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2018 Audio Archive

June 2018

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15-06-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 59.39mins Back to top
14-06-2018 Save Euro pulls back sharply, Europe stocks firm from MA, Wall steady, Nasdaq breaks out led my tech and small caps, silver closes above $17, China continues to underperform along with emerging markets on US Dollar strength, 21:30mins Back to top
13-06-2018 Save Some of the topics discussed include:Fed raises rates, stock markets steady, silver closes above $17, oil firms, Dollar does not hold its rally against the Euro, China weak, India steadies, European banks remain under pressure. 23:07mins Back to top
12-06-2018 Save p&f figure chart reading for cobalt, oil and google, China steadies, Nasdaq testing its highs, industrial metals steady, trucking companies breaking out, food prices firming, while oil pauses below $80, all pointing to rising industrion pressures. 24:37mins Back to top
11-06-2018 Save News heavy week ahead so how are markets looking? Silver firm, gold steady, Tesla extends rebound, Yen weak, Nikkei first step above the base, Pound pulls back, Treasury yields consolidating below 3%. 21:58mins Back to top
08-06-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 1h 5mins Back to top
07-06-2018 Save stock markets take a breather, oil firm, bonds steady, China bounces, select emerging markets still under pressure but increasing evidence of central bank support, 26:31mins Back to top
05-06-2018 Save even mild Dollar weakness is a boon for industrial resources, Italian yields rise and stock market under pressure. technology continues to lead higher, cobalt puts in a p&f top, China firms, oil and precious metals steady. 22:12mins Back to top
04-06-2018 Save tech breaking out, hardware catching up with software, immigration and Japan, Europe steady, Dollar eases, Treasury yields continue to rebound, oil eases, gold steady, 30:52mins Back to top
01-06-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 49:55mins Back to top

May 2018

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31-05-2018 Save Italian yields compress somewhat, Euro fails to hold intraday high, GDPR favours large advertisers, differernce between crude oil pricing, gold steady, China and India begin to steady, Indonesia supporting the Rupiah. 18:52mins Back to top
30-05-2018 Save China's markets deteriorating, Europe steadies but still at risk with German inflation picking up but periphery in need of stimulus, Amazon at new closing high, Russell 2000 extends breakout, Brazil trading below its mean, Indonesian central bank decision this week, gold steady, Dollar eases. 24:49mins Back to top
29-05-2018 Save Italy and Europe are now the epicentre of risk, Turkish Lira firms, risk off reigns, Dollar strong, Yen stronger, Treasuries rally, gold and oil steady, Wall Street weak but exhibiting relative strength. 21:37mins Back to top
25-05-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 1h Back to top
24-05-2018 Save Italy's populist government and Europe's potential response, China property Index leading lower, Wall Street closes off intraday lows, Dollar stable, commodities index breaks out, gold firms, oil steady 26:10mins Back to top
23-05-2018 Save buying opportunities arise when central banks intervene to support currencies, risk-off turns to risk-on intraday, dollar firm, stock markets steady, Brent crude oil pausing near $80, an increasing number of shares breaking out. 19:41mins Back to top
22-05-2018 Save Consumer Staples and the outlook for bond proxies, accelerating trends in lumber and luxury goods, stock markets steady, midcaps continue to outperform, bonds steady, Dollar eases slightly, oil pauses at $80. 27:36mins Back to top
21-05-2018 Save Dollar's rally takes a breather and at a pivotal level against emerging markets, platinum posts an upside key reversal, Argentine Peso, Turkish Lira and Venezuelan Bolivar extend declines, Italian bond yields continue to price in populist risk, Mid caps breakout, FTSE-100 breaks out. 24:18mins Back to top
18-05-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 57:15mins Back to top
17-05-2018 Save Tencent earnings, China, Dollar rebound is positive for Japan and Europe, Midcaps are showing a high degree of commonality globally. oil pauses at $80, 23:02mins Back to top
16-05-2018 Save Italian government bonds, Dollar steady, oil firm, China MSCI entrance, Indian Rupee at potential area of support 22:19mins Back to top
15-05-2018 Save Treasury yields break above 3%, TIPS yields on the cusp of breaking out, Dollar strong, emerging market currencies weak, Wall Street pares decline somewhat, gold breaks down, oil eases from $80. 23:03mins Back to top
14-05-2018 Save populist governments installed in Malaysia and Italy. Italian yields at risk of rising, Dollar's rally at an important level of potential resistance, Treasuries back above 3%, short-term overbought condition on major stock markets. 19:03mins Back to top
11-05-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 51mins Back to top
10-05-2018 Save yield curve spread contracts further, projecting what will follow this period of ranging on stock markets, Dollar eases after strong advance, gold steady, oil extends advance, Australian market tests highs, Malaysia ETFs pullback following election 18:55mins Back to top
09-05-2018 Save Midcaps continue to outperform led by the Russell 2000, oil breaks out, Treasuries back above 3%, stock firm, Dollar strong, gold steady, Japan wages increasing, 16:35mins Back to top
08-05-2018 Save broad-based Dollar rally, Gold firming against the majority of currencies, oil holds the $75 area, emerging markets at risk from continued Dollar strength, Europe steady, Wall Street quiet. 22:26mins Back to top
07-05-2018 Save China bounces with talk of opening up the financial sector, Dollar firm, Europe steady, Italy breaking out led by exporters, Treasuries steady, oil closes above $75, trade wars are a risk for the remainder of the year. 18:38mins Back to top
04-05-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 1h Back to top
03-05-2018 Save Wall Street pauses in the region of the lower side of its range, Nasdaq continues to outperform Argentine Peso and Turkish Lira breaking down, Euro, Pound, Yen steady, Europe and Japan equities susceptible to some consolidation. gold steadies. 21:09mins Back to top
02-05-2018 Save Dollar at key first area of resistance against Euro, Pound and Yen, breaking out against emerging market currencies, gold and silver at lower side of the range, Treasuries continue to pause at 3%, Europe flattered by weak Euro, Wall Streets fades into the close. 16:33mins Back to top
01-05-2018 Save Euro, Pound & gold at potential areas of support against the Dollar, oil pauses at $75, grains, beans, cotton, coffee all firm, bonds ease back, stock markets rally of their intraday lows. 23:54mins Back to top

