Email of the day more on coronavirus prepping:
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March 17 2020

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day more on coronavirus prepping:

My friend Chen Lin of  What is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling?   ( ) included some very valuable information below in his letter .

Please read this important information

I want everyone to stay safe, keep your bodies strong and wait for better times.

These are some suggestions to keep you and your beloved one safe in the crisis.

1. Get an oximeter. Why? The current coronavirus test in the US is not accurate according to my sources. Because the virus may or may at your nose or throat at time of test. Usually it takes 2-3 times to give a more accurate test results. For citizens, the best test is to use an oximeter and watch you and your beloved ones oxygen level in your blood. This is a much more reliable way to discover if you are infected with the virus and you can do it easily at home. As we know, early detection can save lives and I want to have one before the American public start to buy.

2. Have some sinus drug like Afrin at home. Why? When you have a sinus infection, you breathe very hard and can push the virus into you lung, if there are present on you or around you.

3. Have some anti septic mouth rinse and rinse your month a few times a day. It can kill the germs as well as virus in your mouth and upper throat.

I also heard advise to take a hot shower after your come back home. Plus all the recommendations from the CDC is helpful. Remember to stay safe and we will see this crisis through.

Eoin Treacy's view

It feels like eons ago but it was only two weeks ago, that I wrote about the precautions my family had taken to stock up for what was looking like an inevitable self-imposed quarantine. Mrs. Treacy did buy a pulse oximeter yesterday, because it is a handy way to figure out if you do indeed need medical attention or are simply suffering from a cold.

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