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2023 Audio Archive

September 2023

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
29-09-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h17mins Back to top
28-09-2023 Save Dollar eases which lends support to both stocks and bonds, higher real rates continue to pressure gold but other precious metals steady, oil eases back from recent high. German Bund yields break out and preipheral spreads rising, crypto steadies. 24:28mins Back to top
27-09-2023 Save Dollar rally catches up with gold, stocks steady, Treasury yields extend breakout, oil breaks out. 26:18mins Back to top
26-09-2023 Save Dollar rally reflects a rush to cash, Treasury yields extend breakout, Nasdaq-100 new reaction low, oil prices remain firm, China property developers new low, 27:01MINS Back to top
25-09-2023 Save Bond yields breaking higher, rates support the US Dollar, oil mixed, EU gas firms, China property developers breaking lower, greater evidence of liquidity tightening 25mins Back to top
22-09-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h7mins Back to top
21-09-2023 Save Aftermath of the Fed hawkish pause is lower stocks, higher yields, greater uncertainty, China weak, Dollar pauses, gold steady, oil eases, Yen approaching potential near-term support important for carry trades. 30:32mins Back to top
20-09-2023 Save Fed pauses but yields hit new highs and stocks roll over, banks under pressure, UK Gilts peaking, FTSE-100 firms on rollback of net zero, China introduces new local government loans but stocks unmoved, dollar firms, gold reverses early strength, oil slides. 27:27mins Back to top
19-09-2023 Save commonality in government bonds yields, stocks pause ahead of the Fed, oil overbought, China property stocks make new lows, commodity related markets under pressure. 23:34mins Back to top
18-09-2023 Save ECB in the predictation game versus Fed wait and see Bunds, DAX, crude oil extends advance, cocoa pauses, China quiet, Baltic Dry Goods bottoming. 22:05mins Back to top
16-09-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h7mins Back to top
14-09-2023 Save Triple witching tomorrow, stocks firm, Euro weak, oil extends rebound, banks globally firm, agriculture extends bull trend, soft, no or hard landing discussion. 27:56 Back to top
13-09-2023 Save ARM IPO, Apple eases, bonds steady, heating oil and gasoline push higher, India firm, Mexico mixed, Japanese banks break higher, uranium breaking out. 29:15mins Back to top
12-09-2023 Save Apple product launch falls flat, Dollar steady, oil surges, natural gas stable, CPI tomorrow could influenced by energy, UK Gilt yields look toppy. 29:02mins Back to top
08-09-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h8mins Back to top
07-09-2023 Save Apple drops but firms in late trading, Chinese stocks and bonds falling together and Renminbi breaks lower, India firms, commodity currencies under pressure, growth shares display interest rate sensitivity, 29:03mins Back to top
06-09-2023 Save Dollar strength carries over to Asia, Apple pulls back on China risk, central bank total assets approaching potential support just as personal savings run out. oil prices continues to rise fuelling inflationary perceptions. 28:44mins Back to top
05-09-2023 Save Japan relative strength and rearmament, Country Garden makes coupon payment, Dollar breaking out against a host of currencies, bonds yields extend advances but oil and soft commodities firm, gold and silver retreat. 25:04mins Back to top
04-09-2023 Save China recovery gains more traction, uranium firms, oll steady, Indonesia firms, India steady, Europe soft, lithium prices attempting to find support. 28:08mins Back to top
01-09-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h1min Back to top

