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    U.S. Growth Hits 4.1%, Fastest Since 2014, in Win for Trump

    This Bloomberg article, sent by Niru Devani, may be of interest to the Collective.

    The U.S. economy accelerated to a 4.1 percent pace of growth in the second quarter, the fastest since 2014, letting President Donald Trump claim a win for his policies even though expansion is projected to cool.

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    Amazon appears 'miles' behind an Alibaba-backed rival in Prime's only Southeast Asian market

    Thanks to this article from Niru Devani which may be of interest to Subscribers.

    As Amazon celebrates Prime's first anniversary in Southeast Asia, it still has not expanded the program beyond Singapore.

    Amazon's regional rivals are growing quickly and investing heavily.

    Southeast Asia's e-commerce market has potential for huge growth, so competitors' successes do not necessarily equate to losses for Amazon.

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    Facebook shares plunge as growth stalled by Scandal Regulation

    Thanks to Niru Devani for her commentary on this Bloomberg article

    Here is an excerpt:

    The company’s second-quarter results caused shares to plunge as much as 24 percent in after-hours trading, driving the market value down by $151 billion at one point. If the sell-off hits these levels in Thursday trading, it will be one the largest collapses in value ever suffered by a U.S.-traded company in a day.

    And for those hoping for a swift bounce back, the company told Wall Street the numbers won’t get any better this year. Chief Financial Officer David Wehner said revenue growth rates would decline in the third and fourth quarters. Analysts who follow Facebook were blindsided, asking frequently on a conference call with executives for more information on exactly how the company’s financial future had changed so dramatically.

    Gene Munster, an analyst from Loup Ventures said “the company has a track record of resetting revenue growth and expense expectations only to turn around and exceed those expectations the following quarter,”

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    2018 Emerging Markets Mid-Year Outlook

    A report here from Mirae Asset Global Investments which may be interest to Subscribers.

    We believe that emerging market (EM) equities are in the midst of a multi-year recovery and that the recent volatility is an opportunity to increase our positions in high conviction ideas. EMs still benefit from a much larger structural growth opportunity than their developed market (DM) peers. 

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    Combining Value Investing and Trend Following into a single method: 'Trending Value'

    Thanks to Dr. David Brown for this report.

    Value and Momentum are two of the most powerful factors that drive stock market returns. My Trending Value method combines the two into a very rigorous method of investment.  Let's look at the two methods of Value Investing and Trend Following independently then consider the merits of combining them.

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    Musings from the Oil Patch July 24th 2018

    Thanks to a subscriber for this edition of Allen Brooks’ ever interesting report for PPHB. This week it contains some interesting commentary on natural gas. Here is an excerpt:

    Natural Gas: The Forgotten Fuel’s Future Needs LNG Exports 

    One can be forgiven if he/she believes only crude oil news is important to the energy sector.  The volatility of crude oil prices, coupled with the OPEC meeting drama and President Donald J. Trump’s twitter campaign against high oil prices, provides opportunities for shocking headlines and non-stop commentary by the media.  On the other hand, if your business is tied to natural gas, you can be excused for believing it’s pretty boring since no one is talking about gas.   

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