EV Has a Problem: 90% of the Battery Supply Chain 'Does Not Exist'
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June 24 2022

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

EV Has a Problem: 90% of the Battery Supply Chain 'Does Not Exist'

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The EV battery problem is now serious enough that Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe recently warned that 90% to 95% of the battery supply chain “does not exist.” And Tesla CEO Elon Musk cautions that prices for lithium have already “gone to insane levels.” 

China is the world’s leader in EV battery production—with over 12 times the output of the United States. CPA’s research found that both China and Europe will continue to outpace the U.S. in EV battery production. By 2025, China will account for 56% of global battery production; the U.S. will account for just 19%.

Right now, much of the U.S. auto industry relies on foreign-owned battery technology—and focuses mainly on final assembly of batteries instead of the more complex challenge of designing and producing battery components. This contributes only a relatively small share of the value of overall battery manufacturing. Instead, America’s EV manufacturers need to jump into technical design, including innovation, intellectual property, and the materials science of battery component manufacturing—not just the assembly.

Eoin Treacy's view

The irony is that most of the battery materials, from copper to nickel and lithium are mined in the Americas. Nevertheless, China successfully secured the resources due to an unerring commitment to ensure it has what it needs to further economic development. Maintaining that focus is probably easier for an energy importer than an exporter. National priorities tend to be shaped by domestic factors. One thing is for certain, without access to critical materials battery factories will be idle. The bear market in nickel and copper should ameliorate that situation.  

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