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March 17 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day 1

On the recent Markets Now seminar:

“Hi David, I have been meaning to write to thank you for the seminar the other week. I really enjoyed your talk -learned so much & also found what Iain & Bruce had to say very informative. Unfortunately had to leave early as under strict instructions from wife. But when I got home & I explained that it was your seminar, that 'nice man that you listen to on the computer' - as she put it, I was told that I could have stayed longer. So your charm literally does reverberate on the internet! I hope you do arrange more of these evenings. Great contrarian timing in comparison to the fashion for so called breakfast presentations, which are too early for me these days & you don't even get any proper breakfast.”

David Fuller's view

Many thanks for this thoughtful, generous email.  As I am sure you appreciate, these sessions are an opportunity for me to shake off the presentational cobwebs and meet subscribers.  I also wanted them to be relaxing and enjoyable for all of us, thus the civilised environment of London’s distinguished old clubs.  Lastly, I always learn something new when exchanging views with knowledgeable and experienced subscribers of all ages.  I did not want to hold these events on my own and fortunately Iain Little, a veteran subscriber and internationalist known to most subscribers, was also interested in participating, and  including his colleague Bruce Albrecht when possible.    

We will hold at least one more similar session, subject to interest.  However, I would not want these to distract from Eoin’s splendid 2-day workshop, The Chart Seminar, which will return to London in early April. He has been conducting these around the world for a number of years and it is simply the best introduction to behavioural, factual technical analysis that one can find.  Most veteran subscribers have attended at least once. 

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