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2019 Audio Archive

December 2019

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
31-12-2019 Save Discussion of liquidity conditions globally and what that means for asset prices and gold. 20:28mins Back to top
30-12-2019 Save Dollar continues to ease, China steady, gold steady, Treasuries steady in the region of the trend mean, oil steady, stock markets susceptible to some consolidation 20.06mins Back to top
27-12-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55:27mins Back to top
24-12-2019 Save gold firming against most currencies, Treasuries testing support in the region of the trend mean, short-term overbought conditions evident on stock markets, Europe breaking out, potential for a global reflation trade in 2020. 17:47mins Back to top
23-12-2019 Save yearend rotations, unhedged gold shares outperforming, precious metals steady, Europe breaking out to new recovery highs, JGB yields back above zero, 23:03mins Back to top
21-12-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 52:28mins Back to top
19-12-2019 Save Wall Street continues to extend its breakout, oil and gold steady, bonds ease, palladium continues to pause commodities steady but coffee pulls back. inflationary pressures mounting. 22:55mins Back to top
18-12-2019 Save Gilt overvaluation and likelihood for an additional sell off in government bonds as the global economy recovers. discussion of rotation potential heading into the last couple of weeks of the year. gold steady 20:44mins Back to top
17-12-2019 Save bitcoin and altcoins breaking downwards, stock markets steady to rising, Pound enters consolidation, Treasuries at potential area of support, gold steady, palladium briefly hits $2000. China firming. 27:24mins Back to top
16-12-2019 Save UK continues to extend its post election and trade war hiatus rebound, Europe following suit, Wall Street firm, commodities rebound, gold steady, bonds weak, China steady, Thailand trending downwards. 27:33mins Back to top
13-12-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 52:43 mins Back to top
12-12-2019 Save trade war potentially close to at least a partial conclusion, Wall Street breaks out led by banks and semiconductors, German wages acceleratng well ahead of growth and interest rates, Dollar testing support against a host of currencies, bonds weak across the board, Pound off its intraday lows in advance of the election result. 19:50mins Back to top
11-12-2019 Save Dollar susceptible to additional weakness, Precious metals firm, coffee accelerating, sugar steady, Australian Dollar steady, New Zealand Dollar firm, Swedish Krona breaking out, UK trading at valuation discount with potential for outperformance on favourable election result. 18:24mins Back to top
10-12-2019 Save platinum and palladium pop on the upside. copper and oil steady, stock markets quiet, bonds stead. bitcoin on at the lower side of the latest distribution. 23:51mins Back to top
09-12-2019 Save Copper breaks above the trend mean, oil steady, gold steady, stock markets quiet, Dollar testing support, India pauses, inflationary pressures mounting. Pound steady and FTSE 250 outperforming 22.27mins Back to top
06-12-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h1m Back to top
05-12-2019 Save Gold shares turning to outperformance relative to gold, stock markets steady, continuous commodity index and Baltic Dry Index's hold breakouts, UK discount likely to close. 25:24mins Back to top
04-12-2019 Save de facto stading repo facility, stocks steady, gold quiet, silver pulled back dynamically, bonds ease, Korean Won testing support, Topix 2nd Section resurgent. 23:25mins Back to top
03-12-2019 Save Dollar eases again, stocks unwinding overbought condition, copper weak, oil steady, gold firm, Bonds firm all on increasing trade tensions. 21:40mins Back to top
02-12-2019 Save Dollar eases as investors weigh the impact of additional monetary stimulus. stocks ease back, oil quiet, gold steadies, bonds weak. 21:54mins Back to top

November 2019

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
29-11-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 59:19mins Back to top
27-11-2019 Save P&F review of global markets 19:21mins Back to top
26-11-2019 Save India's reform agenda, China's Dollar bond market, Wall Street firm, Dollar steady, Latin America weak, demographic challenge for UK politics, copper firms, 23:03mins Back to top
25-11-2019 Save trade tensions ease as Hong Kong democrats taste electoral success, Wall street breaks out following by small/mid caps, oil steady, gold and silver ease, copper quiet and Dollar steadies. 19:30mins Back to top
22-11-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 56.27mins Back to top
21-11-2019 Save bitcoin drops below MA, trade war sentiment improves modestly, stock markets quiet, governance improving in South Africa and India, Dollar steadies, gold eases, oil firm. 17:41mins Back to top
20-11-2019 Save geopolitical tensions rise over the Hong Kong protests but markets relatively muted, some consolidation of recent gains does look likely at this stage, oil firm, gold steady, Australian yields under pressure. 18:22mins Back to top
19-11-2019 Save China steadying, discussions of the risks posed by negative yields, Wall Street steady but consumer shares still under pressure, gold steady, oil weak, bitcoin testing MA. 22:31mins Back to top
18-11-2019 Save Impact of electric vehicles on oil spikes as a lead indicator of recession, Apple and Microsoft's combined market cap exceeds than of Consumer Staples. gold steadies, bonds firm, China steadies, 26:24mins Back to top
15-11-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 47:37mins Back to top
14-11-2019 Save Wall Street leading on the upside, China the epicentre of risk, industrial commodities and commodity currencies weak, negative rates increase scope for competitive currency devaluation, gold steadies. 27:22mins Back to top
13-11-2019 Save Liquidity measures, central bank balance sheets expanding again, Dollar steady, gold steady, China is a risk, copper weak, Large cap growth prospering. 23:03mins Back to top
12-11-2019 Save Autonomies flexing their muscles in new sectors, gold and oil steady, commodity currencies under pressure and Dollar steady, high yield energy and CLOs represent a risk. 25:48mins Back to top
11-11-2019 Save Stock markets steady but China / Hong Kong pull back sharply, commodities ease, Treasuries pull back, cyclicals turning to outperformance. 25:22mins Back to top
08-11-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55mins Back to top
07-11-2019 Save Bond yields trending higher, precious metals continue to consolidate, stocks markets steady but somewhat overbought in the short term, commodities have broken their medium-term downtrend, Google hits new high. 21:46mins Back to top
06-11-2019 Save Dollar remains firm but Renminbi very steady, stock markets steady and continue to hold breakouts, oil eases but oil shares pull back more, soft commodities steady, Wall Street steady. 18:53mins Back to top
05-11-2019 Save Trade war peace breaking out supports global stock prices, gold pulls back, oil steady ahead of Saudi Aramco IPO, bonds susceptible to additional weakness, Dollar firm, 19:44mins Back to top
04-11-2019 Save S&P500 consistency characteristics and how accelerations occur, Europe rebounding, Asia firm, gold stable, platinum weak, Dollar rebounds, Treasuries ease. 24:57mins Back to top
01-11-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 53mins Back to top

