Welcome to the House of Patronage
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August 09 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

Welcome to the House of Patronage

This is an excellent editorial which may be of interest to a wider audience than citizens of the UK, published by The Sunday Times

David Fuller's view Democracies are refreshed by constructive criticism, offered freely and without fear of political reprisal. Political cartoons often convey the message effectively with biting humour. It may have been the cartoonist Peter Brookes of The Sunday Times, using the same picture of the House of Lords shown in the article above, quoting someone sitting near the back saying: "I'm sure I paid for a better view".

The UK's House of Lords should revert to being a considerably slimmed down revising chamber, consisting of qualified, distinguished members known for their honesty, integrity and independence of thought. The stickier question is who selects them?

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