August 2023

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
31-08-2023 Save bitcoin weakness, oil's rebound, China still waiting for stimulus, interest rate dependent base formations, 24:24mins Back to top
30-08-2023 Save Australia advances on improving China sentiment, Vietnam extends advance, stocks positive, bonds advance, dollar weak, commodities firm, particularly softs outside of the grains and beans. risk of stagflation. 27:51mins Back to top
29-08-2023 Save bitcoin rebounds, silver leading gold higher, China stimulus chances improve, Australia, Europe could benefit, Dollar reverses, Treasury yields compress, Nasdaq-100 rebounds led by megacaps. 30:58mins Back to top
28-08-2023 Save China jumps then reverses intraday to finish close to unchange. Sufficient stimulus to create demand looking more likely, Renminbi weaker, Dollar steady, gold and silver pause, Treasury yields ease mildly. 22:23mins Back to top
25-08-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h1min Back to top
24-08-2023 Save Nasdaq-100 downside key reversal, bond yields firm, dollar firm, precious metals pause, stock market futures point to weak opens in Asia and Europe. cotton firming within its base. 23:23mins Back to top
23-08-2023 Save NVidia earnings surprise on the upside, Wall Street firms as bond yields compress with jobless data revised lower, A-Shares extend decline, Hong Kong steadies, India rebounds, Dollar eases most against emerging market currencies, gold and silver rebound. 21:58mins Back to top
22-08-2023 Save global banks review, Japan and European financial outperforming, China, Singapore, Australian financials under pressure, US banks rolling over, stocks susceptible to further mean reversion and significant impact from tightening credit likely to be evident in Q3. 22:24mins Back to top
21-08-2023 Save Tech shares find support ahead of NVidia earnings and Cybertruck deliveries, 10-year yields at new highs as China soverign bonds test lows, gold steadies on easier US dollar, high yield spreads remain contained which supports the stock market outlook even as the yield curve de-inverts. 24:20mins Back to top
18-08-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 53mins Back to top
17-08-2023 Save Bticoin breaks lower, gold holds decline, oil fails to hold rebound, Nasdaq-100 extends decline, China supports the Renminbi but not in a dynamic manner, risk-off fuelled by real yields hitting new highs, Treasuries are short-term oversold so some consolidation is likely but the trend is higher. yield curve beginning to trend higher. 18:17mins Back to top
16-08-2023 Save real yields hit new recovery highs, gold and silver break lower, dollar firm, 10-year yields exceeed 4.25%, stock markets under pressure, oil unwinding short-term overbought, 21:55mins Back to top
15-08-2023 Save China cuts rates and renminbi tests lows, miners and industrial commodities under pressure, UK wages surprise on the upside downward pressure on the stock market as BoE hikes priced in, Wall Street weakens further as retail sales suggest more scope for rate hikes. 19:34mins Back to top
14-08-2023 Save China high yield continues to trend lower, Renminbi at an important area of potential support, oil steady, gold and dollar test their MAs, Nasdaq-100 firms on strong NVDA performance and speculation China will export deflation. Treasury yields continue to firm on issuance angst. 19:34mins Back to top
11-08-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 54:01mins Back to top
10-08-2023 Save 30-year Treasury auction disappoints, yields rise, equities reverse early gains, dollar steadies, China property continues to disappoint, oil eases back. 22:03mins Back to top
09-08-2023 Save Nasdaq-100 breaks short-term uptrend, oil extends rebound, bond yields steady ahead of CPI, Cjhina deflation, gold eases and dollar at potential resistance, 20mins Back to top
08-08-2023 Save stocks ease back but close off lows. oil rebounds from intraday lows, gold steady, industrial metals weak, China weak, bonds steady, bitcoin eases following yesterday's surge. 15:30mins Back to top
07-08-2023 Save Oil prices steady and chances of an embargo, stocks steady, biotech ETF lower but large caps breaking higher, Apple extends decline but Dow Industrials firms. Japan firms on weaker Yen. 24:56mins Back to top
04-08-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h5mins Back to top
03-08-2023 Save bond yield extend breakout, yield curve inversion tightening, high yield bonds and stocks testing their recent lows, dollar pauses, gold eases and oil rebounds. 17:21mins Back to top
02-08-2023 Save US debt downgrade and positive employment weighs on bonds, stocks and boosts the dollar. Brazil surprises with a 0.50% rate cut and guidance for further moves,Japan, China, Europe all pullback in a broad risk off day. 21:33mins Back to top
01-08-2023 Save Latin America beginning to cut rates, supports economies but weakens currencies, dollar firm, gold weak, copper pulls back on weak China property developers, oil steady, UK banks firm but property developers rolling over. 20.36mins Back to top

