakens are global central banks play catch up with the Fed, gold and oil firm, natural gas eases, stocks extend declines, bond remain weak. recession risk continues to rise. 27:13mins Back to top
15-06-2022 Save Fed hikes rates 75 basis points, ECB aids Italian debt, buy the news rebound in risk assets has been modest so far with financial conditions still expected to tighten further. 22:29mins Back to top
14-06-2022 Save equity sell off pauses ahead of Fed decision tomorrow, bond yield continue to march higher, US natural gas pulls back sharply on export outage, UK price jumps for the same reason, Yen extends decline, Chinese large cap tech outperforming because of better liquidity provision. 18:09mins Back to top
13-06-2022 Save Treasury yields break out, oil steady, gold weak, stocks extend declines, bitcoin breaks lower. Recession risk elevated 24.57mins Back to top
10-06-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h10mins Back to top
01-06-2022 Save Oil pauses following its breakout, gold steadies, Wall Street at first area of potential resistance, bond yields continue to pause, Yen weak, China steadying. 22:19mins Back to top

May 2022

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
26-05-2022 Save It's been an interesting day with windfall taxes on UK oil producers and oil prices breaking on the upside. The renminbi weakened, the Dollar was also weak, gold paused and stock markets rebounded. 19:59mins Back to top
24-05-2022 Save flight to safety underway as bonds, the Yen and gold rebound, oil pauses at the upper side of the short-term range. stock markets continue to weaken on rising growth concerns, 19:54mins Back to top
23-05-2022 Save short covering rally underway but bond yields remains stubbornly high and Dollar is unwinding short-term overbought, natural gas and shipping companies exhibit relative strength, gold steady, US natural gas firm, European gas soft. 23:06 Back to top
20-05-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 52:58mins Back to top
19-05-2022 Save Dollar begins to ease as growth concerns trump inflation concerns, gold, silver, bonds and the yen also strengthen. bitcoin steadies, retailer shares extend declines, oil reverses earlier decline and natural gas remains steady, copper firms. 22.10mins Back to top
18-05-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 22:30mins Back to top
18-05-2022 Save relief rally was short lived on Jay Powell's statement yesterday, stocks and cryptos extend decline, oil pulls back, gold steady, many instruments testing the secular 1000-day trend mean. 22:30mins Back to top
17-05-2022 Save reversionary rally underway as China suggests support for the tech sector is forthcoming, dollar, gold and oil ease, bond yields continue to rise, high yield spreads continue to trend higher. Fed remains committed to tightening. 22:26mins Back to top
16-05-2022 Save checken and egg of tightening financial conditions and buy the dip instinct, energy and grains break out, gold steadies, increased demand for bonds as growth fears mount, bitcoin closes below $30,000 23:46mins Back to top
13-05-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 49:37mins Back to top
12-05-2022 Save Dollar breaks higher, Yen strengthen, Bond yields contract. bitcoin tests secular trend mean, stocks weak as investors price in recession risk. 19:33mins Back to top
11-05-2022 Save stagflation stalking markets, Dollar steady, bonds begin to steady, Apple & Microsoft break down and push NDX to new low, oil firms, gold steady, China begins to steady. 22:54mins Back to top
10-05-2022 Save dollar steady, bonds ease slightly, equities pause, oil and gas weak, gold testing support, discussion of a potential bull case for bonds. 18:46mins Back to top
09-05-2022 Save chicken and egg of higher yields and lower stocks. commodities pull back sharply as Chinese growth disappoints, the renminbi continues to accelerate lower and the dollar is firm, gold at potential support. 23:44mins Back to top
06-05-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h10mins Back to top
05-05-2022 Save Bank of England raises rates and is indecisive about what to do next. Pound declines, renminbi drops, gold and oil steady, stocks weak, bonds plunge bitcoin slumps 34:18mins Back to top
04-05-2022 Save BoE and Fed tighten but guidance was not as hawkish as feared. Dollar eased, stocks rebounded, Treasuries steadied. oil surged, gold steadies. Upside follow through would confirm lows of at least near-term significance for most stock markets and increase scope for reversionary rallies. 19:28mins Back to top
03-05-2022 Save stocks markets quiet ahead of Bank of England and Fed rate decisions, China rebounding on easier monetary policy, Australia weakness on tighter policy, commodities at risk from slower growth. The biggest risk to a recovery is stagflation. gold at 200-day MA, Russell 2000 at 1000-day MA. 24:23mins Back to top