October 2019

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
31-10-2019 Save stocks pause on the last day on the month, Apple reverses earlier decline, Dollar eases, Yen strong, Rand and Chilean Peso weaken, gold firm, bonds firm, high yield spreads still tight, Ted spread expands. 21mins Back to top
30-10-2019 Save Dollar reverses earlier advance following Fed cut, gold steady, Wall Street steady, Shenzhen B-Shares weak, Australian Dollar firms, Treasuries firm. 20:16mins Back to top
29-10-2019 Save UK election announced, Pound stable, FTSE-250 firm, Wall Street steady, bonds susceptible to additional weakness, gold and oil quiet ahead of Fed. 19:37 mins Back to top
28-10-2019 Save stock markets break on the upside, Treasuries weak, Gold eases, commoditiess pause, Dollar eases, Brazil breaks out, do investors favour performance over balance sheet probity? 25:46mins Back to top
25-10-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 54mins Back to top
24-10-2019 Save Precious metals firming within their respecitve ranges, Dollar steady, commodities testing resistance, oil steady Europe firm, Wall Street quiet, bonds susceptible to additional selling pressure. Amazon earnings disappoint. 24mins Back to top
23-10-2019 Save Quantum supremacy, bitcoin pulls back, Stocks steady, Dollar eases back gold steady, oil firm, Continuous Commodity Index on the cusp of breaking out, Shenzhen B-Shares weak, India steady, Pound steadies. 27:03mins Back to top
22-10-2019 Save Pound eases modestly, Wall Streets pauses, global bond markets susceptible to additional weakness, Brazilian real and stock market gain on positive economic developments, gold steady. 22:50mins Back to top
21-10-2019 Save UK in the limelight at Brexit resolution nearing, Stock market steady, Dollar steady, commodities ease, bonds susceptible to additional weakness. 17:08mins Back to top
18-10-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 40 mins Back to top
17-10-2019 Save Major markets continue to pause at big round numbers but the relative strength of megacaps is a positive development, Dollar eases which is positive for emerging markets, gold and silver steady, nickel weak, India resurgent. 23:26mins Back to top
16-10-2019 Save commodity currencies weak, fsical stimulus waning, China growth a concern, oii steady, Pound continues to firm on improving Brexit sentiment. 21.03mins Back to top
15-10-2019 Save Safe haven demand wanes, Treasuries at particular risk of pulling back, gold in Pounds retreats on Brexit optimism, Wall Street led higher by semiconductors, Brazilian real weak, Australian Dollar eases but Dollar Index also eases. 21:37mins Back to top
14-10-2019 Save Pound pauses, Wall Street quiet, Japan and China steady, tanker rates surge, carbon credits steady, oil weak, gold steady, copper firms, commodities potentially primed for outperformance, Treasuries susceptible to profit taking. 19:29mins Back to top
11-10-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 53mins Back to top
10-10-2019 Save Optimism on the trade war and Brexit lift risk assets and see a decline for safe havens, Pound strong, gold weak, oil steady, Japan breaking upwards, 25:27mins Back to top
09-10-2019 Save stock markets bounce on better trade sentiment, yield curve to steepen on Fed provision of liquidity, oil eases, precious metals steady, Dollar remains steady. 23:39mins Back to top
08-10-2019 Save LA port traffic takes a major downturn, trade war starting to bite, Wall Street and Europe back testing MA, gold firm, Treasuries steady. 18:38mins Back to top
07-10-2019 Save Wall Street steady, oil and gold eases, bonds steady, Dollar firm and putting pressure on commodities and emerging markets. 22:29mins Back to top
04-10-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 45:26mins Back to top
03-10-2019 Save Wall Street pauses in the region of the trend mean, Bonds return to test their lows, FTSE weak and Pound steady, Yes Bank rebounds, gold and oil steady 22:45mins Back to top
02-10-2019 Save Wall Street pulls back, German recession risk, bond yield compress, precious metals firm, oil weak, industrial metals steady. 18mins Back to top
01-10-2019 Save Renminbi weakens, US factory data disappoints but that increases potential for additional stimulus, Dollar eases, gold rebounds, oil weakens further, DAX downside key reversal, Brexit disillusionment potentially leads to opportunity 24:17mins Back to top