July 2023

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
31-07-2023 Save JGB yield extend advance, China pauses, Vietnam firms, Euro STOXX 50 breaking higher, Nasdaq-100 pauses, precious metals and oil firm even in a steady dollar environment, uranium improving. 23:23mins Back to top
29-07-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h7mins Back to top
27-07-2023 Save US GDP surprises on the upside and PCE inflation declines more than expected. Wall reverses early enthusiasm, bond yields surge, dollar firm, oil strong, gold weak. China continues to rebound. 23:26mins Back to top
26-07-2023 Save Fed hikes by 0.25% and the market pauses, oil eases dollar weak, yields steady, no follow through on China's rebound yet, clearer evidence of changing consumer spending habits. 21:10mins Back to top
25-07-2023 Save Wall Street steady ahead of Fed decision, China rebounds on government support speculation, India hits new high, oil extends rebound, grains pause, gold quiet, 28:45mins Back to top
24-07-2023 Save China stimulus promise falls flat, Japan firms, India eases, Wall Street firm, bitcoin breaks lower, gold steady, oil firm, grains breaking out. 21:12mins Back to top
21-07-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55:23mins Back to top
20-07-2023 Save Nasdaq-100 pulls back on reweighting and option expiry, megacap negative RSI divergences, bond yields rally, gold weak, Dollar steady, oil firms, India new high and China close to breaking lower. 23:13mins Back to top
19-07-2023 Save Global stock markets extend rebounds on belief in a soft landing and interest rate hiking peak, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Greece, Pakistan rebounding on improving perception of debt management, dollar steadies, gold and oil ease, soft commodities firm, Wall Street extends rebound but doubts emerging around AI engagement. 25:54mins Back to top
17-07-2023 Save China slow down hits copper and oil, luxury goods stocks overbought, Europe eases, Wall Street steady, gold and dollar quiet, Brazil economic weakness foreshadowing slowdowns elsewhere. 19:56mins Back to top
14-07-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 41:53mins Back to top
13-07-2023 Save stocks rebound on end of tightening monetary policy enthusaism, dollar extends breakdown, copper and oil firm, gold steady, emerging markets rebounding. interest rate sensitive portions of the market firming within base formations. 16:29mins Back to top
12-07-2023 Save CPI falls to 3%, gold and 2-year bonds rebound, stocks gap higher, Dollar makes new reaction low, Europe stocks firm, China quiet, India pausing, Middle East firm and oil holds the new two-month high. 23:38mins Back to top
11-07-2023 Save China stimulus announcements underwhelm, India extends breakout and Rupee firms, Australia steadies, defense sector firming, crypto stocks completing base formations, gold steady ahead of CPI, Pound extends rebound. 23:13mins Back to top
10-07-2023 Save gold stable as dollar eases but real rates breakout, bitcoin firms from $30,000, Nasdaq-100 stable amid reweighting, China deflation risk, Vietnam firm. 23:11mins Back to top
07-07-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h5mins Back to top
06-07-2023 Save Jobs gains spur Treasury sell off, stocks pare early decline, gold stable, oil firms, China and Europe weak, India extends breakout to new highs. 17:52mins Back to top
06-07-2023 Save Treasury yields advance on Fed Minutes and probability of a July hike, gold falls, oil firm, Wall Street steady, Europe eases, India new all time high, China stock market and Renminbi both fall 23:57mins Back to top
04-07-2023 Save free speech under attack by compliance officers in the UK, banks firming globally, Topix Banks new high, gold and oil steady. 12mins Back to top
03-07-2023 Save value stocks and sectors staging a recovery, oil weak, bitcoin firm, capital trends towards consolidation and eventually foments antitrust. 16:44mins Back to top
01-07-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 58:10mins Back to top

