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Most Recent Audio: 26 October 2020


Eoin - I recently renewed my annual subscription (for about the 30th time) and I had to write to tell you that Friday's big picture audi/video was worth the entire amount for the year. Thanks so much for sharing such interesting information. I hope all subscribers are paying attention right now. Thanks again, Glen Baird Little Silver, NJ

Glen Baird 20 July 2019

High quality analysis, reporting and insightfulness delivered eloquently in plain english

T.R. 20 December 2017

Its a service I have used over many many years and have grown to trust. I find the commentary and analysis provided to be a reliable guide to market action.

C.C. 09 September 2016

FTM looks at markets globally and technically; the best.

J.P. 08 September 2016

I find David's and Eoin's analysis is refreshingly different, with it's basis in crowd behaviour combined with a relatively uncomplicated use of charts.

T.K. 30 August 2016

I want to say thanks for all your interesting charts from all over the world. You both give us a fantastic wiew from around the globe! Some examples,Valeant,Kinder Morgan,Orocobre and metals. They have all recently helped me pay my expenses and more.

L.K. 27 July 2016

I have been a subscriber since the 70's. I have grown with your service and have no hesitation in recommending your service !!!

R.D. 19 June 2016

Experience, relevant data sourcing that is not often though about, consistency using both technical and fundamental inputs, as well as the understanding of market psychology, contrarian behaviour and sentiment.

J.E. 29 May 2016

I'm a long time subscriber and very familiar with the service!

T.M. 15 April 2016

Essential chart library plus interesting thematic comment

N.B. 06 April 2016

Good product, simple as that.

D.S. 05 April 2016

I appreciate David and Eoin's insightful, level-headed commentary.

M.N. 30 March 2016

It's a very time efficient and considered source of financial information.

H.T. 16 March 2016

I have subscribed for many years. I value David's judgement highly - he has made some excellent investment calls and his commentary is often insightful. The Chart library is a particularly useful resource.

A.L. 11 March 2016

Global scope, technical analysis, Fullers verbal.

J.P. 04 February 2016

Very long time subscriber and found service helpful in not missing major trends

S.O. 20 January 2016

I have been a long term satisfied customer myself.

C.B. 11 January 2016

Informative and consistent, good overview

R.M. 06 December 2015

Excellent daily coverage of the markets. The chart library is central to my investing. The Filter function is a gem.

D.B. 02 December 2015

Happily followed for many years

J.D. 24 November 2015

Long term subscriber, very satisified with quality of service

E.M. 21 October 2015

I am an extremely satisfied subscriber. The daily audio is an indispensable part of my day, and the chart library is a very powerful and convenient tool.

J.L. 13 October 2015

Technical analysis on a world wide basis plus invaluable commentary.

J.P. 06 October 2015

Love the commentary and charts

B.B. 20 August 2015

Consistently well informed analysis

W.I. 09 August 2015

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