April 2022

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
29-04-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h2mins Back to top
28-04-2022 Save Japanese Yen continues to accelerate lower and weighs on all regional currencies, US growth negative but earnings boosted by Meta Platforms and Visa, gold and oil steady despite the strong Dollar. 22:33mins Back to top
27-04-2022 Save advance decline continues to trend lower, oil steady, gold weak, stocks contiue to correct, bonds stable, China bounces on renewed hope of stimulus. 22:12mins Back to top
26-04-2022 Save contagion spreading into the commodities and megacaps as correction intensifies, gold, oil and natural gas firm, shipping comapnies steady, China promises assistance but is shy on delivering as COVID spreads, Treasuries begin to steady as growth slows. 20:32mins Back to top
25-04-2022 Save China lockdowns spreading to Beijing, CSI300 down 4%. commodities pullback, Dollar surges, stocks wobble but begin to steady on China threat reducing potential for outsized interest rate hikes. 18:56mins Back to top
22-04-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 54.23mins Back to top
21-04-2022 Save Jay Powell suggests 0.5% hike in May, stock markets pull back across the board, Dollar firm, China devaluing renminbi stock market tests March lows, FANGMANT looks susceptible to additional weakness. Vietnam weak, India firm. 22:17mins Back to top
20-04-2022 Save big divergence between tech and dividend payers, dollar eases, bonds steady, China eases with renminbi lower, Yen steadies even as BoJ defends 0.25%. 25:31mins Back to top
19-04-2022 Save bonds continue to sell off, oil, natural gas, gold, orange juice, sugar, coffee pullback, stocks begin to steady on a weaker Yuan and Yen. slowing global growth is negative for commodity demand but reduces the potential for interest rate hikes which supports stocks. 21:44mins Back to top
14-04-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h7mins Back to top
13-04-2022 Save Canada raises rates by 50 basis points, Dollar eases, gold, oil and gas firm, Wall Street steadies, Europe at risk from further war escalation 21:23mins Back to top
12-04-2022 Save gold and oil rebound, Dollar Index breaks above 100, stock markets reverse early advances, Bond yields pause, 23:25mins Back to top
11-04-2022 Save Bonds yields continue to accelerate, stocks pullback, oil closes below $100, bitcoin below $40,000, defensives continue to outperform. 24:15mins Back to top
08-04-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 57:21mins Back to top
07-04-2022 Save banks rolling over, dollar strong, ongoing medium-term correction, bond yields accelerating but oil at support, inflation may now be peaking. 21:08mins Back to top
06-04-2022 Save $95 billion a month in QT spooks markets, oil backwardation contracts, gold steady, stock markets weak, bitcoin eases back, Australia and Canada susceptible to additional weakness too. 26:24mins Back to top
05-04-2022 Save Quantitative tightening creates deflation, stocks weak, bond yields soaring for now, jet fuel accelerating, gold and oil stable. 24:18mins Back to top
04-04-2022 Save tech stocks rebound on China compliance, oil, gold, copper steady, Dollar firms, bonds remain weak. 21:51mins Back to top
01-04-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55mins Back to top

