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April 04 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day 3

On “spending every last cent before the day before I die”:

“Now that I am 75 I am doing some financial planning in the hope of spending every last cent before the day before I die. I have a lot of value in my flat and no mortgage and would like to talk to a professional about one of these property equity release schemes. Do you know of anyone who could advise me about the various options?”

David Fuller's view

This will be a challenge for your timing skills.

No, I do not but I am sure some people within the Collective will be able to comment on property equity release schemes, should they wish to.  However, I would be very surprised if the schemes were not expensive.  Therefore, you may wish to first look at what you could do without incurring any costs. 

If you wish to sail around the world, or live in other places for a lengthy period, or just host a lengthy binge for the Collective, you could certainly fund a chunk of that by renting your flat while you were away.  The usual concern for not doing this is the security and safety of one’s valuable possessions, but you could place those in storage.  Many people seeking a rental property for a year or more will prefer an empty property.  

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