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    Email of the day on batteries

    Welcome back from China, I would also reciprocate the glowing comments
    on Saturdays missive.

    FYI attached please find some headlines from the Asian Nikkei, unfortunately I am not a subscriber, but for all the battery fanatics following you and I agree with the view that battery technology is a game changer. I thought you would be interested in the following :

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    Email of the day on diet and South African politics:

    On diet. I have followed the recent discussions on diet with great interest. Having been in the veterinary profession for the last 50 years my own experience may be of interest. Two dictums I have always followed. You are what you eat and moderation in everything. For the last few million years or so humans have been omnivores and have a gut designed with that in mind, so a diet of vegetables, nuts, berries, meat and fish is ideal. 

    When I joined a small animal practice on the North Yorkshire border so long ago I was given a tip by my then boss who incidentally was a great friend of James Herriott and was featured in his books. He had observed the huge beneficial effects that certain formulations of the antioxidant Vitamin E had on elderly canines prone to mini strokes and heart problems. Some forty years ago I decided to take a daily dose myself. At any rate, I have reached the age of 76 (David's vintage) Mild blood pressure, normal cholesterol and in possession of all my original joints in good working order. I now have a pretty stress-free life spent for the most part in South Africa and the only thing now that tends to affect my blood pressure is the politics of the place!

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    BlackRock, Vanguard Say Bond Market's Got This Trade All Wrong

    This article by Liz McCormick for Bloomberg may be of interest to subscribers. Here is a section:

    Two titans of the bond market are still clinging to the idea that inflation is going to make a comeback.

    Time and again, weak economic data have made the market’s inflationistas -- many of whom were beguiled by President Donald Trump’s pro-growth promises -- look a little foolish.

    But for Vanguard and BlackRock, it’s only a matter of months before inflation is back at 2 percent. Regardless of what does (or doesn’t) happen in Washington, a tight job market will boost wages, lead Americans to spend more and push up consumer prices. Add to that a weak dollar and prospects the Federal Reserve will hold off raising interest rates until 2018, and they see a good chance the bond market is too downbeat about inflation.


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    Bitcoin Soars to Record as Buyers Look Beyond Miners' Split

    This article by Justina Lee for Bloomberg may be of interest to subscribers. Here is a section:

    “The miner-orchestrated hard fork has had limited traction and will not impact the price or future development of bitcoin,” said Aurelien Menant, chief executive officer of Gatecoin Ltd., a cryptocurrency exchange in Hong Kong, referring to the split. “The activation of SegWit is a significant milestone in bitcoin’s technological evolution.”

    At the heart of the dispute is an issue that has dogged bitcoin’s development: as its popularity grew, transactions slowed because of a cap on the amount of data processed by the blockchain. Under SegWit2x, some of that data will be moved off the main network while block sizes will be doubled to 2 megabytes in November -- a quarter of that for Bitcoin Cash. While the first step of SegWit2x has been locked in and the technology will probably be adopted at some point in August, infighting could disrupt the transition.

    The price of Bitcoin Cash has plummeted 62 percent from a record high reached last week to $274, CoinMarketCap data show, bolstering the appeal of its older cousin. For now, Bitcoin Cash still pales in comparison to the original asset: the former has a capitalization of $4 billion, compared with the latter’s $53 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.

    “The scaling debate is not over yet,” Menant added. “The promised 2 MB block size increase due in November in accordance with the SegWit2x agreement may still be rejected by certain stakeholders.”


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    Email of the day on the Big Picture Long-Term video:

    Many thanks for a truly excellent long-term outlook video this week. This was quite exceptional bearing in mind your travels to China over the past two weeks. Thanks for putting so much effort into the service


    I just wanted to say what a terrific broadcast you did this weekend. It was really exceptional. Thank you for giving so much thought to the broadcast, there is a great deal to reflect on.


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    Bluebird Bio Lockup Expiring Aug. 12 as Stock Lags Benchmark

    This article from Bloomberg may be of interest to subscribers. Here it is in full:

    The equity lockup period for Bluebird Bio Inc. shares ends in a week following its $460.1 million stock sale.

    Bluebird Bio sold 4.38 million shares at $105 on June 27. The sale increased the outstanding shares by 9.7 percent.
    Since then, the stock has declined 9.5 percent and the benchmark Russell 2000 Health Care Index fell 1.1 percent. The S&P 500 Index climbed 2.4 percent in the same period.

    The underwriters restricted sales by the company, directors and executives for 45 days. The agreement limits the sale of 344,300 shares, according to data compiled from prospectus documents. Those represent 1 percent of its market capitalization, 1 percent of its float and 0 days worth of average trading volume. The company has also set one other lockup date on Aug. 27.

    Bluebird Bio rose 54.1 percent so far this year and advanced 64.4 percent in the past 52 weeks. The stock closed at $95.05 in the previous session. This story was produced by Bloomberg Automation


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    Email of the day on good food and the length of the video

    Saturday’s video was absolutely great, except that you apologized too many times for the length. If there are good things to tell as it was the case, the length is not a problem.

    The piece about your insights from your China trip was particularly interesting and informative. And your views about the likely developments in automation and the consequences are phenomenal

    So don’t worry to talk 90 minutes if you have interesting things to explain

    PS: I discovered that I share other things with you (that I learnt by reading the daily report, listening to the audio and since last year watching the video). I am 5 years older than you, love food and share the high cholesterol problem
    Against the cholesterol I am still fighting without resorting to statins. I don’t how long (I feel otherwise healthy, my blood pressure is perfect I am not overweight, don’t smoke and run a lot, but the cholesterol values don’t want to go down.)
    Food and restaurant are my other passion. I am fortunate to spend lot of my spare time and holidays in Italy and love to travel around for good restaurants and great food. Last week on the way back from Croatia we traveled along Friuli and stopped by in San Daniele and Sauris, both well known by “gourmands” for their ham (prosciutto crudo). Fantastic... I am now in South Tyrol spending the rest of the holidays and some restaurants here around are fantastic. Yesterday evening we went with friends to a restaurant whose chef – Matteo Metullio from Trieste - got a Michelin star at the age of 28 and he’s now 31. After the excellent dinner, we spent ¾ hour or so talking with him and I was amazed at the passion he puts in his job, we talked about the next recipes for the winter season, about how and where to get good game from, about when to eat the best row fish, etc. etc.). The dim sum you show on the plate at the end of the video were also very interesting. I have been in HK several times but never in mainland China. Must be also a great food experience.


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