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July 11 2022

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Global Strategy Weekly

Thanks to a subscriber for this report by Albert Edwards for SocGen. Here is a section:

The commodity complex is now seeing a collapse in prices, and this shows great similarity to what we saw in mid-2008. Although the oil price decline is slower and lagging, likely because of the Ukraine war, other industrial commodity prices are in virtual freefall. Soft-landing advocates must now face the overwhelming evidence of economic collapse and extricate their heads from the sand. ¢

Despite the fallout from the Ukraine war, agricultural prices too have also imploded, and that will sound a note of caution for those who think the oil price cannot fall as quickly as other industrial commodity prices. With the oil price having slid from $125/b to under $100 in a month, it should not be long before the yoy comparisons are negative, as with food prices.

Headline CPI inflation will likely turn negative, and the inflation narrative will then evaporate (temporarily), so trigging a collapse in US 10y yields back below 1%. What a shock that will be!  

Eoin Treacy's view

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