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January 2022

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24-01-2022 Save Type-2 top formation completions are often followed by period of ranging. Wall Street rebounds from lows as shorts are cut ahead of Microsoft and Apple earnings and the Fed meeting Wednesday, oil steady, gold rebounds from intraday lows, Dollar steady, Renminbi firm. 18:47mins Back to top
21-01-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h5mins Back to top
20-01-2022 Save Silver cheap relative to dogecoin, Wall Street remains weak, Chinese shares rebound, Dollar and Renminbi steady, oil downside key reversal, medium-term correction more likely than end of the bull market. No chance of rates rising four times this year. 24:10mins Back to top
19-01-2022 Save bond yields pause in their advance, gold and precious metals firm, oil pauses near $90. growth stocks remain under pressure but increasingly oversold. 26.20mins Back to top
18-01-2022 Save bonds yields continue to march higher, innovation/biotech breaks lower, bank earnings disappoint, resources and dividend aristocrats outperform, gold stable, silver firm, oil breaks out. Significant uncertainty about the trajectory of Fed policy. 26:52mins Back to top
17-01-2022 Save China cuts rates, property shares rebound, commodities and banks breaking out, Bonds yields have high commonality, golds table. 17:37mins Back to top
15-01-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h8mins Back to top
13-01-2022 Save Nasdaq-100 pulls back sharply, FANGMANT rollling over, bonds rebound, gold steady, Dollar at first area of support, Ivanhoe makes big promises on geophysics. 14:03mins Back to top
12-01-2022 Save the Futures Minerals Summit, natural gas and oil firm, fertilisers firm, Dollar eases and stock markets rebound. 22:46mins Back to top
11-01-2022 Save breadth improving somewhat, Dollar eases on Fed less hawkish tone, Gold and oil firm, Wall Street continues to rebound, emerging markets primed for outperformance if the Dollar continues to roll over. 22mins Back to top
11-01-2022 Save Wall Street rebounds from intraday lows. bonds pause, oil and gold steady, China omicron scare supports property stocks, is the Fed emulating the ECB in 2011? 17:20mins Back to top
07-01-2022 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 48:23mins Back to top
06-01-2022 Save Treasury yields continue to surge, Dollar firms, gold weak, oil breaking out, China steadies, Europe and Australia weak, Nasdaq-100 testing consistency. 19:33mins Back to top
05-01-2022 Save Treasury yields rise further, risk assets remain under pressure, defensives appreciate, gold eases, oil steady, copper pauses. 17:22mins Back to top
04-01-2022 Save 5-year yields surge eases towards the close, that helped the Nasdaq rebound, Semiconductors pared an early decline, gold and Dollar steady, Yen weak, Nikkei steady, India firm, China stable, FTSE-100 breaks out. copper firm 20mins Back to top