September 2019

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
30-09-2019 Save gold extends pullback, Dollar firm, Wall Street steady, China weak, rotation in semiconducors. 15mins Back to top
27-09-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 52:43mins Back to top
26-09-2019 Save Wall Street steady, Dollar Index at new closing high, Euro weak, Treasuries steady, Peloton IPO flops, Saudi Aramco IPO in less than a month, China weak and commodity currencies extend downtrends, India steady, oil steady. 23:39mins Back to top
25-09-2019 Save bonds yield continue to rise, Dollar strong, Wall Street steady, gold pullbacks back. quantum supremacy and predicative algos have the capacity to fuel a mania in stocks, Hang Seng continues to pullback. 21:18mins Back to top
23-09-2019 Save India cuts corporate taxes which boosts stocks, China imposes Communist officials in its companies which has the opposite effect, Germany heading to recession which increases fiscal stimulus potential, Silver surges, platinum and gold rally. oil and bonds steady, 23:46mins Back to top
20-09-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 52:38mins Back to top
19-09-2019 Save Brexit resolution increases chances of UK valuation arbitrage closing. Nikkei eases with Yen strength, Wall Street steady, Australian Dollar eases but market steady, Hong Kong weak, gold stable, 22mins Back to top
18-09-2019 Save Fed cuts rates and needs to inflate it balance sheet to ensure orderly markets. Wall Street steady, oil eases, gold pauses, crypto's inert range will not last indefinitely, Dollar firm. 23:06mins Back to top
17-09-2019 Save Fed had to intervene to provide liquidity in the report market, expansion of the balance sheet is no longer a choice, stock markets steady, oil pulls back, precious metals steady gold shares rally, China weak, Europe steady, UK mid caps break out, Pound firm, Dollar eases. 25:51mins Back to top
16-09-2019 Save Fallout from the Saudi Oil refinery attack, Crude oil jumps, oil services and producers rally, defense sector rallies, cyclicals remain on a recovery trajectory, Treasuries stable, Wall Street quiet, Dollar firm, Japan steady, China steady 23mins Back to top
13-09-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55mins Back to top
12-09-2019 Save ECB modest QE ambitions, bonds continue to sell off, stock markets steady, Euro volatile but positive, gold volatile but unchanged, palladium breaks out while lean hogs and soybeans firm, 23:39mins Back to top
11-09-2019 Save bonds continue to decline from deep overbought conditions,Wall Street firms, led by technology and other cyclicals, gold steadies, oil encounters resistance in the region of the trend mean. Euro weakens and Dollar Index rebounds impressively from intraday lows. ECB rate decision tomorrow. 24:11mins Back to top
10-09-2019 Save Commoditiies beginning to show evidence of finding support. Gold remains under pressure as the total bonds with negaitve yields contracts. that is also pressuring bond proxies, stock markets steady ahead of the ECB meeting on Thursday, Brexit machinations intensify. 21:35mins Back to top
09-09-2019 Save Germany's recession risk and potenital for disappointment from the ECB. the unreliability of Chinese data, Wall Street steady, Pound firm but FTSE weak, gold eases, silver extends pullback, 21mins Back to top
06-09-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 42mins Back to top
05-09-2019 Save Silver and platinum pullback, gold also weak, Wall Street extends rebound, Bunds and Gilts pullback, private equity and China bubble risk, 21:25mins Back to top
04-09-2019 Save stock markets steady, Fed balance sheet continues to contract, Swaps curve inverted, bonds steady, gold, silver, platinum, palladium and gold shares all firm, Dollar eases. Hong Kong jumps 25:37mins Back to top
02-09-2019 Save Bitcoin closes back above $10,000, gold firm, Pound weakens on heightened election risk, Australian Dollar weak, China firm, stock markets steady. 14:58mins Back to top

August 2019

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
30-08-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h Back to top
29-08-2019 Save Stock markets rebound on impriving trade sentiment and relative value versus bonds, gold pauses, Treasuries pause, oil steady, Dollar firm, orange juice firms on hurricane risk. 21:04mins Back to top
28-08-2019 Save silver, platinum and gold miners returning to outperformance realtive to gold. stock markets steady, bond yield continue to compress with a new high on the negative yield running total. high yield bonds firm, Europe and Japan steady, emerging market currencies weak. 22.28mins Back to top
27-08-2019 Save Silver extends rebound, gold and platinum steady, Hong Kong peg speculation picking up, Thai baht firm, commodity currencies weak, oil steadies, Wall Street eases, 23:04mins Back to top
26-08-2019 Save Dollar rebounds, Renminbi weak, Treasuries ease, stock markets steady, gold eases back from intraday high, oil soft, 15:34mins Back to top
23-08-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 56mins Back to top
22-08-2019 Save Baltic Dry Index rallying, Transportation Index weighed down by energy, banks steady, Renminbi hits new low, the markets continue to signal a requirement for additional stimulus, gold steady, oil eases. 23.18mins Back to top
21-08-2019 Save Discussion of the difference between medium-term corrections and tops, Europe steadies, gold pauses, oil remains weak. 22:44mins Back to top
20-08-2019 Save China steady but renminbi tests its lows, Australia firm, Dividend Aristocrats spread to Treasuries at its highest since 2016, gold firm, industrial resources steadying. banks underperforming. 25mins Back to top
16-08-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 45mins Back to top
16-08-2019 Save nearly $17 trillion in negative yields, gold continues to rally, US 10-year at psychological 1.5%. stock markets steady but Europe weak, high yield spreads continue to expand 26:07mins Back to top
14-08-2019 Save US and UK yield curves invert. Wall Street pulls back sharply, gold steady, oil weak, Europe at greatest risk of a recession, corporate profits static, Pound weak 27:36mins Back to top
13-08-2019 Save Argentinean Peso collapses, commodities currencies retreat, copper and oil remain weak, China steady but it is a manipulated market, India steady, Wall Street eases back but remains a relative strength leader, bonds firm, gold back above $1500, silver playing catch up. 16:15mins Back to top
10-08-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 36:37mins Back to top
08-08-2019 Save Stock markets bounce, bonds pause, gold and silver remains firm, oil steadies, Renminbi stable high yield spreads expand. 16:40mins Back to top
07-08-2019 Save Treasuries due some consolidation, Renminbi weakens further, gold steady, Wall Street steadies, much of Europe testing the region of the trend mean, 20mins Back to top
07-08-2019 Save Wall Street steadies, $15 trillion in negaitve yielding debt represents a mania, Dollat steadr, gold extends breakout, Chinese renminbi steady, 18:18mins Back to top
02-08-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 59mins Back to top
01-08-2019 Save President Trump imposes additional tariffs. Treasuries breakout out, gold firms, silver recoups losses, Stocks pull back, copper and oil weak, strong likelihood of additional easing following this development, high yield spread remain contained. 26:53mins Back to top