April 2018

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30-04-2018 Save looking at the S&P500, gold, oil and bonds reduced by the purchasing power of the Dollar, Wall Street remains in a corrective phase, further evidence of rotation, Dollar at first area of potential resistance, gold at potential area of support. 21:29mins Back to top
27-04-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 54:59mins Back to top
26-04-2018 Save stocks rebound led by technology, Dollar firm, gold at lower side of its range, oil steady, India and Japan continue rebound, Europe steady, China underperforming, industrial metals steady 18:14mins Back to top
25-04-2018 Save potential for a triple waterfall event in bonds, lumber surge and inflation, stocks steady, bonds weak, gold eases back, oil steady 24:57mins Back to top
24-04-2018 Save volatility on Wall Street increases, US Treasuries hit 3%, China and India steady, gold steadies, oil eases, Dollar pauses, previous leaders losing consistency 24:06mins Back to top
23-04-2018 Save Dollar experiencing a broad based rebound, Treasury yields testing the upper side of their seven-year range, high yield ETFs rolling over, FANGs under pressure, commodities pull back, emerging markets susceptible to mean reversion. 21:57mins Back to top
17-04-2018 Save cyclicals remain on recovery trajectories, defensives remain in downtrends, yield curve contracting but not alarming yet, stock markets generally steady but China underperforming. gold remains on a recovery trajectory, nickel playing catch up. 16:14mins Back to top
16-04-2018 Save Tencent, Netflix at importation support levels, Tesla weak, stock markets steady but China underperforming, Dollar weak, Pound firm, bonds steady. 18:03mins Back to top
13-04-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 51:40mins Back to top
12-04-2018 Save Dollar strengthening against the Yen in particular, Pound breaking out against the Euro, stock markets firm, gold eases back from the upper side of its range, oil holds its breakout, bonds steady but inflationary pressures are mounting. 20:39min Back to top
11-04-2018 Save gold rallies but does not hold the highs, oil steady, geopolitical tensions mounting, stock markets pause, bond yields off their lows, Dollar steadies 20:37mins Back to top
10-04-2018 Save Crude oil breaks out, trade tensions easing acts as a salve for stock markets, Facebook and other tech are rebounding, Gold steady, gold shares inert, 19:48mins Back to top
09-04-2018 Save The sheer number of new news items, some major emerging market currencies breaking down, Wall Street fails to hold its initial rally, many markets in the region of their trend means, Mega-cap tech under pressure, agriculturals with base formations, 25.49mins Back to top
06-04-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 52:45mins Back to top
05-04-2018 Save the outlook for cryptocurrencies, gold, oil and commodities. The Pound, continues to represent a recovery candidate. 16:15mins Back to top
04-04-2018 Save stock markets rebound from their MAs, gold does not hold initial rally, homebuilders rebound strongly, lumber limit up, oil stead, Treasury yields back above 2.8%, Pound firms 24.21mins Back to top
03-04-2018 Save Wall Street steadies from the region of its MA, so does Japan, Europe continues to under perform, gold steady while oil firms following yesterday's pullback. copper bounces from $3. 17:33mins Back to top

