Ruminations of the Contrary Investor: Cool Stuff
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September 21 2010

Commentary by David Fuller

Ruminations of the Contrary Investor: Cool Stuff

This remains a refreshingly original letter by Alex Seagle of Fraser Management Associates. Here is a brief sample
Readers know that we believe contrarian investing involves the identification of themes that most investors either overlook, under-appreciate, or do not understand. In short, the real money is made at the beginning and the end of powerful themes, and this leads to coming to the table early. One of the themes the Contrary Investor has studied for some time is the notion of non-lethal weapons as the way forward, as conflicts have become increasingly focused on highly populated, urban areas where traditional military force is less effective.

We have weighed in on long range acoustic devices (LRADs) that send incredibly loud, directional noises to disperse enemy combatants, most notably produced by American Technology Corporation (NASDAQ: ATCO), as well as some other very esoteric weapons. Unfortunately, none of the participants in this space have reached profitability, and the companies remain highly speculative. But it's still very cool to study.

The Indian military has a new weapon against terrorism: the world's hottest chili.

David Fuller's view Confronted with either of these weapons, I would surrender immediately.

This issue quotes both Mark Mobius and Marc Faber on emerging markets, a subject of considerable interest to Fullermoney and our subscribers.

There is also an item on a "recession-proof" investment category which I have not see mentioned elsewhere. Read on if you are unfamiliar with "Neuticles."

You may also be interested in this August issue of The Contrary Investor, which is just as relevant today.

Alex Seagle and Fraser Management Associates will be hosting the 48th Annual Contrary Opinion Forum at Basin Harbor Club next month. I am delighted to be participating in this fine event and look forward to meeting attending subscribers.

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