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March 05 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

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On The Markets Now

“Hello David, Hope you are well and your daily smoothie is still working it's magic -and congratulations on surviving the traumas of all your IT problems - good to see and feel the 'service' has assumed it's previous sense of equilibrium. Sadly, I cannot join you on the 7th for your Seminar -would have loved to but have previous social engagement that I cannot break but good luck and will be on board for future dates. I came across this little gem (I suspect is widely known) on a French restaurant menu recently - it read even better in the French - and seems very appropriate for the current world situation - " Life is uncertain ... Eat dessert first." Best wishes to you all,”

David Fuller's view

Many thanks for this thoughtful email.  You will be missed at The Markets Now but will no doubt enjoy the social engagement.  Others who read this will see that our discussions go beyond the markets.  We are going to have some good analytical discussions on Friday and we will also have fun.  Iain Little and I would not be participating in these events if that were not the case.  Also, there are always a number of interesting opportunities in markets if you know where to look.  

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