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July 28 2011

Commentary by David Fuller

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More on India:
"A lot of Indian MNCs do give back to society: I know ITC has 'adopted' at least one village.INFOSYS does good work. Government reforms unleashed the power of the private sector: today the private sector and the growing middle class may well force the government to reform itself.

"There used to be an elderly woman who used to come home and supply fresh vegetables. She told me her son is a software professional. Reforms are changing lives and breaking cultural (caste) barriers.

"Modi is one of the 'new brand' of political leaders; there are few in state politics. He is controversial but anyone who 'opposes' Congress is branded as such. Such politicians who have support or power in smaller areas of India (states) provide much needed decentralised governance. It should be interesting if one of these decides to challenge Congress on the national level.

"We live in interesting times: an age of discontinuities, to use a phrase coined by Peter Drucker."

David Fuller's view We do indeed live in interesting times, and investors have never had so much information and choice.

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