Running With Global Leaders 2012
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December 31 2012

Commentary by David Fuller

Running With Global Leaders 2012

My thanks to colleague Jackson Wong for this 292-page report, produced on his own initiative, which I just received today and have posted in the Subscriber's Area with my own comments.

David Fuller's view Please note, this is certainly not a list of recommendations since most of the charts have accelerated dramatically or are at least overextended following their impressive gains. Therefore, note in particular Jackson's cautions on page 8.

The most impressive fact is how well these shares have done over the last three years or more, often against a background of global gloom. It is yet another reminder that the best gains occur after crashes. Also, following a big sell off, one should invest on the basis of shares that begin to show relative strength, not their underlying economies, especially in the case of Autonomies.

A point to remember about bull market leaders is that they often lose upside momentum and top out before the broader market. Not many have clearly topped out to date but when the majority show top formations, I would be very cautious, generally. You can monitor most of these shares in the Fullermoney Library and I would include a 200-day MA. Speculators may also consider some short positions when the majority of them top out. In my opinion, the most interesting charts listed in the very last section, described as "Other Stock Charts", are the indices for Japan, China and perhaps Thai Property Development, shown at the very end.

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