Email of the day on attending The Chart Seminar:
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September 23 2022

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day on attending The Chart Seminar:

Thanks to what we discussed at the seminar in June, I am feeling comfortable after having applied our conclusions to our investments. I see that you are organising another seminar in London in November. While appreciating the fact that "events are moving rapidly", do you think that it is really necessary for members like me to come to London again?

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you for this question and I want to thank you for being among the subscribers who have attended the seminar on multiple occasions already.

The first seminar I led, was in Dublin for a group of volunteers in 2008. That was right before a major crash. Banks were rolling over, miners had just begun to fade and the tone was complacent and only mildly cautious.

The second, for paying delegates, was in November 2008 and was immediately after the crash. That seminar offered a great opportunity to talk about what bottoming would look like, how to identify the candidates for a new bull market.

If I had guess, this year might be a repeat of that experience. The risk of a crash is rising.

This overlay of the S&P500 during 2008 with 2022 suggests at least some caution is warranted ahead of October as the market prices in the scope for another 0.75% hike by the Fed. Now is the time to raise cash. After a significant decline the question will be where to invest for the best returns over the next few years.  I guess that is really what I mean by events are moving rather quickly.

I also plan on enlisting some outside help in marketing this event.

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