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March 21 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day 1

On a temporary tech problem:

“Just a quick email to give you some comfort on your recent internet access issue. I just admire your "techie" side (you manage it pretty well at the end of the day!) and I especially admire your calm in the markets.

“Fullertreacymoney is not a service for acting "right now" with advice to "buy this now, sell that now"; so getting your copy a few hours late from time to time is not a big issue, I believe!

“Keep it up!”

David Fuller's view

Thank you for this thoughtful, encouraging email.  However, regarding techie ability, if reincarnation worked and we could select our skills for the next round, I would be tempted to opt for nerd.

On “calm in the markets”, money and markets are an emotive combination, as we know.  I think it helps us to view them, good or bad, with a degree of emotional equilibrium, while remembering that extremes of sentiment are a contrary indicator.

There are plenty of services telling people what to do but I have always felt that they encourage dependency rather than analytical development. is about Empowerment Through Knowledge.   

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