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2021 Audio Archive

January 2021

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25-01-2021 Save jump in demand for save haven assets as volatility in stock markets picks up. Europe eases, China firm, India pauses, gold steady, biotech continues to trend higher. Ethereum outperforming Bitcoin 18:31mins Back to top
22-01-2021 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h Back to top
21-01-2021 Save bitcoin and ethereum correction, stock markets firm and increasing evidence of bases being completed around the world, bonds remain a risk for buyers, 23:18mins Back to top
20-01-2021 Save Gold rebounds, yield curve control going global, Mega caps starting to play catch up with small caps, credit demand growth coming, base formation completion in tech, 26:34mins Back to top
19-01-2021 Save Megacaps have reverted to the mean, emerging markets continue to outperform, mainland to HK rotation, commodities steady, 16:40mins Back to top
18-01-2021 Save Discussion of secular bull and bear markets and where different markets lie in that continuum. 21:30mins Back to top
15-01-2021 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 59:04mins Back to top
14-01-2021 Save financial repression and bond yields, mega-caps susceptible to additional weakness, small caps, Europe, Japan, emerging and commodities continue to outperform, gold stable, bitcoin pauses at $40K. 26:15mins Back to top
13-01-2021 Save commonality in soft commodities, Dollar steady, bond yield compress, financial conditions still accommodative, gold stable, stock markets steady. 24:38mins Back to top
12-01-2021 Save commodities breaking out across the board, Treasury yields pause in the region of the March peak, pandemic successes overbought but still steady, 23:33mins Back to top
11-01-2021 Save bitcoin wobbles, rotation out of mega-cap tech underway, Dollar unwinds short-term oversold, Treasury yields extend advance, Fed talking market down. virus success markets outperforming. 21:32mins Back to top
08-01-2021 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55:16mins Back to top
07-01-2021 Save liquidity fuelled rally persist with bitcoin, Tesla and Wall Street pushing to new highs, Dollar steadies, strong commonality in bond yields rising outside of China. 23:35mins Back to top
06-01-2021 Save Democrat clean sweep points to outperformance of cyclicals, mega-caps continue to weaken, gold eases. emerging markets and UK firm, Dollar remains weak, bitcoin extends uptrend. 22:34mins Back to top
05-01-2021 Save commodities continue to outperform, Dollar weak but Chinese renminbi overbought, Wall Street continues to pause. oil rebounds and copper steady, commodity currencies resurgent. 23:53mins Back to top
04-01-2021 Save yield curve steepens, financial repression fuels the precious metal and crypto rally, China firm, Wall Street weak 22:18mins Back to top