Salesforce Introduces the Next Generation of Tableau, Bringing Generative AI for Data and Analytics to Everyone
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May 10 2023

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Salesforce Introduces the Next Generation of Tableau, Bringing Generative AI for Data and Analytics to Everyone

This news release from Salesforce may be of interest. Here is a section: 

Significance: The generative AI revolution will transform how work gets done, making it exponentially easier for everyone to tap into immense troves of trusted data to do their jobs more efficiently. Nearly 80% of senior IT leaders believe generative AI will help their organization make better use of data — which business leaders agree is critical for decision-making. However, 41% say they can’t understand their data because it is too complex or not accessible enough, and one-third cite inability to generate insights from data as an issue for their organizations. 

Tableau GPT can generate visualizations for sales leaders based on natural language prompts that display real-time progress against their quota, along with recommendations for helping them meet goals. If average order value is decreasing, Tableau GPT can generate visuals for commerce leaders that provide insights as to why, alongside suggested solutions to resolve the problem. Or Tableau GPT can automatically create visualizations for service leaders that display changes in their teams’ CSAT scores, identify potential causes — such as a high-level of active tickets and longer response time — and offer up solutions.

What’s new: By bringing the power of generative AI to analytics, and combining it with unified, real-time data from Data Cloud, Tableau is empowering everyone to make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions.

Tableau GPT is a reimagining of Tableau and makes it easier for everyone to tap into generative AI to better understand and interact with their data in a trusted and secure way. Users can surface insights in a conversational way by simply asking questions within the console, which helps power smarter data experiences for analysts, consumers, admins, developers, and more.  

Eoin Treacy's view

The productivity app sector is sensitive to the evolution of generative AI and large language models because they are most liable to be competed with my evolving chatbot technology. That’s certainly the ambition of newer AI companies like Pi. 

In a tight liquidity environment, the benefit incumbents have is availability of cash. They are now busy spending whatever it takes to keep ahead of the curve of adoption. Salesforce extended its rebounded today to hit a new recovery high.
The broad cloud computing ETF is building support in the region of the October lows but has not broken higher just yet.    

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