March 2018

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
29-03-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 57mins Back to top
28-03-2018 Save highly leveraged business like Tesla and Netflix remain under pressure. Dollar rallying which is a negative for oil and gold, it's positive for Japan and Europe but also negative for emerging markets in the short term. Treasuries steady 27mins Back to top
27-03-2018 Save Some of the topics discussed include: Wall Street bounces at the MA, Euro bounces but less impressively and is still below its MA, Gold and oil pause at the upper side of thier ranges, Japanese banks bounce from the lower side of its range. Treasuries look likely to unwind their oversold condition. 14:55mins Back to top
26-03-2018 Save Asian markets find at least near-term support, Europe under pressure as Euro strengthens, oil eases, gold firm, bonds steady, Facebook and Tesla breaking down but subscription oriented shares offer relative strength. 21:48mins Back to top
23-03-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 49:41mins Back to top
22-03-2018 Save market response to anti-China tariffs, gold and oil steady, bonds potentially due a mean reversion, Europe continues to underperform 25:48mins Back to top
21-03-2018 Save rising UK inflation, Pound strong, Dollar weak, Fed meeting not positive for risk assets, gold rallies strongly from lower side of range, oil firm, China steady. 21:26mins Back to top
20-03-2018 Save Major global stock markets remains in a corrective phase, leadership has been concentrated in subscription model tech and semiconductors, gold steady, oil firm, bond yields appear primed for a breakout. 21:27mins Back to top
19-03-2018 Save FANG flu contributes to Nasdaq pullback. UK pulls back on Micro Focus International, Pound strength and mining weakness, gold steady, oil steady, bond yields quiet. 22.26mins Back to top
16-03-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 48:24mins Back to top
15-03-2018 Save Japan and Europe steady, Australian banks under pressure, China steady, Nasdaq quiet but continues to hold the move above 7000, gold eases, dollar firms, oil inert for the moment. Bond yields close above 2.8%. 17:44mins Back to top
14-03-2018 Save FANG continued outperformance but looking overstretched, Dow Jones Industrials underperforming, gold and oil steady, Japan steady, Australian shares underperforming with Aussie Dollar bouncing, 22.37mins Back to top
13-03-2018 Save Governance is Everything, failed upside breaks on megacap technology shares, gold steady, oil pauses, bond steady, Dollar weak. Europe and Japan susceptible to additional consolidation. 18:53mins Back to top
12-03-2018 Save Review of Asian markets and their continued outperformance relative to Europe, Nasdaq being led higher by Amazon, rotation out of Dow leaders underway, gold, oil and bonds steady, 20:23mins Back to top
09-03-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 54:50mins Back to top
08-03-2018 Save triumph of the subscription business model, with Nasdaq-100 testing its highs again, most other stock markets ranging, China and India steady, Brazilian Real potentially has top formation characteristics, bonds quiet, gold continues to hold the MA. 18:57mins Back to top
07-03-2018 Save Trade wars troubling for India, base formations in bonds and commodities, bitcoin decline may be positive for gold, subscription businesses continue to do well, consumer staples underperform, stock markets generally steady 18:28mins Back to top
06-03-2018 Save Some of the topics covered include: gold prices continue to firm from the $1350 area while gold shares still look neglected, commonality in bond yields, TIPS and commodities, Wall Street steady, China bounces but governance is deteriorating, India weak, Eurozone barely steady but Italy bouncing, 23:07mins Back to top
05-03-2018 Save the Italian election result, China fiscal policy, oil prices, bond yields still rising, stock markets steady, gold steady, megacap technology still firm, 19:58mins Back to top
02-03-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 51:39mins Back to top
01-03-2018 Save Wall street remains weak and conitnued Yen strength is suggestive of deleveraging, bonds firm, platinum and palladium weak, gold and oil ease back, Treeasuries steady, Nasdaq pulling back from its high, 19:05mins Back to top

