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April 15 2011

Commentary by David Fuller

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On gold, following Marc Faber video posted last Friday:
If you plot gold on a log chart since 2001 and do a linear regression, it is absolutely beautiful.

Clearly a 10 year bull market already and despite the chorus of people saying gold is a bubble, there is no sign that this 10 year bull market has gone exponential which is how such long bull markets tend to end.

I think the last stage is when gold breaks out of this range and goes ballistic. Something tells me this last stage event could be pretty soon.

David Fuller's view Thanks for these comments and the chart which you supplied.

Gold's secular bull market (monthly & weekly) remains very consistent, with the main but also temporary aberration being in 2008. Fullermoney also maintains that it will end in an eventual feeding frenzy.

I would not be surprised to see a moderate upside acceleration relatively soon as gold completes its current medium-term advance within the secular uptrend, and I remain positioned for this possibility in my trading account. If this happens, it could possibly look quite dramatic, as we have seen with some of the earlier accelerations among precious metals over the last decade. Also, I would expect it to be led by silver (monthly & weekly) which is accelerating and becoming more overextended relative to its MA.

However, I also expect an eventual 1980s style gold fever, only even more dramatic, before this secular trend ends. I see plenty of interest among those of us who have been long gold for years, but I see little in the way of a public feeding frenzy.

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