July 2019

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
31-07-2019 Save kneejerk reaction to Fed cut led to a pause in stocks. bonds steady, Dollar firm, precious metals ease. The end of quantitative tightening and commitment to do what is necessary suggest ample liquidity going forward. 20:50mins Back to top
30-07-2019 Save Wall Street quiet ahead of the Fed decision, precious metals steady, Europe weak and led lower by banks, Hong Kong at risk if China intervenes to stamp out the protests. Bond yield continue to compress, Dollar eases. 20mins Back to top
29-07-2019 Save Pound falls sharply boosting the nominal value of all UK assets, precious metals firm, stock markets quiet, Treasuries steady, Dollar steady 24:08mins Back to top
26-07-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h Back to top
25-07-2019 Save megacap earnings mixed, short=term consolidation likely, highly leveraged companies rolling over but additional rounds of both monetary and fiscal stimulus lining up. Subscription business model continues to outperform. 27:20mins Back to top
24-07-2019 Save the reality of Modern Monetary Theory, competitive currency devaluation, Gold steady, platinum and silver firm, stock markets steady, bonds firm, China governance deteriorating. 24:06mins Back to top
23-07-2019 Save Pound steadies against the Euro, Dollar firm, stock markets firm, gold eases, Bonds ease, use of the 1000-day moving average as a secular trend smoothing device. 26mins Back to top
22-07-2019 Save India eases on nonperforming loan fears, are we at the trough in global growth? emerging markets outperforming, semiconductors extend rebound, gold steady, silver firm, crude oil quiet on rising geopolitical tensions, Bonds steady 22.29mins Back to top
19-07-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55.41mins Back to top
18-07-2019 Save Japan weak on global growth, industrials underperform, defensives outperform, nickel, silver, gold break out. Treasuries steady, US Dollar weakens while Pound and Australian Dollar find support. 21mins Back to top
17-07-2019 Save Silver playing catch up with gold, the broader currency war argument, emerging markets turning to outperformance, bonds yields continue to contract, cryptocurrencies stabilse. 25:56mins Back to top
16-07-2019 Save the Pound comes back to test the lower side of the range against the Euro, silver steadies, bitcoin closes below $10000, Wall Street steady, Yes Bank steadies. 24:09mins Back to top
15-07-2019 Save China growth moderates but market expects assistance, copper steadies, nickel outperforming, oil eases, gold steady, silver and platinum firming, Wall Street steady, bonds firm, Dollar eases particularly against emerging market currencies. 25:54mins Back to top
12-07-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 47mins Back to top
11-07-2019 Save CPi pops on the upside pressuring bonds and raising the potential the Fed is willing to run hot on inflation. grains bounce, cotton extends decline, Vietnam bounces oil steady. 23:28mins Back to top
10-07-2019 Save S&P500, Nasdaq-100 and Amazon hit new recovery highs, gold firms, oil steady, Dollar firms, Treasuries steady, discussion of bubble risk. carbon credits break out. 23:17mins Back to top
09-07-2019 Save Stock markets steady ahead of Powell statement tomorrow, gold and oil steady, India pulls back, Greece extends pullback, Industrial resources ease, China also eases, Australian Dollar weak, 24:57mins Back to top
08-07-2019 Save Deutsche Bank and Greece downside key reversals, S&P500 pauses, China weak Dollar firm, 27mins Back to top
05-07-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 40mins Back to top
04-07-2019 Save Italian yields continue to compress. Switzerland at a new high. EU becoming increasingly federalist, gold and bitcoin steady, China pauses. Trajectory for rates 14:27mins Back to top
03-07-2019 Save Wall Street breaks out, Treasuries extend rally, gold and bitcoin pause. copper steadies, tin breaks down, China eases Japan wait and see 22.44mins Back to top
02-07-2019 Save Christine Lagarde will be a dove at the ECB, Stocks, bonds and gold rebound, currencies under pressure by contrast, evidence of base formation completion in select Autonomies. 25:02mins Back to top
01-07-2019 Save PMI figures disappoint but not in a dynamic manner, some conslidation of recent gains underway, gold and bitcoin extend reversions, Treasuries ease, Dollar firm, 21:19mins Back to top

