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August 02 2011

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day (5)

on attending one of the USA venues for The Chart Seminar in 2012:
"I am interested in attending one of the above US chart seminars in April next year. My attendance would depend on the sale of my small business. I have a buyer for my business however positioning the sale with my clients is expected to take some time. I found the Chart Seminar in Sydney earlier this year very good but not as stimulating as the May 2007 Chart Seminar I attended in London. I am eager to get a US perspective of global markets. Australian markets are very responsive to external influences. The US technology stocks seem to be in yet another bubble or at least are running hot in several sectors. >From this side of the world it's difficult to grasp and appreciate the prospects for this market sector going forward.

"For investors and traders it matters little how well the local Aussie economy is doing or the merits of particular local stocks. Global influences are far more important for our markets. Some years ago I used to travel to the principal global capital markets in my role then in global debt and equity capital markets. I always returned to Australia with a fresh perspective of the local Aussie markets and my expectation of the future direction of global capital markets. I miss these global perspectives which you only gain from meeting and talking with participants in markets outside your home market.

"My congratulations to you and David. These are difficult times for both traders and investors in all markets. Your current cautious stance is very appropriate and sound for these volatile markets."

Eoin Treacy's view Thank you for your valuable and informed contribution to the Sydney seminar a few months ago. It was a pleasure to meet you and your son and I look forward to renewing the acquaintance next year. The Australian seminar was dominated by Australian interests in no small part because the strength of the Australian Dollar has made foreign markets less attractive from a domestic perspective. However I agree that a global perspective is necessary to achieve the best investment results. The US seminars should have a different focus because the economic strength of international markets makes them considerably more alluring to US Dollar based investors. The list of delegates already includes some very knowledgeable people in the technology and energy sectors.

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