State of AI Report 2019
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November 01 2019

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

State of AI Report 2019

Thanks to a subscriber for this report for which may be of interest. Here is a brief section on robotics:

Certain Chinese industrial companies have automated away 40% of their human workforce over the past 3 years. This could be due in part to China’s annual robot install-base growing 500% since 2012 (vs. 112% in Europe). However, it’s unclear to what extent AI software runs these installed robots or has contributed to their proliferation.

Eoin Treacy's view

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The drive to automate manufacturing is one of the most challenging for any company but is also a major consideration in which countries benefit from manufacturing as a large, relatively well-paying employer. Many low-tech businesses have already migrated away from China while higher value-added businesses are under increasingly pressure to increase productivity by adopting technological solutions.

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