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March 18 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day

On the recent Markets Now seminar:

“Hi David, I just wanted to add my thanks for a most interesting and intellectually-stimulating evening seminar at the East India Club. You, Iain and Bruce all dazzled in a most inspirational manner and the impact of your joint observations was a powerful one, being delivered in a live arena like that. I have to say that there was also an impressive degree of brain power amidst the punters as well (!), which led to interesting conversational opportunities across the assembled group (worth attending for alone). So well done to you all for a very rewarding evening, set in a very convivial atmosphere. You possess a very disarming modesty and, furthermore, I can't think of many investor services that grant the opportunity to speak to the main man at 10 pm on a Friday evening (with pint in hand!) Thank you.”

David Fuller's view

I thank you for this most generous appraisal in addition to your own enthusiastic participation.  One of the best aspects of life can be an unquenchable thirst for learning and we can always learn from each other at a relaxed, interactive seminar, especially when some very experienced subscribers participate.  We often share a number of interests so I certainly enjoy the concluding conversations at the club bar.   

The provisional date for our next Markets Now seminar is Friday May 9th, when I look forward to chatting with more subscribers.

However, I would not want these events to distract investors from Eoin’s splendid 2-day workshop, The Chart Seminar, which will return to London in early April. He has been conducting these around the world for a number of years now and it is simply the best introduction to behavioural, factual technical analysis that one can find.  Most veteran subscribers have attended at least once and TCS will help to make the Chart Library an invaluable resource for investors who know how to use it.   

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