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Subscriber’s Comment of the DayThe Comment of the day represents the primary outlet for David Fuller and Eoin Treacy’s analytical output. Broken down into a series of daily articles, the Comment of the day contains macro behavioural commentary on all exchange traded instruments, global macro commentary, investment and trading ideas, details of how they manage their own money, responses to topical news items and research reports often forwarded by the Collective of subscribers.

Investment Themes - Utilising the four pillars of macro behavioural technical analysis, David and Eoin develop medium to long-term investment themes they believe are capable of sparking investor interest well into the future. These are the investment themes on which they focus their attention because they believe they represent the most attractive long term investment opportunities.

Subscriber’s Audio – Before anyone heard of a podcast David Fuller recorded audio commentaries to discuss the day’s events, highlight potential trading opportunities and to put it all together in the context of the long-term view. The Subscriber’s Audio has become one of our most important and popular features, providing the latest insights on global stock markets, government bonds, currencies and commodities.  Friday’s Audio focuses on the big picture, long-term outlook.

Subscriber’s Chart Library – In a global market place we have no guarantee that the best opportunities will arise in our domestic environment. As a global strategy service,’s Chart Library is both versatile and stands out for the breadth of its offering. For a quick review of developing trends in the world’s markets, subscribers can scroll through both candlestick and point & figure charts or use the filter system to narrow results. The Chart Library includes stock market indices, government bond futures and yields, currencies, commodities and funds.

Search Engine - What did David  Fuller and Eoin Treacy say about the S&P 500, T-Bonds, the dollar, gold, emerging markets, or any other markets?  How do I find that item on David Fuller’s Baby Steps or Behavioural Technical Analysis?  Where is that last report from (name)?  For quick and easy access, just use the FullerTreacyMoney Search Engine.

Fullermoney Archives  - David Fuller and Eoin Treacy’s research product focuses on their macro behavioural technical analysis but its delivery has gone through a number of evolutions over the past forty years. The service has developed from a hard copy news letter to an online service, to represents the greatest step forward yet with all previous commentary uploaded into the site, each individual article broke down into searchable chunks and a tagging system introduced which acts like to thread linking articles together. In addition to the theme search, it has never been so easy to find exactly what you might be looking for.

Subscriber’s Forum - This interactive feature reflects the collective knowledge of FullerTreacy Money Subscribers, and includes numerous reports and articles.

The Chart Seminar –’s unique two-day workshop on Behavioural Technical Analysis, presented by Eoin Treacy, remains as popular as ever after 44 years. subscribers receive an early-booking discount.

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