June 2023

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
30-06-2023 Save discussion of inflation causes and which what the experience of different countries tells us. 20:21mins Back to top
28-06-2023 Save FANGMANT at new high relative to the total market, oil steadies at the lower side of the range, dollar stable, bond yields compress, broad stock market firms globally. 22:31mins Back to top
27-06-2023 Save bitcoin steadies in a broad risk-on day, oil weak, gold eases, yen breaks lower, China steadies. 20mins Back to top
26-06-2023 Save CEO shenanigans and tech very overbought, Renminbi weakens with Chinese stocks, Vietnam rebounds on easing policy, gold and oil steady on Russia news, bitcoin eases, 23:28mins Back to top
23-06-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 56mins Back to top
22-06-2023 Save UK yields up, stocks down and Pound eases, Australia weaker on contagion from China, oil and gold weak, dollar steady, Nasdaq-100 firm. 22:26mins Back to top
21-06-2023 Save crypto resurgent, Wall Street pause, China stimulus underwhelming so far, Japanese yen weakness supports the nominal value of the stock market, UK homebuilders breaking lower amid jump in inflation, grain and bean prices continue to firm. 28:29mins Back to top
20-06-2023 Save bitcoin surges on insitutional interest, gold and silver contract on positive real rates, stocks pause, China cuts rates but not enough to satisfy markets. airlines breaking higher, variability in performance of the shipping sector. 21:51mins Back to top
19-06-2023 Save Gilt yields breaking out and UK market rolling over, agricultural commodities breaking higher, China at decision point for stimulus led recovery, Australia firms, Latin American currencies continue to post relative strength. 21:07mins Back to top
16-06-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h3mins Back to top
15-06-2023 Save levers of global liquidity improve with China stimulus, Stocks firm, Dollar weak, gold rebounds, oil firms 19:11mins Back to top
14-06-2023 Save Fed pauses rates but sounds hawkish on further hikes, Wall Street pauses, Nigeria stocks surge, India new high, Japan extends advance, NVidia pushes above $1 trillion valuation, Pound firms. 25:53mins Back to top
13-06-2023 Save China stimulus chances improving, Yen devalues further, Pound firming as Gilt yields hit new closing highs, Wall Street firm. 26:41mins Back to top
12-06-2023 Save oil prices test lower side of the range on slower global growth, Nasdaq pops on the upside for the same reason. Treasury yields stable ahead of the Fed meeting. Japan extends breakout, Yen on the cusp of breaking lower against the Euro, gold stable, CNY approaching potential support. 22:34mins Back to top
09-06-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h6mins Back to top
08-06-2023 Save wildfires stoke interest in renewables, jobless figures breakout, bond yields compress and tech stocks steady, gold up on weak dollar. oil reverses loss on denial of negotiations with Iran. 22:58mins Back to top
07-06-2023 Save how sticky is inflation, megacaps begin to unwind overbought condition, Russell 2000 rebounds, Treasury yield jump, gold pulls back and oil steady, Brazil and Mexico outperforming. 26:47mins Back to top
06-06-2023 Save Ukrainian counter offensive, tech valaution expansion, China meagre supports, US banks rebound to unwind oversold condition. 23:16mins Back to top
05-06-2023 Save oil prices ease following initial strength, bonds steady, dollar eases and gold rebounds, Apple downward dynamic following AR/VR product launch, natual gas steadying. 25:58mins Back to top
02-06-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 55:01mins Back to top
01-06-2023 Save gold extends rebound on weaker Dollar, yield curve inversion deepens, copper and uranium firm, Apple testing previous peak on potential new product enthusiasm, AI shares rebound from initial weakness. 23:33mins Back to top

