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December 08 2011

Commentary by David Fuller

My personal portfolio:

rough rice long closed at a loss; gold futures longs partially stopped out

David Fuller's view It is tough out there in trading land, at least for this participant this year. Having held on to my rough rice (weekly & daily) for too long because it seemed oversold when I bought it, I was encouraged by the recent loss of downward momentum but gains from last week's upward dynamic have not been maintained. With the entire grain and bean sector remaining weak (see also Eoin's comments below), I closed the position today selling the January contract at $14.3725 and $14.365, against my purchases at $16.2225 and $16.1950 on 3rd November.

Tuesday's purchase of gold (weekly & daily) was stopped out this afternoon. Accordingly, some of my February gold was sold at $1718.6 (again, below my actual stop level in volatile conditions), against my purchases at $1715.2 and $1714 on 6th December, reducing my long position by 40 percent. Today's outside day is disconcerting, although it has not changed the overall pattern.

Prices above include all spread-bet dealing costs.

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