March 2022

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
31-03-2022 Save Crude oil eases, gold stable, bitcoin weak, stock markets susceptible to weakness as they pause at their 200-day MAs, Brazilian real breaks, India a beneficiary of lower oil prices, 27:36mins Back to top
30-03-2022 Save Copper and steel commonality supports infrastructure theme, bond yields ease, stocks pause, Dollar eases, yen firms, gold and gold miners firm, tight yield curve inhibits rate hike bets. 26:08mins Back to top
29-03-2022 Save inverted yield curve and recession probability within 18 months. oil and gold steady following initial declines, stocks rebound, led by the speculative sector, Europe continues to rebound with a stronger Euro, Dollar and bond yields ease. 28:46mins Back to top
28-03-2022 Save Bank of Japan intervenes, Yen falls but JGB yields remain steady, Tesla announces another stock split which boosts the Nasdaq, oil pulls back sharply on China lockdowns, Treasury yields pause, yield curve continues to invert. 22:48mins Back to top
25-03-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 52:43mins Back to top
24-03-2022 Save gold and bitcoin rebound, oil pauses as backwardation narrows, Treasury yields steady and stocks firm, 24:58mins Back to top
23-03-2022 Save short covering rally looks tired, oil and gold firm, bonds steady, technology rotation to productivity enhancers underway. 24:55mins Back to top
22-03-2022 Save long bond rout is boosting demand for very short-term paper. risk appetite returning to speculative stocks, dividend aristocrats and emerging markets exhibit relative strength. 27:38mins Back to top
21-03-2022 Save bond yields leap higher again, oil firm, gold steadies, stock markets stable, Dollar firm, pricing power of companies is crucial to the continued resilience of stocks 24:28mins Back to top
21-03-2022 Save bond yields leap higher again, oil firm, gold steadies, stock markets stable, Dollar firm, pricing power of companies is crucial to the continued resilience of stocks 24:28mins Back to top
18-03-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 50:47mins Back to top
17-03-2022 Save Quantitative tightening creates deflation, questions remain about the extent of China's stimulus, Renminbi is too fiirm for large stimulus and the dollar is too weak if the market actually believes supply is going to be constrained. stocks continue to stready. 18:10mins Back to top
16-03-2022 Save Fed raises rates, gold and bonds steady, stocks rebound, China announces support measures to arrest the downward acceleration in the stock market and high yield bonds, Dollar eases, Euro and Renminbi steady, Hang Seng surges, Europe and Japan firm from 1000-day MA. 20:55mins Back to top
15-03-2022 Save deep oversold conditions ahead of Fed meeting tomorrow suggest potential for a relief rally. Gold and oil at potential areas of support, bonds are also deeply oversold having priced in seven interest rate hikes. a dovish turn by the Fed would be positive for risk assets. 21:06mins Back to top
14-03-2022 Save Dollar firms as stocks, bonds and commodities fall together. Angst at the prospect of the Fed ignoring the market signal and raising rates aggressively is weighing on risk appetite. China leads on the downside as its locks down Shenzhen. 17:10mins Back to top
11-03-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h Back to top
10-03-2022 Save Bond yield continue to surge globally suggesting stagflation is being priced in. Wheat limit down again, gold and oil stable. China tech slumps, Wall Street steadies from intraday lows, 22:45mins Back to top
09-03-2022 Save relief rally underway across stock markets, oil, gold and wheat pullback to unwind short-term overbought conditions. Bund yields surge and Euro strengthens on speculation around ECB tightening, 23:37mins Back to top
08-03-2022 Save LME shuts nickel market until Friday, gold surges, stocks failed to hold bounce, bonds pull back, Dollar steady, petrorenminbi system a real possibility. 21.26mins Back to top
07-03-2022 Save Russian default probability, commodity prices surge but ease on speculation US unilateral ban on Russian oil imports will be forestalled, Dolar firm, China weak, gold shares breaking out. 27:36mins Back to top
04-03-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 48mins Back to top
03-03-2022 Save oil susceptible to a pullback is Iranian supply comes back to market, tanker rates surge, aluminum breaks out, wheat limit up again, stocks weak, bitcoin and innovation shares pullback. 23mins Back to top
02-03-2022 Save Oil, gasoline and wheat surge, Urals crude trading at an historic discount, bonds ease and stocks rebound on Fed slow and steady interest rates normalisation, 16:54mins Back to top
01-03-2022 Save crude oil surges, wheat, corn, sugar and palm oil follow suit, bond futures surge, banks pull back sharply, gold extends its breakout and gold shares firm, stock markets pull back but recoup about half the original loss on speculation interest rates will not rise as quickly as feared only a week ago. 24:59mins Back to top
01-03-2022 Save tit for tat sanctions between the West and Russia create volatility, initial opening values not held in either direction. Bitcoin surges, gold stable, oil and renewables firm, bond yields contracting. 18.49mins Back to top

