Simon Cowell Sings on Stage?! Metaphysic Will Leave You Speechless
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June 22 2022

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Simon Cowell Sings on Stage?! Metaphysic Will Leave You Speechless

This video from America’s Got Talent may be of interest. Here is a link.

Eoin Treacy's view

The march of technological innovation is agnostic to what we might be comfortable with. In a world of heightening geopolitical stress, the capacity for deep fakes to become totally prevalent is non-trivial. If there was declining faith in the trustworthiness of media coverage before, that is only going to deteriorate in future.
This article from extremetech covering the development of swarms of drones acting in concert is also worthy of consideration. Here is a section:
The swarm has another interesting and somewhat alarming capability. The designers showed the algorithm can follow a human target through the environment with incredible accuracy. If one robot loses sight of the target because they walk behind a tree, another will be able to maintain visual contact. That means the first robot still knows where the target is and can pick up again on the other side of the obstruction. With more development, this technology could make it virtually impossible for a person to evade the swarm. What happens then is up to the operator of said drone swarm. 

This is what the future will look like but the war in Ukraine has also been a bonanza for drone manufacturers. They are the ultimate throw away device and future wars will largely be fought by machines.

The Kyoto Cherry Blossom Peak has been trending earlier for decades. It’s a graphic representation of earlier springs and changing weather patterns. 

If we set aside arguments about climate change and think instead about the winners, losers and the stresses additional climate volatility could cause. The first is that low population countries that are energy, water and food independent are the winners. High population areas, particularly in the tropics, who can’t feed themselves or import most of their energy are the big losers. Russia is a potentially large beneficiary of changing climate with both China and India being losers. 

A hypothetical US geopolitical strategist looking at the future and adopting a purely nationalistic attitude would think hard about how to ensure Europe does not fall into the Chinese sphere of influence, would like to make sure Russia is more western than eastern facing and would wish to ensure China’s expansion is contained. That would help to emphasise the domestic strengths of North America. That also helps to highlight how much went right for a North American planner when Russia invaded Ukraine. If that results in friendly regime change in Russia it would be even better.      

This discussion between Noam Chomsky and Jeremy Scahill may also be of interest. It is one of the few to question the unanimity of support for the vilification of Russia and support for prosecuting the war “to the last Ukrainian”. This article considering the background for the invasion may also be of interest. I’m not for a moment condoning the invasion. It is a terrible humanitarian crisis. However, the long-term geopolitical and investment implications of this development are likely to be important.  

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