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September 12 2022

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Thoughts from the Road

Thanks to a subscriber for this report from Mike Wilson at Morgan Stanley. Here is a section: 

After the discussion around earnings trajectory for the S&P 500, the focus then typically turned to how to trade it. Here, we have some sympathy for the view that markets may potentially hold up very tactically until the EPS cuts actually happen. As already noted, conference season is upon us and investors are ready for some bad news at least with regard to how 3Q is progressing. However, the degree of that deterioration is more debated now given the recently announced $500 billion student debt forgiveness and extended moratorium on loan payments until December, combined with the energy subsidy announced this past week in the UK to help consumers through the winter. Both of these are rather large fiscal stimulus packages that could keep the "tone" of company commentary less bearish than feared, and potentially delay the eventual cuts. Nonetheless, we have high conviction that EPS cuts will play out in earnest over the next 2-3 months, and as a reminder from our note last week, mid-September through October is a particularly challenging seasonal period for EPS revisions.

Eoin Treacy's view

The yield curve (10-year – 2-year) inverted for a week in April and has been persistently inverted since June. The classic version of the yield curve (10-year – 3-month) is not yet inverted but it is still trending lower. This spread collapsed from an artificially elevated level in May. It tends to be much more volatile than the longer-dated version because short-term interest rates can whip around a lot.  

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