The Chart Seminar Chicago 2014

Eoin Treacy presents The Chart Seminar in Chicago, a two-day workshop on trading, tactics and forecasting. It is designed to sharpen delegates’ technical insights and disciplines necessary for successful investment

The Chart Seminar is designed for fund managers and traders in stock markets, bonds, currencies and commodities, whether new to the art of chart reading or seasoned professionals to help improve their timing and hone their investment or trading methods.

What you will learn at the Seminar

With 40 years of investment and trading experience, David Fuller developed a unique system, which he named Behavioural Technical Analysis over three decades ago.  It combines theories of crowd psychology with factual charting disciplines, generating a set of investment principles that work in all market conditions.  The Chart Seminar encapsulates David’s analytical development and considerable investment and trading experience.

Eoin reviews candlestick, point & figure and bar chart theory, translating chart patterns  into what people are thinking as they buy and sell.  The insights give delegates a practical framework for generating profits when technical conditions are favourable and staying out when they are not.

In addition, the sessions are interactive, stimulating and the examples of behavioural psychology often amusing. This is as much to do with the quality and sophistication of the delegates as Eoin’s own wealth of anecdotes, happy and tragic experiences.

Who should attend?

The Seminar is designed for all investors and traders who wish to hone their analysis and market timing skills.  

While some familiarity with financial markets is an advantage, the most important things to bring with you are your enthusiasm, common sense and intellectual curiosity. 

Regular attendees include forex dealers, currency traders and hedgers, brokers, analysts, fund managers, investment advisors, investment bankers and internationally-oriented private investors and traders.  We have also noticed a trend over recent years where subscribers bring along their children in an effort to further their education in the financial markets.

What you will learn

  • Market psychology and how to remain objective while living with the mob
  • Indentifying useful chart facts before considering theories
  • Developing proficiency in chart reading
  • Congestion area analysis and how the range leads to a trend
  • Running trends successfully by recognising their individual characteristics
  • Anticipating moves by understanding consistency, commonality and dynamics
  • Failed breakouts – how to identify, survive and exploit
  • Tactics – from trend running to David Fuller’s Baby Steps swing trading system
  • Early warning signals and David Fuller’s Mid Point Danger Line
  • Reversals demystified – David Fuller’s three trend ending characteristics
  • Honing skills – applying what you have learned to the markets now

What does TCS cover?

  • Equity Investing – for trend runners and long term investors
  • Currency forecasting – from intraday to the big move
  • Futures trading – the global approach to speculation and hedging
  • Commodity trading – timing and tactics for bull and bear trends

What our delegates say

"Excellent presentation: clear and insightful. As usual, Fullermoney provides a structure, well defined for looking at markets and opportunities. Eoin was a gracious presenter, sensitive to his audience." R.W.

"Love it. Good discussions. Enthusiastic tutor. For me, a way to sharpen my analysis and get new ideas for my trading/investing." G.H.

"First Class!" N.K.

"Very enjoyable - a good combination of technical and fundamental knowledge." T.K.

"Enjoyed it tremendously. It was a very good refresher of the FT method and reminded me again of how powerful a method it is." W.M.

What is the format?

The Chart Seminar is a workshop covering two morning and afternoon sessions each day, plus a fine lunch.  The workshop environment is devoted to teaching the principles of Behavioural Technical Analysis in a collegial environment that promotes discussion. We do not use any examples of our own but seek to employ the methodology for whatever instruments delegates are interested in. Over two full days we cover a great deal of course material and the discussion tends to be wide ranging, covering most asset classes. 

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Seminar Dates




University Club of Chicago 76 East Monroe Street Chicago, IL 60603


Delegate Rates:

Full fee: £950 + VAT

Each additional delegate: £850 + VAT

FT Money Subscriber: £850 + VAT

Early Booking Rate* £875 + VAT

* For payments received before 30 July 2014


Registration: 8.00am
Seminars: 8.30am-4.30pm
Lunch and refreshments provided


Delegates are invited to an informal evening reception on the second day from 4.30 to 5.30pm.


Delegates are responsible for their own accommodation.

Remaining seats


Event registration

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