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July 03 2015

Commentary by David Fuller

My personal portfolio

Some expiring trades rolled forward

David Fuller's view

We are in a more uncertain, choppy environment and my earlier trading profits for this year have been eroded in recent weeks.  My China H-Share Index long position opened on 27th May at 14479.6 for the June contract expired on 29th June at 13090.  Fortunately, this was only one-eighth the size of my maximum long position on the way up earlier in the year, so I allowed it to be simultaneously rolled into the July contract at 13049.6 as it now looks oversold.  Similarly, my Taiwan Index long opened on 27th May at 359.85 expired on 29 June at 352.15 and was simultaneously rolled into the July contract at 347.15.  There is a rogue data point on this chart for 28th June so I will add the chart to this copy when this is corrected. 

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