June 2019

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
28-06-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 53:23mins Back to top
27-06-2019 Save Wall Street steady ahead of the G-20. Baltic Dry Index extends rally, oil and gold steady, bitcoin pulls back violently, Treasuries steady, Dollar steady, 17:45mins Back to top
26-06-2019 Save the optionality of Wall Street at the upper side of its range, the potential for the Dollar to act as a catalyst for recovery in emerging markets and Europe. 17:01mins Back to top
25-06-2019 Save Powell reiterates intention to cut rates, stocks easy, dollar steadies, gold pauses, Treasuries rally 19:56mins Back to top
24-06-2019 Save Bitoin extends breakout but susceptible to some consolidation, gold holds advance, stocks steady, emerging markets perking up. 17:14mins Back to top
21-06-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h 11mins Back to top
20-06-2019 Save S&P500 at a new high, Treasury yields below 2%, gold and bitcoin break out, oil firms and dollar weakens. Currency wars are starting which is supporting asset prices and lend support to emerging markets. 23:10mins Back to top
19-06-2019 Save Fed tees up an interest cut, gold closes above $1350, stock and bonds firm, Dollar weak, downward pressure on interest rates increases the potenital for a bubble to evolve. 21:36mins Back to top
18-06-2019 Save prospect of a Euro carry trade drives renewed speculative interest in stocks and commodities, bonds ease, 19:05mins Back to top
17-06-2019 Save Bond market volatility surging but bonds are overbought, bitcoin surges on Hong Kong protests, Wall Street steady, Dollar and gold steady ahead of Fed meeting 21:35mins Back to top
14-06-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 40:22mins Back to top
13-06-2019 Save Dow/Oil ratio, bubble risk on the realisation we already reside in a modern monetary theory world. commodity related stock markets outperforming, Dollar steady, gold firm, 18:13mins Back to top
12-06-2019 Save HIBOR-LIBOR moves, highly leveraged companies underperforming, stock market steady, Dollar and gold steady, oil weak, Unconventional oil a true gamechanger 18:47mins Back to top
11-06-2019 Save China moves to ease lending standards, supports the stock market and the currency, Wall Street pauses. gold, copper, lumber and corn steady, oil weak. Europe, India and ASEAN steady. Dollar steady but susceptible to additional weakness. 15:33mins Back to top
10-06-2019 Save Wall Street extends rally but fails to hold intraday high, Treasuries susceptible to some consolidation, Gold and precious metals pause, oil weak, Dollar eases, Rand and Peso steady, Renminbi breaks downwards from its short-term range, 23:01mins Back to top
07-06-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h Back to top
05-06-2019 Save ADP new jobs report pulls back sharply, Dollar pulls back from its intraday peak, stock and bond market steady,, oil extends pullback, gold tests its high for the year before easing. 16:41mins Back to top
04-06-2019 Save Fed signals it is listening to the messages being sent by the bond market, Wall Street rebounds, Dollar eases, Europe bouncing led by banks, gold steady, oil quiet, China eases and India pauses, Treasuries pause. 24:37mins Back to top
03-06-2019 Save China's regional banks represent an understated but large risk to the economy, gold follows through on the upside, FAANG shares lead on the downside, Treasuries at the first area of potenital resistance if the trend is to remain consistent. Dollar eases and European stock markets at potential support with Germany steadying. 20mins Back to top

May 2019

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
31-05-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h Back to top
30-05-2019 Save Crude oil pulls back to break its uptrend, grains and beans steady, iron ore at a new high, Wall Street steady, Treasuries firm, review of recession lead indicators and long-term moving averages. 25:47mins Back to top
29-05-2019 Save global sovereign yield compression, need for the Fed to cut rate soon, Wall Street in the region of its trend mean, oil and gold stable. grains ease from intraday highs, rare earth metals surging, Dollar firm, 25:10mins Back to top
28-05-2019 Save Treasuries extend breakout, Wall Street ease back to test their MAs, golds eases, oil steady, grains breaking out, Italian yields subject to selling pressure, Euro weak, South African Rand weak, China and India steady 25:04mins Back to top
27-05-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 54.10mins Back to top
23-05-2019 Save Whiff of risk off in the market with China related instruments taking the brunt of selling. Treasuries, yen and gold steady, Wall Street testing the region of the trend mean, Oil pulls back sharply to break its uptrend. 24:28mins Back to top
22-05-2019 Save buybacks continue to support markets but are dependent on earnings growth, Australia, New Zealand continue to trend higher supported by weak currencies, China pauses, Oil weak, gold steady, bonds trending higher. 25.23mins Back to top
21-05-2019 Save Brazil bounces, Australia extends gain, China and US steady, Europe steady. Euro eases, Pound extended decline, industrial resources ease. 22:30mins Back to top
20-05-2019 Save India elections favour Modi, Australian elections favour commodoties, Trade War intensifies, Semiconductors pull back, Europe weak, oil and gold steady, Treasuries ease, VIX steady. 19:46mins Back to top
17-05-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 54:55mins Back to top
16-05-2019 Save bitcoin pauses, gold pulls back, Dollar strong, stock markets steady, bond ease, monetary policy beats most other factors most of the time. defensives outperforming. 18:50mins Back to top
15-05-2019 Save Alt-coins break out, bitcoin still firm, stock markets rebound from the region of their respecitve trend means, Treasuries remain firm, Gundlach believes MMT inevitable, I agree, 21:39mins Back to top
13-05-2019 Save Trade War Intensifies, stocks extend pullback, Dollar, Yen, Treasuries and gold firm, potential for a stagfltionary environment if tariffs are extended to all Chinese imports, oil reverses early gain but grains and beans reverse early loss, Asian and commodity currencies weak. 23:27mins Back to top
10-05-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55:17mins Back to top
09-05-2019 Save Wall Street and junk bonds rally off their intraday lows, grains and beans testing potential areas of support. Still a great deal of uncertainty about the outcome of trade negotiations, 22:23mins Back to top
08-05-2019 Save Wall Street pauses, Dollar weakens against the Real and Rand, China banks weak, natural gas, coffee deeply oversold, Velocity of money turned up ahead of the Fed reducing the size of its balance sheet. treasuries and gold fail to hold intraday rallies. 19:08mins Back to top
07-05-2019 Save Trade War escalates contributing to some profit taking and further consolidation of recent strong gains, gold steady, bitcoin strong, oil eases, bonds firm, China steady following reserve requirement cut, 20:48mins Back to top
06-05-2019 Save China sold off aggressively but Wall Street takes trade brinksmanship in its stride, Treasuries ease, upside key reversals on both oil and copper, tin very oversold, 19:23mins Back to top
03-05-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 51 mins Back to top
02-05-2019 Save Correlation between rate cuts and stock market stress, central bank balance sheet and fiscal stimulus indicators, Dollar firm, bonds ease, Wall Street pauses, industrial resources and gold ease further. 22:50mins Back to top
01-05-2019 Save Fed statement is neutral but the market had hoped for a sooner end to quantitative tightening. stocks and bonds ease, copper pulls back sharply, Dollar steady, gold stable, oil steady, 20:39mins Back to top

