Interesting charts of the day
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May 01 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

Interesting charts of the day

Markets are voting machines over the short term and often considerably longer.

David Fuller's view

Soybeans (CBT) (daily & weekly) saw a big downward dynamic today which capped the rally for at least the near term.  A decline tomorrow would also ensure a weekly key reversal on the longer-term chart.  A new closing high would be required to reaffirm this year’s uptrend.

Corn (CBT) (daily & weekly) saw a small downside key day reversal today. This loss needs to be reversed to reaffirm this year’s recovery. 

Wheat (CBT) (daily & weekly) saw the least technical damage today but it is short-term overbought following gains over the last eight days.  It will need to hold most of that rally if this year’s overall uptrend is to be extended in the near term.  

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