Stirrings in the uranium sector
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January 16 2012

Commentary by David Fuller

Stirrings in the uranium sector

David Fuller's view There are three good reasons to remain cautious of the nuclear power industry and uranium miners - Fukushima, plus the understandable excitement over shale gas and shale oil. Nevertheless, JP Morgan mentions in their recent executive report that: "…in aggregate, nuclear power forecasts for 2020 have only dropped 5%."

The uranium price is quietly rangebound but at least it has held above its trough in 2009-2010. Uranium mining shares collapsed following Fukushima, the occasional takeover candidate excepted but have steadied recently. Canadian uranium miners Cameco (weekly & daily), Denison Mines (weekly & daily), Uranium One (weekly & daily) and UEX (weekly & daily) have all firmed in the region of their 2008-2009 bases and seen some upward dynamics recently.

Only time will tell if this is more than a short covering rally at this time. However, the world will need all the energy it can produce and nuclear can make a useful contribution to global supplies. Yes, it remains controversial but so do most other forms of energy, for one reason or another.

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In the full disclosure department, both Cameco and Denison Mines are in my personal long-term investment portfolio. I am content to hold at this time but will not be adding to these positions because the sector remains highly speculative

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