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March 05 2015

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day

Dr David Brown interviewed by Forbes:

“Dear David, I was interviewed by Forbes Magazine following my presentation on the Third Industrial Revolution last week at the Markets Now evening. The interview was published yesterday and it is available at this link.

“It provides a summary of the main factors that drive industrial revolutions, which I covered in the first part of my talk. Subscribers who could not attend Markets Now last week may be interested in this summary - which is much shorter than my 2 hour presentation! However, the Forbes article does not cover the investment opportunities which were of course the most important part of the talk. Those are available to subscribers on the slides you posted.”

David Fuller's view

Many thanks for this email and the link to your excellent interview with Forbes Magazine.  A small number of fortunate subscribers were mesmerised by your presentation and Q&A session at the last Markets Now, and many more saw your presentation, posted here last Wednesday.  The Forbes article, partially reproduced below, will generate considerable interest, as will your next presentation at Markets Now on an entirely different topic of considerable interest.  

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