February 2022

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
25-02-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 47:02mins Back to top
24-02-2022 Save Russia invades Ukraine, US/EU sanctions underwhelm so iniital prices spikes are reversed, oil release from the strategic reserve negative for energy, gold steadies near $1900 but susceptible to consolidation, stocks rebound, bonds firm, Ruble steadies from its low, dollar eases from its high, 17:25mins Back to top
23-02-2022 Save Gold firms, oil pause, stocks wither, bonds ease, palladium, grains and industrial resources firm, central bank resolve in raising rates is questionable against this background. 23:46mins Back to top
22-02-2022 Save Russia/NATO brinksmanship intensifies, havens pause, stocks begin to find support amid short-term oversold conditions, oil eases from psychological $100, gold steady. 16:20mins Back to top
21-02-2022 Save Stocks weak, gold and oil firm, FANGMAN rolling over, value stocks in the resources/materials sector still struggling despite the promise of asset sales. 20:26mins Back to top
18-02-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 50:32mins Back to top
17-02-2022 Save Gold breaks out to new recovery highs, gold shares rebound, oil slips, bonds steady, Wall Street weakens on angst over earnings growth, Dollar stable. bitcoin pulls back sharply. 27:19mins Back to top
16-02-2022 Save Gold firms, NVidia beats estimates but guidance underwhelms, oil reverses earlier gain, bond yields steady with yield curve steepening. 16:08mins Back to top
15-02-2022 Save bitcoin leads rebound in stocks, gold and oil pause, China supplies additional stimulus, 10-year yields continues to rise which is a headwind to a bigger recovery. 16:38mins Back to top
14-02-2022 Save oil and gold firm, bond yields pause near 2% and Wall Street choppy in the region of the trend mean. Mosty commodity currencies have base formations. Japanese yields testing resolve of the BoJ's yield curve control, Chinese stocks remain lacklustre. 20:56mins Back to top
11-02-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h 2mins Back to top
10-02-2022 Save bonds yields surge, TED spread negative when SOFR incorporated, risk-off reappearing as resistance encountered at the lower side of overhead trading ranges, gold, oil and copper pause. Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam strong but will likely pause if Wall Street follows through on the downside, Dollar mixed, Yen weak 19:45mins Back to top
09-02-2022 Save copper firms in a dynamic manner, gold and oil steady, steel makers firm, coffee breaks out, soybeans firm, Dollar eases, stock markets extend rebounds and bond yields pause. 20:16mins Back to top
07-02-2022 Save bond yields remain firm, Wall Street slightly lower, China steady, India eases, gold firm, copper eases, oil stable, Chevron new high, 18.29mins Back to top
04-02-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h4mins Back to top
03-02-2022 Save Amazon earnings were positive as expected but guidance is not as strong, bond yield rising everywhere, Euro bounces back, European energy crisis is the biggest contributor to inflation, gold rebounds from intraday low, gold shares cheap. 22:49mins Back to top
02-02-2022 Save stock market bounces looks tired, Amazon reports tomorrow, bond yields at a major decision point, Dollar eases, gold steadies, energy prices remain firm, 21:59mins Back to top
01-02-2022 Save total return on Treasuries testing the secular trend, Wall Street continues to unwind short-term oversold, oil and gold steady, copper rebounds, Europe and Japan continues to benefit from lower valuations than Wall Street with stronger rebounds and smaller reactions. 21.11mins Back to top

