Today's interesting charts
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July 13 2012

Commentary by David Fuller

Today's interesting charts

Buying versus selling pressure determines market performance and nothing shows this more clearly than price charts.

David Fuller's view Gold (weekly & daily) bounced from the lower side of its range today and generally shows stronger upside than downside days within the current sideways pattern since mid-May. This suggests accumulation in the region of the September and December 2011 lows but a sustained break above $1650 is required to provide further evidence that a major recovery is underway.

The Continuous Commodity Index (weekly & daily) found psychological and lateral support near 500 and has almost completed a mean reversion back to the declining 200-day MA. The strength of the initial rally and ability to hold most of those gains during the present pause suggests that demand still has the upper hand.

The S&P 500 Index (weekly & daily) checked its latest pullback with an upward dynamic today, suggesting scope for a further test of overhead trading established earlier this year. A break in the sequence of higher reaction lows since early June is required to negate the overall upward bias.

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