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June 28 2012

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Today's interesting charts

Despite the uncertainty associated with the outlook for the US, European and Chinese economies there were a number of companies that had continued to perform as if they existed in an alternative bullish reality and were until quite recently hitting new all-time highs. At the current juncture, it appears timely to revisit these shares

Eoin Treacy's view Monster Beverage – encountered medium-term resistance in the region of $80 two weeks ago and has now posted its largest pull back since 2010. At least a reversion towards the mean is underway and a clear upward dynamic will be required to check potential for additional downside.

Dollar Tree Stores – has posted its second large downward dynamic in the last month. While the progression of higher reaction lows remains intact, these downdraughts are at least a warning that the medium-term trend of demand dominance is being threatened.

Ross Stores – posted its largest downward dynamic in more than five years this week suggesting a process of mean reversion is underway.

Whole Foods Market – if the share remains weak through tomorrow's close, it will have formed a downside weekly key reversal. At a minimum, this week's high represents a peak of at least near-term significance.

O'Reilly Automotive - dropped precipitously yesterday on weak earnings expectations. Technical damage has been done and a process of support building will be required to help rebuild investor confidence.

Autozone - has dropped back to test the region of the 200-day MA where it will need to find support if the medium-term uptrend is to remain consistent.

Bed Bath & Beyond - dropped precipitously last week and has extended the decline this week. A sustained move back above $64 would be required to begin to question supply dominance.

Expedia - has encountered at least short-term resistance in the region of $50 and has probably entered a process of mean reversion.

In conclusion, the above shares represented some of the leaders on the Nasdaq-100. The fact that they are losing uptrend consistency and at a minimum are reverting towards the mean suggests an additional risk premium should be attached to the wider market.

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