February 2018

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
28-02-2018 Save small key reversals on Wall Street yesterday suggest the impetus of the short covering rally is fading, stocks generally fall in sympathy. Eurozone banks testing the region of the trend mean and Italian yields inert ahead of the election, discussion of the impact of Chinese dictatorship on headline grabbing shares. 20:15mins Back to top
27-02-2018 Save Modi losing his lustre in India, Fed remains committed to balance sheet run off, Dollar firms, oil and gold weak, Treasury yields firm, 21:33mins Back to top
26-02-2018 Save commodity price inflation, oil continues to rebound, China's move to one-person rule, stock markets continue to rebound, bonds steady, Japan rebounds 18:20mins Back to top
23-02-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 42:50mins Back to top
22-02-2018 Save commodity driven markets outperforming, VIX pausing above 15, Wall Street has not held intraday highs for the last four sessions, FTSE rallies off its lows, oil firm, gold steady, China rebounding after the New Year Break. 17:17mins Back to top
21-02-2018 Save short-term overbought conditions may be unwound, Dollar steady, inflation sensitive investments under pressure, gold continues to hold in the region of the upper side of its base, 22:58mins Back to top
20-02-2018 Save bond yields and the outlook for inflation, gold pauses at the upper side of its base, Wall eases but Europe steady on weaker Euro, Yen eases and stocks in the region of the MA, bitcoin continues to rebound and the VIX is holding above 20. 18:46mins Back to top
19-02-2018 Save an extensive review of bonds and bond proxies. 22:43mins Back to top
16-02-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 40:30mins Back to top
16-02-2018 Save link between the stock market, bond yields and the Dollar's weakness, industrial resources firm, commodity currencies rallying, South African market rebounds, Euro acting as a headwind to the Eurozone's stock market. 21:39mins Back to top
14-02-2018 Save Gold and gold shares surge, stocks steady, bonds yields hit new recovery highs, Volatility futures expire, Dollar weak particularly against the Yen. 20:38mins Back to top
13-02-2018 Save high yield spreads above the trend mean, Dollar at the lower side of its range against the Yen, stock markets firming from the region of the trend mean, gold steady, oil continues to hold $60 area. 19:20mins Back to top
12-02-2018 Save Wall Street continues to pause in the region of the trend mean, commodities steady, oil fails to hold its intraday rally, biotech finds at least near-term support, India exhibiting relative strength, China still in need of a bounce, European spreads unlikely to remain this tight. 17:43mins Back to top
09-02-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 1h Back to top
08-02-2018 Save Volatility picks back up as leveraged funds are forced to unwind positions, stock markets retraced Wednesday's bounce to find on their lows, US Treasury yields firm towards 3%. UK Gilts yields breakout, oil weak, gold steady, a substantial number of stock markets are testing their trend means but many of last year's leaders still have wide overextensions. 24:05mins Back to top
07-02-2018 Save rebound in Treasury yields, strong Dollar, oil testing key level of support, Wall Street not out of the woods yet, Europe, Australia and India trade in the region of their trend means, gold still pulling back from the upper side of its range. 20:15mins Back to top
06-02-2018 Save Stock markets find near-term low with volatility moderating ranging appears to be the most likely scenario, gold pulls back, bonds steady, Brazil firm, emerging markets generally fell less than Wall Street, resources exhibit relative strength. 24:59mins Back to top
05-02-2018 Save Type-2 top formation characteristics, sharp drawdowns on the most overextended indices suggesting peaks of least near-term and probably medium-term significance. Bonds rally from deep oversold levels, gold steady, oil eases but commodities generally steady, Asian and European markets likely to sell off tomorrow in sympathy as the Dollar rallies. 19:16mins Back to top
02-02-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 1h 10m Back to top
01-02-2018 Save volatility in megacap shares, bond yields risings, dollar weak, accelerated trends increasingly susceptible to mean reversion, commodities steady. 21:03mins Back to top

