Weekend Reading June 12th 2020
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June 12 2020

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Weekend Reading June 12th 2020

Eoin Treacy's view

PGIM What’s In Your Real Asset Portfolio? Introducing RASA

An Empirical Analysis of Racial Differences in Police Use of Force

Equity Styles and the Spanish Flu - Here is a section:

We study the performance of equity styles during the period around the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-1919 and other deep historical market corrections to gain a deeper understanding on the performance of different groups of stocks during crises. We extend the widely used CRSP database with hand-collected data on U.S stocks and examine the major pre-1926 market corrections. We find that low-volatility and momentum tend to reduce losses during sharp market selloffs. By contrast, smaller stocks with high yields (value) offer less protection, but perform well during the recovery phase. Over major market selloffs and subsequent recoveries combined equity styles added value.

DWS: Investment Traffic Lights

Breaking Bad Trends

Metlife: Back to Work: Office Demand in a Post-Pandemic World

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