April 2019

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30-04-2019 Save Some of the topics covered include: Google pulls back, Microsoft accelerating, IPOs queuing up, bond yields compress, Wall Street steady in the region of its peaks, gold and oil stable, Dollar eases, Pound appreciates. 24:30mins Back to top
29-04-2019 Save Lyft finds support but a lot of additional supply is primed to hit the market with Uber and WeWork listing, Wall Street at a new all-time high but short-term overbought, China banks steady, India firms, palladium pulls back sharply, oil steady, gold eases, bonds ease. 29:09mins Back to top
26-04-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 51.02mins Back to top
25-04-2019 Save Fed adjusting inflation measures as a future justification for stimulus, Wall Street pauses, Tech continues to outperform, oil eases, Dollar, Yen firm, gold steady. 20;05mins Back to top
24-04-2019 Save Euro breaks to new lows, Australian Dollar tests 70 cents, Yen at a new reaction low. Wall Street steady, gold firms, lumber upside key reversal. 29:39mins Back to top
23-04-2019 Save Wall Street hits new all-time highs, Oil firms, Europe extends advance, China and India pause, Renminbi weakens, Treasuries steady 23:06mins Back to top
19-04-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 37:27mins Back to top
18-04-2019 Save Nasdaq-100 makes a new high and is led higher by semiconductors, India also hit a new high, Indonesia firms and China holds its gain, Europe looks to be a on a recovery trajectory, bonds ease, oil and gold quiet, 22.46mins Back to top
16-04-2019 Save Probablity of consolidation ahead of a breakout, globally oriented consumer companies leading on the upside. gold and bonds ease, oil steady, Netflix is at risk of further pullback. semiconductors and resources shares turning to outperformance, 27:54mins Back to top
15-04-2019 Save China consolidating, India and Indonesia steady, Wall Street paused, European periphery leading on the upside, gold pauses, oil due to pause, high yield spreads contract below the trend mean, Treasuries quiet. 22:44mins Back to top
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11-04-2019 Save gold falters, oil eases, Wall Street quiet, China pauses, india manufacturing taking off, bonds steady, cyclicals should start to perform. 26:12mins Back to top
10-04-2019 Save Nasdaq-100 Equal Weight Index hitting new highs, Bond yields compress, China firm, Europe steady, MDAX has broken through psychological 25,000, gold and oil steady with resources shares extending adbances. 25:11mins Back to top
09-04-2019 Save Wall Street due some consolidation, Modern Monetary Theory is already with us, gold steadies, Treasuries steady, China pauses but India and Indonesia firm. 25:27mins Back to top
08-04-2019 Save Continued evidence of slowing global economic activity but the market continues to price in the potential for easing and a successful resolution to the trade war. cyclicals like oil, copper, gold, semiconductors and biotech continue to rally. Mexico rallies, Wall Street somewhat overbought and in the region of its October peak. 25.21mins Back to top
05-04-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 58:19mins Back to top
04-04-2019 Save Platinum breaks out, palladium pulls back, Wall Street quiet ,China firm, Europe steady, bitcoin pull back, 22:04mins Back to top
03-04-2019 Save commodities rally, supported by a resurgent Chinese market, platinum cheap relative to palladium, bitcoin breaking out, Wall Street pauses in the region of a previous peak, peripheral Europe turning to outperformance, Australian firm. 33:14mins Back to top
02-04-2019 Save bitcoin breaks out potentially in sympathy with 5G or the continued recovery in mining stocks, gold stead, silver unwinds intraday decline, oil firm, Wall Street steady, China holds its advance, bonds steady. 24:25mins Back to top
01-04-2019 Save Europe rebounds with China. Wall Street firm, Sovereign bonds trim their rally, Pound firms on soft Brexit speculation, oil firm, resources shares turning to outperformance, Philadelphia semiconductors pressuring its highs. 26:58mins Back to top