May 2023

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
31-05-2023 Save bond yields contract, China growth worries, AI surge eases, gold steady, oil tests lower side of the range, stocks ease globally, dollar fails to hold intraday strength. 27:17mins Back to top
30-05-2023 Save oil prices breaking lower, China growth prospects in question, AI stocks overbought and at risk of reversion, gold rebounds on debt ceiling deal, Treasuries rebound on slowing growth. 17:52mins Back to top
26-05-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 54.24mins Back to top
25-05-2023 Save AI stocks surge on strong NVidia earnings, Auto shares break lower on weak XPeng sales, Rand breaks lower, yields climb ahead of debt ceiling impasse negotiation final days. 19:20mins Back to top
24-05-2023 Save Wall Street eases on debt ceiling fears, bonds yield rise, gold and copper ease, oil firms, Uk inflation surprising on the upside, dividend aristocrats under pressure from yields. 18:23mins Back to top
23-05-2023 Save Luxury puling back on weakening consumer demand. gold and oil steady, dollar firms, Wall Street and Treasuries weak, China breaking lower, India steady. 25.44mins Back to top
22-05-2023 Save Japan breaking out, China quiet, speculation in the tech sector spreading beyond AI, gold eases, oil steady, bond yields continue to rebound. 18:48mins Back to top
19-05-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 57:51mins Back to top
18-05-2023 Save NVidia accelerating and AI stocks breaking out, bonds yields surge on issuance fears, Dollar firm, gold weak, Ex-US valuations attractive. China quiet, Japan breaking higher. 20:35mins Back to top
17-05-2023 Save USA CDS peak, stocks firm, bonds decline, banks firm, Yen weakens which supports nominal Nikkei performance, gold eases but stable, oil steadies. 17:41mins Back to top
16-05-2023 Save Megacaps continue to outperform, Chinese growth doubts, copper rolling over, dollar strengthens, gold eases back below $2000, Brazil new fiscal rule, high yield weak. 26:15mins Back to top
15-05-2023 Save Japan firm, Thailand weak, China rebounds, India banks breaking out, UK banks firm, US breadth narrows, soft commodities continue to firm on weaker dollar and adverse weather conditions. 17:51mins Back to top
12-05-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 48:43mins Back to top
10-05-2023 Save Australia banks weak on fight monetary and fiscal policy, India, Mexico firm, Dollar eases, gold pauses, cloud computing bets strengthen amid narrow breadth. 18:26mins Back to top
09-05-2023 Save AI related stocks continue rebound, precious metals firm, oil steadies, long lead time for EVs in planes and China controls supply chains, 25:17mins Back to top
08-05-2023 Save bitcion pulls back on Binance woes, gold and oil steady, robusta coffee breaks out, sugar pausing, cocoa pressuring the upper side of a long-term range, China banks surge, platinum firms on South Africa electricity fears. 20:09mins Back to top
05-05-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 57:30mins Back to top
04-05-2023 Save Regional bank pain continues but short-term oversold, dollar steadies on ECB downshift, silver firm, stocks ease. 27:12mins Back to top
03-05-2023 Save Fed lifts rates and possibly paused but not cuts soon. Treasury yields decline, stocks and dollar weak, gold firm, oil extends decline, AI discussion on technological acceleration versus the interest rate cycle. 23:56mins Back to top
02-05-2023 Save AI winners and losers, techology versus interest rate cycles, oil and copper weak, Treasuries and gold firm, Wall Street pares losses in late trade but recession risks rising as banks break lower. 28:57mins Back to top
02-05-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 57:44mins Back to top

