The IPO Race for Uber and Lyft Isn't Against Each Other
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December 10 2018

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

The IPO Race for Uber and Lyft Isn't Against Each Other

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After a relative tech IPO dry spell of 2015 and 2016, there’s less of a stock feeding frenzy around each new tech listing now. Snapchat’s valuation has moved from outlandish at its IPO to tame.(1) Most other tech companies that went public in the last couple of years also trade relatively in line with their older peers. That shows investors have grown more discriminating about when to pay a rich price for fast-growing companies. I think that temperance will carry over to IPOs for Lyft and Uber. 

Ultimately, though, Uber and Lyft have more to worry about than IPO order. Uber in particular has yet to prove its basic business model makes sense after 10 years of history. Economic and market conditions are deteriorating. In the U.S., people are openly talking about the “R-Word” — recession. Those are all good reasons to hurry and go public. But Uber and Lyft shouldn’t overthink the advantages of hitting the stock market first.  

Eoin Treacy's view

At The Chart Seminar we ask this question; when is the best time to sell your company? The answer is simple when you think about it. When you can get more for it than you think it is worth. The founders and early investors in multi-billion Dollar unicorns have a clear incentive to diversify exposure by seeking to sell when the going is good, because it will obviously be a more difficult prospect when the going is bad.

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