January 2022

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
31-01-2022 Save further evidence of growth slowing down, bond yields remains steady in the UK, rising in the UK, oil firm, the threat of stagflation reduces the potential for sharp interest hikes so gold and stocks firm. bitcoin reverses early decline. 15:59mins Back to top
28-01-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55:23mins Back to top
27-01-2022 Save corrective phase ongoing and Powell put probably closer to -20%. Dollar breaks out, gold weak, Japan at support, Europe and UK outperforming, value steady, semiconductors breaking down. natural gas one-day spike. 29:03mins Back to top
26-01-2022 Save Fed's hawkish tone suggests an additional correction for stocks is about to be priced in. Wall Street reverses an earlier bound, Dollar surges, gold pulls back, both oil and copper pause, Europe continues to exhibit relative strength, banks and agriculture stocks steady. 21:32mins Back to top
25-01-2022 Save Microsoft cloud growth slows and is likely to take the sheen off the Wall Street rebound. Fed meeting tomorrow and Apple earnings after the close on Thursday are additional sources of potential volatility. Gold and oil firm, India and Vietnam resilient so far. Russia pulling back sharply. 20:39mins Back to top
24-01-2022 Save Type-2 top formation completions are often followed by period of ranging. Wall Street rebounds from lows as shorts are cut ahead of Microsoft and Apple earnings and the Fed meeting Wednesday, oil steady, gold rebounds from intraday lows, Dollar steady, Renminbi firm. 18:47mins Back to top
21-01-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h5mins Back to top
20-01-2022 Save Silver cheap relative to dogecoin, Wall Street remains weak, Chinese shares rebound, Dollar and Renminbi steady, oil downside key reversal, medium-term correction more likely than end of the bull market. No chance of rates rising four times this year. 24:10mins Back to top
19-01-2022 Save bond yields pause in their advance, gold and precious metals firm, oil pauses near $90. growth stocks remain under pressure but increasingly oversold. 26.20mins Back to top
18-01-2022 Save bonds yields continue to march higher, innovation/biotech breaks lower, bank earnings disappoint, resources and dividend aristocrats outperform, gold stable, silver firm, oil breaks out. Significant uncertainty about the trajectory of Fed policy. 26:52mins Back to top
17-01-2022 Save China cuts rates, property shares rebound, commodities and banks breaking out, Bonds yields have high commonality, golds table. 17:37mins Back to top
15-01-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h8mins Back to top
13-01-2022 Save Nasdaq-100 pulls back sharply, FANGMANT rollling over, bonds rebound, gold steady, Dollar at first area of support, Ivanhoe makes big promises on geophysics. 14:03mins Back to top
12-01-2022 Save the Futures Minerals Summit, natural gas and oil firm, fertilisers firm, Dollar eases and stock markets rebound. 22:46mins Back to top
11-01-2022 Save breadth improving somewhat, Dollar eases on Fed less hawkish tone, Gold and oil firm, Wall Street continues to rebound, emerging markets primed for outperformance if the Dollar continues to roll over. 22mins Back to top
11-01-2022 Save Wall Street rebounds from intraday lows. bonds pause, oil and gold steady, China omicron scare supports property stocks, is the Fed emulating the ECB in 2011? 17:20mins Back to top
07-01-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 48:23mins Back to top
06-01-2022 Save Treasury yields continue to surge, Dollar firms, gold weak, oil breaking out, China steadies, Europe and Australia weak, Nasdaq-100 testing consistency. 19:33mins Back to top
05-01-2022 Save Treasury yields rise further, risk assets remain under pressure, defensives appreciate, gold eases, oil steady, copper pauses. 17:22mins Back to top
04-01-2022 Save 5-year yields surge eases towards the close, that helped the Nasdaq rebound, Semiconductors pared an early decline, gold and Dollar steady, Yen weak, Nikkei steady, India firm, China stable, FTSE-100 breaks out. copper firm 20mins Back to top