April 2023

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
27-04-2023 Save inflationary boom, lower growth, higher inflation and risk on. FANGMAN outperforming on narrowing breadth, gold stable, bitcoin surges, non-US markets breaking higher. 25:34mins Back to top
26-04-2023 Save oil and copper extend drawdowns, gols stable, dollar weak, Wall Street weak as pressure mounts on the banking sector, HK steadies, ASX somewhat overbought, orange juice potentially peaking. 21:55mins Back to top
26-04-2023 Save Regional banks break lower, Advance-Decline lower but tech stocks rally on strong Microsoft and Google earnings, China weak on removing stimulus 20:21mins Back to top
24-04-2023 Save stocks ease, dollar and gold firm as dollar eases. China pulled back from 200-day MA. 10-yr Treasury contracts 17:10mins Back to top
22-04-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h3mins Back to top
20-04-2023 Save CATL new battery, copper and oil weaker, Tesla breaking lower, Indian rupee remains weak, efforts to contain inflation have been all carrot and no stick so far. that could easily change. 18:48mins Back to top
19-04-2023 Save stocks steady, gold rebounds, bonds yields pause, dollar steady, oil and natural gas weak, semiconductors rolling over, auto margin compression. 26:26mins Back to top
18-04-2023 Save US Regional Banks accelerate lower relative to big banks, 10-yr-3-mth continues to invert, precious metals steady, agricultural commodities extend breakouts, stocks short-term overbought. 24:05mins Back to top
17-04-2023 Save China, Australia, Mexico extend rebounds, EAFE outperforming MSCI World, Dollar Indes strengthens, bonds yields firm, gold eases, bitcoin pulls back. 22:59mins Back to top
14-04-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 52.50mins Back to top
13-04-2023 Save necessary conditions for a bull market in gold, sequence of events inside a gold bull market, gold up, dollar weak, stocks steady, luxury goods overbought but still firm, copper steadies, bonds yields climb. 24:46mins Back to top
11-04-2023 Save bitcoin breaks out with limited supply driving enthusiasm. gold steady, oil firms, bonds steady ahead of CPI but megacap tech eases, non-US assets benefit from a weaker dollar. 21:28mins Back to top
07-04-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 58:24mins Back to top
05-04-2023 Save bond yields compress but partially rebound towards the close, the 3-month yield still prices in potential for one more hike, stocks also partially rebound, dollar steady, gold and oil pause, soft commodities break higher stoking stagflation fears. 35:09mins Back to top
04-04-2023 Save Job Openings trending down, Treasury yields compress, gold breaks out, silver breaks downtrend, dollar weak, stocks steady. oil hold yesterday's gain. 21:28mins Back to top
03-04-2023 Save OPEC+ cuts supply, oil and coal jump, natural gas weak, quality outperforms growth, Dollar weak, gold firm, copper eases, non-US markets outperforming. 20:10mins Back to top

March 2023

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
31-03-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 49:43mins Back to top
30-03-2023 Save CMBS spreads rising, yield curve further inverts, stocks firm, bonds ease, dollar under pressure. 18:05mins Back to top
29-03-2023 Save soft commodities breaking higher, dollar steadies, oil eases at first area of potential resistance, stocks firm, bonds ease. markets pricing in potential central banks will settle for a partial victory over inflation. 28:57mins Back to top
28-03-2023 Save US dollar extends decline, oil rebounds, bitcoin holds breakout, bond yields steady, stocks ease, non-US markets fare better. 24:56mins Back to top
27-03-2023 Save oil steadies, stocks eases into the close, yields rise, dollar weak 22:35mins Back to top
24-03-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h2mins Back to top
23-03-2023 Save banks break lower again, AI beneficiaries short-term overbought, gold firms, oil eases, bond yields contracting in preparation for a deflationary shock. 12:36mins Back to top
22-03-2023 Save Fed raises rates and flags tightening credit as doing the job of tightening, gold firms, dollar declines, Nasdaq-100 downside key reversal, 2-year yield on cusp of breaking lower. 22.10mins Back to top
21-03-2023 Save Fed meeting tomorrow. market expects this is the top of the hiking cycle and the return of easy monetary conditions can't be far away. With such a deep inverted yield curve and tightening lending standards I'm not so sure. oil rebounds, Tesla firms, dollar pauses, gold pulls back. 21:49mins Back to top
20-03-2023 Save Bonds yields steady, banks rebound on open swap lines, dollar eases, stocks rebound, China bonds steady, stocks weak, gold steady, bitcoin pauses. 21:51mins Back to top
17-03-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h1min Back to top
16-03-2023 Save Semiconductor stocks rebounds sharply, bitcoin firms on the assumption liquidity is on the rise, dollar stable, oil firms. QT is generally followed by massive QE so how does that work with high inflation? 28:07mins Back to top
15-03-2023 Save Credit Suisse accelerates lower, oil pares decline, natural gas weak, Wall Street steadies, Dollar, gold and yen firm suggest demand for safe havens is rising. 20:06mins Back to top
14-03-2023 Save FANGMANT outperforming again on rate cut expectations, CPI ex-Food & Energy come in hot support rate hike expectations. oil breaks lower, gold steady, Banks pare rebounds, Japan banks drop hard. 24.59mins Back to top
13-03-2023 Save US depositors now fully insured, 2-year yield drops sharply, Dollar weak, gold and silver strong, financials mixed. stocks steady but bank heavy indices lead on the downside. 27:02mins Back to top
10-03-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h2mins Back to top
09-03-2023 Save US money center banks rolling over. Tesla extends decline, dollar pauses, gold rebounds, emerging market outperformance ebbing, Yen firms, copper and ol ease, risk of a retracement of the October-March rally rising. 25:06mins Back to top
08-03-2023 Save bonds yields stable, insurance companies and banks rolling over, soft commodities weak, oil and gold stable, dollar pauses, bitcoin softens. 25mins Back to top
07-03-2023 Save financial conditions tightening again, 2-year yields at 5%, stocks ease, gold weak, dollar firm, cash and manageable debt likely to be deciding factor in survival for leveraged companies. 21:36mins Back to top
06-03-2023 Save crude oil rebounds again from intraday low on speculation the Permian basin will peak in the next five years. Banks, high yields spreads and leveraged loans point to a benign outcome, inverted yields curve suggest recession is inevitable, the epicentre of risk is in frontier markets and commercial property. 23:22mins Back to top
03-03-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h2mins Back to top
02-03-2023 Save Advance-Decline Line tests MA, Tesla rolling over, Salesforce rebounds, Treasury yields continue to trend higher, Euro slightly weaker on rate differentials, China steady, PDD firm, gold pauses, oil firm. 20:31mins Back to top

