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January 02 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day 1

On human ingenuity:

“Best wishes to you and Eoin for 2014.

 “I thought you might find the attached interesting as it gives quite a few examples of the sort of human ingenuity which you have been talking about for a while.

“PS Business Spectator is a free on-line business daily which covers the Australian business and political scene. The author is one of the founders; they sold to Murdoch last year.

“PPS Really enjoying the cricket!”

David Fuller's view

Many thanks for your good wishes and this splendidly informative article by Alan Kohler: Letter to Robert Gottliebsen, published in the Technology Spectator section of The Australian newspaper on a subject of incalculable importance which I find endlessly fascinating.  It may be even more important than the cricket which I am sure all my Australian friends are savouring.  The website’s software will not allow me to copy any of it and I do not have time to type it but the link above will enable you to read the entire article, which I commend to you.

Alan Kohler gives some wonderful examples over the last two centuries of what I refer to as The Accelerating Rate of Technological Innovation.  This has reached the stage where science fiction is becoming reality before our very eyes. 

This technological acceleration is fascinating, immensely beneficial, somewhat alarming, and certainly a major part of our human destiny.  Therefore, I would embrace rather than fear it, because it improves and lengthens our lives, has the potential to clean our plant, and empowers our best corporations.  Investors who monitor these corporate Autonomies, including keeping an eye on their price charts, will have accessible keys to future wealth.

(See also another important article on technology in Eoin’s section below.  These contributions are consistent with our Empowerment Through Knowledge theme and we welcome information which subscribers find informative.)   

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