March 2019

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29-03-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 54mins Back to top
28-03-2019 Save Predicative power of the yield curve spread, bonds ease, stock steady, Eurozone weak, Brexit drama is an indictment of the political process, palladium peaks, precious metals weak, oil firms from intraday lows, India steady, China consolidating. 23:37mins Back to top
27-03-2019 Save The outlook for interest rates, commonality in government bonds globally, underperformance of banks, stock market steady, Dollar firms, palladium pulls back sharply, oil steady, Pound firms, 28:58mins Back to top
26-03-2019 Save Banks underperforming globally on flat yield curves. TED Spread is contained so the risk is to their business models rather than a credit event, stocks ease, bonds quiet, dollar steady all ahead of the end of the quarter, 21:22mins Back to top
25-03-2019 Save Yield curve analysis and discussion of what an inverted yield curve represents, Treasury yields continue to contract, gold steady, oil pauses, Wall Street quiet, banks weak, utilities breaking out, Europe and Japan likely to steady, QE4 a real possibility. 25:27mins Back to top
23-03-2019 Save Talk given to the AAPTA conference in Tampa Florida 42:47mins Back to top
21-03-2019 Save Fed goes on pause, yield curve spread contracts, bond market pricing in a rate cut, Wall Street rallies on a reduced headwind from liquidity contraction, banks pull back, Dollar rebounds, emerging markets steady, gold eases. 25:24mins Back to top
20-03-2019 Save Fed confirms dovish tilt. Dollar pulls back which boosts the outlook for Europe, commodity producers, commodities, energy and gold. US Treasury yields compress, taking the conclusion that the next move in interest rates will be downwards. 23:10mins Back to top
19-03-2019 Save Some of the topics discussed include: Semiconductors Index surmounts 1400 again, Wall Street pauses, commodity producer currencies firming except Rand, Mid Caps turn back to outperformance in Europe and UK but not USA, India firm, China pauses, Bonds steady, gold steady. 26mins Back to top
18-03-2019 Save Teasuries at a short-term resistance ahead of the Fed, China clears the way for outszied credit growth, ASEAN, India and Emerging Markets rally, Europe recovering, Wall Street steady, gold and oil steady, 23:46mins Back to top
15-03-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h Back to top
14-03-2019 Save Pound continues to hold its breakout, Bond yields contracting globally, Indian Rupee breaks above the trend mean, Australian Dollar tests its lows, Industrial resources ease with China, but commodity exporter stock markets outperforming. Wall Street quiet. 22:55mins Back to top
13-03-2019 Save S&P500 pauses near 2800 again, technology leading on the upside, peak of the interest rate cycle, bond yields pause, gold steady, Pound surges, FTSE 250 steady, oil hits new recovery high, 26:42mins Back to top
12-03-2019 Save Stock markets steady, Pound extremely volatile as Theresa May's deal is voted down again, China pauses, US inflation below forecasts compresses yields and supports gold, oil pauses, wheat rebounds, lumber weak as trading margins increase. 27:03mins Back to top
11-03-2019 Save Technology share lead rebound, India firms as Modi strengthens in polls. Indonesia unwinding overbought condition, South African rand at potenital support, Brazil continues to extend rebound, Pound rallies, oil firm, gold eases, silver holds gain, bonds steady 27:57mins Back to top
08-03-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h 2mins Back to top
07-03-2019 Save Some of the topics discussed include: Euro breaks lower on disappointing ECB liquidity provision news, Bund yields at new near-term rally highs, Italian yield compress, Eurozone banks weak, China remains steady, Australian Dollar under pressure at 70c. S&P500 pulls back and susceptible to additional consolidation of recent gains, Russell 2000 and SOX leading lower, gold steady. 29:55mins Back to top
06-03-2019 Save Wall Street likely to at least consolidate, ECB moving towards additional quantitative easing, Euro steady,China's rally continues to rebound, Australian Dollar testing the 70 cent area, gold and oll steady, lumber limit up, coffee retests $1. 27:52mins Back to top
04-03-2019 Save Cloud computing pullback suggests some retinence to support prices at new all-time highs. Amazon remains firm, China failed to hold intraday gains, Europe flat, platinum pulls back in a dynamic manner, silver approaching the psychological $15 area. Treasury prices firm, Dollar steady, 21:40mins Back to top
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February 2019

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28-02-2019 Save Odds of a global reflation trade are improving. China in particular has scope to stimulate, gold easing, oil steady, bonds ease but Gilts steady on increasing odds of a Bank of England rate hike if a soft Brexit is agreed. Australian Dollar eases, industrial resources steady 24:44mins Back to top
27-02-2019 Save Cohen and Powell testify in front of Congress, Wall Street little changed, bond prices fall, Pound extends rally and a soft Brexit increases the scope for the Bank of England to raise rates, oil steady, gold eases, palladium pauses following acceleration. India/Pakistan deteriorating relationship has little effect on assets as long as war is avoided. 30:33mins Back to top
26-02-2019 Save Pound rallies on soft Brexit enthusiasm, FTSE-250 in the region of the MA, Treasuries pricing in no rate hikes in the next two years, Wall Street pauses in the region of previous peaks, gold steady but coffee and wheat break downwards. 29:50mins Back to top
25-02-2019 Save Chinese shares surge higher, Wall Street posts muted response to improving trade news, MA& picking up in biotech, oil weak, Corbyn supports a second referrendum, gold consolidating, 26:47mins Back to top
22-02-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 57:54mins Back to top
21-02-2019 Save Large impending IPOs could cause stock market indigestion, likelihood of Chinese stimulus improves, Australian Dollar still trending down which is a nominal support for Australian resources, EV materials discussion, Bonds and stocks ease with risk of consolidation increasing, gold pulls back from upper side of its range. 27:47mins Back to top
20-02-2019 Save China extends rebound, gold, oil, copper, nickel, Australia, Europe rally, Wall Street steady, small caps, banks and semiconductors are leading 23:35mins Back to top
19-02-2019 Save Wall Street approaching the next area of potential resistance, Bitcoin and gold at the upper side of their bases, palladium accelerating, copper breaking out, Treasuries steady. 23:52mins Back to top
18-02-2019 Save China rallies on liquidity proision, copper testing the upper side of its range. oil steady, gold breaks out. Dollar pauses. Treasuries exhibit a wedging pattern. 15:31mins Back to top
15-02-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 57:41mins Back to top
14-02-2019 Save Coca Cola pulls back, Bond rally, oil breaks out of its short-term range, gold steadies, emerging market currencies encounter resistance in the region fo the trend mean. Europe steady in the region of the trend mean. India's oversold banks rebound, China steady, Mexico at risk of further deterioration. 30:31mins Back to top
13-02-2019 Save Wall Street testing potential resistance, Euro pulls back and Europe is reliant on how China plays out. Shanghai A-Shares bounced with H-Shares leading, South African Rand weak, gold weak, oil firm, coffee breaking down. Treasuries continue to ease. 28:44mins Back to top
12-02-2019 Save fears continue to abate on the trade and government shutdown fronts, Wall street firm, Amazon rebounds, Euro rebounds, Europe and China steady, H-Shares firming, oil tests the upper side of its range, 25:34mins Back to top
11-02-2019 Save Dollar firm, bonds ease, stock markets steady, gold pauses, discussion of Chinese easing, the outlook for inflation and the need for a higher reaction low before concluding the corrective phase has ended. 26:44mins Back to top
11-02-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55:08mins Back to top
06-02-2019 Save AUD pulls back, copper, iron-ore, nickel, oil firm, stock markets steady, bonds ease, Discussion of potential sources of additional monetary and fiscal stimulous. 17:34mins Back to top
05-02-2019 Save Google's results, modern monetary theory, energy intensity versus data intensity of economies, Wall street steady, Europe rises after strong earnings, Dollar steady, emerging markets firm. 21:31mins Back to top
04-02-2019 Save FANG stocks steadying, nickel firm, commodity currencies and industrial resources at important points of potential resistance, gold and oil steady, Dollar steady particularly against the Yen, European bank under performance hampers the Euro.. 27:18mins Back to top
01-02-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55.16mins Back to top