February 2023

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
28-02-2023 Save Quality stocks rolling over on competition with higher Treasury yields, copper, oil, gold rebound, natural gas extends rebound, carbon credits extend breakout. 27:01mins Back to top
27-02-2023 Save are we still in a secular bull market or is inflation killing it. this looks more like an inflationary boom which is inevitably followed by an inflationary bust. stocks fail to hold rebounds, Germany bonds extend decline, Treasuries steady, China eases 26:28mins Back to top
24-02-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h1min Back to top
23-02-2023 Save AI stocks continue rebound but tech breadth narrowing, oil in a tight range, copper pulls back sharply, natural gas extends rebound. 15:22mins Back to top
22-02-2023 Save oil and stock market at pivotal levels of potential support, dollar index at potential resistance. Global banks sectors outperform US, 18:32mins Back to top
21-02-2023 Save bond yields jump on stronger EU and UK economic acitivity, tech stocks in both China and US retreat in tandem, natural gas accelerating lower, oil stedy, copper firm, Nasdaq & S&P500 testing their 200-day MAs. 20:48mins Back to top
17-02-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 50mins Back to top
16-02-2023 Save stocks ease back on strong PPI numbers, bond yields advance, oil eases, zero day options exacerbate intraday volatility, Tesla downside key reversal. commerical real estate is the epicentre of risk. 19:14mins Back to top
15-02-2023 Save bitcoin extends rally, dollar firm, gold weak, oil steady, Wall Street steady, FTSE-100 new all-time high, weak Pound, China and Australia weak, India and Mexico firm. 19:41mins Back to top
14-02-2023 Save bitcoin firms, inflation remains high, yields rise and stocks advance, oil rebounds from intraday lows, natural gas steadying, gold continues to unwind short-term overbought condition. 19:49mins Back to top
13-02-2023 Save yield curve continues to invert, stocks higher on assumption inflation is falling, gold and dollar weaker, oil steady, 16:17mins Back to top
10-02-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 58mins Back to top
09-02-2023 Save bitcoin pulls back on higher bond yields, stocks waver, oil and copper stable. Frontier markets seeing pressure to improve standards of governance. 22:07mins Back to top
08-02-2023 Save Japan inflation has not yet completed its base, China unwinding overbought, India steady, oil firm on backhanded support from President Biden, Turkey ETF as potential support, AI wobbles, gold still correcting. 24:33mins Back to top
07-02-2023 Save correlation between bond yields and growth stocks cannot last indefinitely. AI stocks extend rebound, bond yields rise, oil firms, oil drillers breaking out. 17:19mins Back to top
06-02-2023 Save geopolitical tensions weigh on stocks and further support inflationary pressures with bond yields popping on the upside. Dollar strong, gold eases, oil finds support at lower side of short-term range. 22:26mins Back to top
03-02-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h15mins Back to top
02-02-2023 Save tech stocks surge following Meta earnings but Amazon and Alphabet disappoint in after hours, dollar strengthens on ECB and BoE close to rate peaks, gold downside key reversal, oil eases, Australia's ASX overbought as it tests its peak. 21:24mins Back to top
01-02-2023 Save Fed raises rates and calls peak inflation, stocks and bonds rebound, dollar down, gold jumps, bitcoin firm, growth outperforms value. Adani Enterprises crashing. China continues to rebound. 17:32mins Back to top

