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January 2019

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23-01-2019 Save Some of the topics discussed include: stock markets quiet with positive earnings counter balancing trade and growth fears. Central Bank assets tick higher, 2019 outlook for Wall Street, ASEAN markets continue to outperform, crude oil and gold quiet, Bonds steady, discussion of risks in China. 24:42mins Back to top
22-01-2019 Save first sign the short-term overbought condition has run into overhead resistance. Bonds firm, gold steady, dollar steady, oil eases, risk parity is de-risking. 29.05mins Back to top
21-01-2019 Save London home prices, palladium is susceptible to mean reversion, China at a crossroads, major indices have replaced short-term oversold conditions with overbought conditions, Treasuries steady and oil steady 14:46mins Back to top
18-01-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 57:49mins Back to top
17-01-2019 Save Short-term bought condition replaces short-term oversold conditions. what does a higher reaction low look like, palladium accelerating higher, Pound firms and Brexit commentary, China's global ambitions, Emerging markets remain steady, Dollar steady, gold steady, high yield spreads continue to contract. 27:50mins Back to top
16-01-2019 Save consistency of the Dow Jones' chart, bank earnings, investors seem to have adopted a wait and see approach to Brexit, individual emerging markets outperforming, China quiet, Tin and palladium clearly outperforming while aluminum is trending down, Dollar remains firm, differrence between now and 2016 is the Fed is tightening. discussion of the origins of populism. 26:58mins Back to top
15-01-2019 Save Some of the topics discussed include: Brexit deal voted down, Pound steady, China fiscal stimulus beginning,, gold appreciatating in more currencies, A lot of bad news has been priced into valuations, Big Tech rallies but still has work to do to repair technical damage, oil steady, cannabis shares rebounding, biotech and cloud companies outperforming, cybersecurity is a market perform, Treasuries continue to unwind short-term overbought condition. 37:36mins Back to top
14-01-2019 Save Markets quiet as potential areas of resistance at tested. Natural gas rounds emphatically. gold miner M&A picking up, Pound is steady but testing the first area of resistance heading into the Brexit deal vote, emerging markets continue to outperform 19:55mins Back to top
11-01-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55:16mins Back to top
10-01-2019 Save Liquidity conditions remain tight, 2-year yields test the MA, S&P500 at first area of potential resistance, signs of early upside leadership in biotech and cloud computing, gold eases, oil steady. 26:35mins Back to top
09-01-2019 Save short-term oversold condition replaced with short-term overbought condition so the real test of a significant lows will be if we see higher reaction lows and subsequently higher highs, Dollar weak, emerging markets, gold, oil and commodities firm, 28:06mins Back to top
08-01-2019 Save Wall Street close to the first area of potential resistance, Europe steady but still underpeforming, China unimpressive. High yield spreads rapidly unwinding oversold condition but also now at first area of resistance. The big question is where is the next source of liquidity going to come from. 22:13mins Back to top
07-01-2019 Save Dollar testing important support against the Euro, select emerging market currencies breaking out led by the Rupiah. China steady, oil firm, gold steady, sugar firms, grains and beans have base formation characteristics, high yield spreads start to contract. 22:36mins Back to top
04-01-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 56:37mins Back to top
03-01-2019 Save Apple leads Wall Street lower, China remains under pressure, industrial metals trending down, safe havens conitnue to outperform, India, Indonesia and Brazil exhibit relative strength. 31:50mins Back to top
02-01-2019 Save China remains weak, stock markets globally look increasingly likely to unwind short-term oversold conditions but credit conditions remains tight and safe haven assets continue to perform, 32:53mins Back to top