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May 12 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day 1

On The Markets Now:

“I wanted to tell you again how useful I found the session on Friday. I think the format with Iain and Bruce was an excellent combination and worked exceedingly well. As always, I value your thoughts on the markets highly.

“I do hope you keep these going, but perhaps you might benefit from having larger numbers present? I might also personally prefer a different evening, perhaps a Thursday.” 

David Fuller's view

Thanks for your interest in The Markets Now, including your helpful comments.  These are intended to be informal sessions with speakers deciding what they wish to discuss.  I found Iain and Bruce’s presentations interesting and useful, and I particularly enjoy our concluding chats at the Club Bar with subscribers and their friends or partners.  A small increase in numbers would not detract from the environment and I appreciate that Friday is not ideal for everyone.  However, it suits Iain who is mostly in Zurich during the week and Bruce is even further away in Dubai.   

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