U.S. Sanctions on Belarus Potash Leave Out Its Sole Seller
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August 10 2021

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

U.S. Sanctions on Belarus Potash Leave Out Its Sole Seller

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“The penalties against Belaruskali add negative sentiments for the global potash market, but the fact that BPC is not the subject of the sanctions may ease the situation,” said Elena Sakhnova, an analyst at VTB Capital.

BCS Global Markets analyst Kirill Chuyko also said it may be safe to continue dealings with BPC, as long as it’s not added to the sanctions list.

BPC is studying the situation and it’s difficult to estimate what impact the sanctions will have, the company told RIA Novosti. The trader said it will make every effort to fulfill its contractual obligations, adding that the sanctions will lead to higher potash prices and less availability on the world market.

Eoin Treacy's view

The announcement of sanctions against Belarus made headlines but the substance of the measures suggest more of a warning than a shutdown of activity. Nevertheless, the measures have introduced a measure of uncertainty to the agricultural chemicals sector, of which potash is a major constituent.

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