January 2018

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
31-01-2018 Save Wall Street quiet, volatility falls, Dollar weak against Swiss Franc, steady against Yen, gold & oil steady, bond yields quiet, Facebook earnings disappoint. 23:54mins Back to top
30-01-2018 Save Dow Jones has its biggest pullback since April, Mega-cap Tech remains resilient, Dollar weak, US Treasuries extend decline with yield at 2.7% 17:08mins Back to top
29-01-2018 Save Key day reversal on Shanghai A-Shares, Wall Street pauses, Dollar steadies, commodities pause with the exception of wheat and rough rice, Bond yields continue to hold gains. 15:59mins Back to top
27-01-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 47:18mins Back to top
25-01-2018 Save Dollar rallied off its low which has a knock-on effect for bond yields and currencies, Dow Jones extends advance but early leaders like Starbucks and Disney are sitting out the rally. 16:26mins Back to top
24-01-2018 Save Dollar breaks down, commodities jump in response with oil above $70, copper rebounding and gold testing the upper side of its range, stock markets pause, bonds ease back, Pound testing the upper side of its range against the Euro. 20:36mins Back to top
23-01-2018 Save Wall Street accelerating, Hong Kong Financials breaking out, gold steady at the upper side of its range, Bonds steady from oversold condition, discussion of high yield spreads as a lead indicator. 20:56mins Back to top
22-01-2018 Save Wall Street hits new highs, Asia Firm, Germany testing its highs, UK softer on strength of the Pound, gold steady, platinum key day reversal, Treasury yields at new recovery highs. 19:43mins Back to top
19-01-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 59:55mins Back to top
18-01-2018 Save Chinese growth accelerates, Shanghai Property and banks break out, Wall Street pauses, Treasury yields testing early 2017 highs. oil steady, Japan susceptible to a pause, gold steady. 18:10mins Back to top
17-01-2018 Save Some of the topics covered include: Wall Street rebounds with decline in VIX from intraday highs, bonds weak, commodities steady, continued optimism about the role of tax cuts in boosting earnings, pace of innovation in cryptocurrencies a threat to bitcoin. 22:35mins Back to top
16-01-2018 Save A whiff of risk off coming into markets but Wall Street pares decline. commodities lower but reasonably steady, Dollar reverses rally, Bitcoin falls sharply 18:04mins Back to top
15-01-2018 Save Third Psychological Perception Stage of a Bull Market, downside key reversal in China, stock markets susceptible to some consolidation of recent powerful gain, Euro, Pound and precious metals remain firm, Bund yields testing the upper side of a yearlong range. 18:12mins Back to top
12-01-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 1h Back to top
11-01-2018 Save Commonality in both equity markets appreciating but also government bond yields looking likely to breakout. oil pauses near $70, gold firms, resources sectors breaking out, Japanese banks extend breakout. 21:11mins Back to top
10-01-2018 Save Discussion of China's motivation in upsetting the Treasury market, yen firm, gold steady, oil rallies, stocks steady, industrial resources continue to outperform. Bund and Treasury yields testing the upper side of their respective ranges. 17:25mins Back to top
09-01-2018 Save Some indicators that we are late in the cycle, gold recovers some of its loss, oil firm, stock markets steady, Treasury yields close above 2.5%, Chinese Renminbi hits a near-term peak. 20:45mins Back to top
08-01-2018 Save Pound bounces, Japan and Europe extend last week's resurgence, metals and oil steady, cyclicals completing 12-month ranges. 18:46mins Back to top
05-01-2018 Save Big Picture Long-Term Video for the various different asset classes. 51:15mins Back to top
04-01-2018 Save evolution of the third psychological perception stage of the bull market. gold potentially picking up some interest following bitcoin's peak, stock market leadership and potential for catch up. 20:13mins Back to top
03-01-2018 Save Review focusing on commodities, related stock markets and individual companies. 18:37mins Back to top
02-01-2018 Save Wall Street and emerging markets rally on the first day of trading, Europe and UK hampered by the strength of the Euro and Pound respectively, commodities firm with gold passing the $1300 area, oil steady. 23:24mins Back to top