January 2023

Audio Date Play Save Content Duration
30-01-2023 Save China consumption disappoints, Wall Street pauses ahead of Fed, energy weak, gold pauses. 20:43mins Back to top
27-01-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 49:21mins Back to top
26-01-2023 Save Intel disappoints, Tesla discounting temporarily boosts demand, carbon credits and oil firm, European banks break higher, Hong Kong resumes trading with further gains, bonds yields steady, Australian dollar firm 22:01mins Back to top
25-01-2023 Save near-term scope for rebound versus medium-term challenges, meanwhile emerging markets,gold and miners remain firm. 20:49mins Back to top
24-01-2023 Save Australia extends rebound aided by the US Dollar's decline, Japan and Hong Kong also firm, India steady, Defense companies firm, significant single stock volatiltiy on the back of earnings, gold continues to firm. 21:30 Back to top
23-01-2023 Save Risk-on gaining traction on Wall Street, bond yields and gold steady, oil pauses, bitcoin and fintech firm. 19:59mins Back to top
20-01-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 1h1min Back to top
19-01-2023 Save stocks weak, dollar hits news low so commodities steady, bonds yields likely to contracat over the balance of the year. 18:26mins Back to top
18-01-2023 Save BoJ holds on to yield curve control fot a little longer, Yen reverses weakness, Nikkei unlikely to hold gains tomorrow, Wall Street rolls over as Treasuries rally, gold eases, oil reverses early strength in US trading, copper reverses early advance, several global markets are short-term overbought so at least some consolidation is likely. 19:37mins Back to top
17-01-2023 Save Dollar steadies, S&P500 tests 200-day MA, oil firm, gold eases, bond yield steady 3.5%. Leveraged loans resurgent, China recovery remains intact. 20:55mins Back to top
16-01-2023 Save VIX pops on the upside even though the US market is closed, short-term oversold Dollar means rebounds are at risk of consolidation, China rebound continues. 19:30mins Back to top
14-01-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 58:16mins Back to top
12-01-2023 Save inflation figures as expected weigh on Dollar, stocks and bonds rebound, gold and oil extend rebounds, non-US assets outperform. 19:23mins Back to top
11-01-2023 Save bonds yields contract, stocks rebound, crude oil rebounds, Egypt pound floats. 14:19mins Back to top
10-01-2023 Save stocks wobble on slightly higher yields, gold and oil steady, 9mins Back to top
09-01-2023 Save China recovery continues, copper breaks out, bond yields compress, tech rebounds, dollar weak, brazil steady, 21:38mins Back to top
06-01-2023 Save Big Picture Long-Term Audio for the various different asset classes 54:18mins Back to top
05-01-2023 Save Nasdaq-100 extends decline led by cloud services, dollar steady, bonds yields fail to hold advance, gold eases and silver working on a downside weekly key reversal, China extends rebound and related markets benefit. Mexico testing the upper side of a seven-year base. 16:10mins Back to top
04-01-2023 Save China recovery gathers pace, tourist sector basing, tech still under pressure, bond yield compressing and gold recovering, oil and copper weak. 19:33mins Back to top
03-01-2023 Save China bounce led by autos, Nasdaq declines led by autos, Europe and UK bounce one lower energy prices, Dollar strong, gold holds half advance, bonds firm, 29:55mins Back to top