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March 31 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day

“David, For Eoin and your records, CNBC and Bloomberg morning show has been commenting on this piece. HFT is a subject matter the Collective have long commented on if it was not reported on Bloomberg and CNBC Europe overnight. Trust your new service is going well.”

David Fuller's view

Many thanks for your email and the link to 60 Minutes, the most important part of which concerns young Brad Katsuyama and his discoveries while at the Royal Bank of Canada, with the help of programmer Ronan Ryan.  Subscribers can catch this in the video although the advertisements are frequent and irritating, so you may prefer to read the text.  The concluding part of which is their development of IEX, the investors exchange, with the help of some big Wall Street investors.  The have figured out how to beat the HFT predators by delaying their orders.   

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