January 2019

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31-01-2019 Save Defensives returning to outperformance, Treasuries resurgent, gold has defensive characteristics, stock markets responding favourably to the Fed's moderation, coffee finds support near $1. 30 mins Back to top
30-01-2019 Save Powell Put confirmed, Dollar weakens, Treasuries, gold, stock rally, commodity currencies and industrial resources firm, Risk-on back in force. 22:45mins Back to top
29-01-2019 Save Gold and precious metals resurgent, S&P500 pausing in anticipation of trade war and monetary policy news, industrial metal miners turning to ourperformance, Treasuries and investment grade bonds are rallying. oil prices firm, ASEAN pauses, 23:06mins Back to top
29-01-2019 Save Bitcoin still trending down and pressuring NVidia, Is the market so steady because we now have evidence of a Powell Put? Gold steady, Wall Street rebounds off its low, Dollar eases, China quiet, Brazil pauses, India weak and led lower by its financials, oil at the lower side of a short-term range. 21:17mins Back to top
25-01-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 59.04mins Back to top
24-01-2019 Save Eurozone comparison with Japan and potential for ECB QE3, stock markets generally steady with semiconductorsr and homebuilders doing well, continued demand for Treasuries, the Dollar and gold is steady, Governance is Everything. 27:24mins Back to top
23-01-2019 Save Some of the topics discussed include: stock markets quiet with positive earnings counter balancing trade and growth fears. Central Bank assets tick higher, 2019 outlook for Wall Street, ASEAN markets continue to outperform, crude oil and gold quiet, Bonds steady, discussion of risks in China. 24:42mins Back to top
22-01-2019 Save first sign the short-term overbought condition has run into overhead resistance. Bonds firm, gold steady, dollar steady, oil eases, risk parity is de-risking. 29.05mins Back to top
21-01-2019 Save London home prices, palladium is susceptible to mean reversion, China at a crossroads, major indices have replaced short-term oversold conditions with overbought conditions, Treasuries steady and oil steady 14:46mins Back to top
18-01-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 57:49mins Back to top
17-01-2019 Save Short-term bought condition replaces short-term oversold conditions. what does a higher reaction low look like, palladium accelerating higher, Pound firms and Brexit commentary, China's global ambitions, Emerging markets remain steady, Dollar steady, gold steady, high yield spreads continue to contract. 27:50mins Back to top
16-01-2019 Save consistency of the Dow Jones' chart, bank earnings, investors seem to have adopted a wait and see approach to Brexit, individual emerging markets outperforming, China quiet, Tin and palladium clearly outperforming while aluminum is trending down, Dollar remains firm, differrence between now and 2016 is the Fed is tightening. discussion of the origins of populism. 26:58mins Back to top
15-01-2019 Save Some of the topics discussed include: Brexit deal voted down, Pound steady, China fiscal stimulus beginning,, gold appreciatating in more currencies, A lot of bad news has been priced into valuations, Big Tech rallies but still has work to do to repair technical damage, oil steady, cannabis shares rebounding, biotech and cloud companies outperforming, cybersecurity is a market perform, Treasuries continue to unwind short-term overbought condition. 37:36mins Back to top
14-01-2019 Save Markets quiet as potential areas of resistance at tested. Natural gas rounds emphatically. gold miner M&A picking up, Pound is steady but testing the first area of resistance heading into the Brexit deal vote, emerging markets continue to outperform 19:55mins Back to top
11-01-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55:16mins Back to top
10-01-2019 Save Liquidity conditions remain tight, 2-year yields test the MA, S&P500 at first area of potential resistance, signs of early upside leadership in biotech and cloud computing, gold eases, oil steady. 26:35mins Back to top
09-01-2019 Save short-term oversold condition replaced with short-term overbought condition so the real test of a significant lows will be if we see higher reaction lows and subsequently higher highs, Dollar weak, emerging markets, gold, oil and commodities firm, 28:06mins Back to top
08-01-2019 Save Wall Street close to the first area of potential resistance, Europe steady but still underpeforming, China unimpressive. High yield spreads rapidly unwinding oversold condition but also now at first area of resistance. The big question is where is the next source of liquidity going to come from. 22:13mins Back to top
07-01-2019 Save Dollar testing important support against the Euro, select emerging market currencies breaking out led by the Rupiah. China steady, oil firm, gold steady, sugar firms, grains and beans have base formation characteristics, high yield spreads start to contract. 22:36mins Back to top
04-01-2019 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 56:37mins Back to top
03-01-2019 Save Apple leads Wall Street lower, China remains under pressure, industrial metals trending down, safe havens conitnue to outperform, India, Indonesia and Brazil exhibit relative strength. 31:50mins Back to top
02-01-2019 Save China remains weak, stock markets globally look increasingly likely to unwind short-term oversold conditions but credit conditions remains tight and safe haven assets continue to perform, 32:53mins Back to top