Seven Reasons Cheap Oil Cannot Stop Renewables Now
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January 30 2015

Commentary by David Fuller

Seven Reasons Cheap Oil Cannot Stop Renewables Now

Here is the opening of this interesting, somewhat controversial article from Bloomberg:

Oil prices have fallen by more than half since July. Just five years ago, such a plunge in fossil fuels would have put the renewable-energy industry on bankruptcy watch. Today: Meh.

Here are seven reasons why humanity’s transition to cleaner energy won’t be sidetracked by cheap oil.

1. The Sun Doesn't Compete With Oil

Oil is for cars; renewables are for electricity. The two don’t really compete. Oil is just too expensive to power the grid, even with prices well below $50 a barrel.

Instead, solar competes with coal, natural gas, hydro, and nuclear power. Solar, the newest to the mix, makes up less than 1 percent of the electricity market today but will be the world’s biggest single source by 2050, according to the International Energy Agency. Demand is so strong that the biggest limit to installations this year may be the availability of panels

“You couldn’t kill solar now if you wanted to,” says Jenny Chase, the lead solar analyst with Bloomberg New Energy Finance in London.

David Fuller's view

This is a good article, even if it does lose its focus, in my opinion, in the last two paragraphs.  It also contains some helpful graphics.

In particular, look at the third point.  Here is a key sentence on solar: “It’s a technology, not a fuel.”  This is certainly true and solar is fast on its way to becoming the dominant technology in the energy field.  

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