Tim Price: Forty centuries of learning nothing
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February 24 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

Tim Price: Forty centuries of learning nothing

My thanks to the Author for his interesting report, focussing this week on the history of inflation, plus wage and price controls.

Here is the opening:

“The co-authors began working on this book in 1974, just after the termination of President Nixon’s controls in the United States. Since that time, we have examined over one hundred cases of wage and price controls in thirty different nations from 2000 BC to AD 1978..

“We have concluded that, while there have been some cases in which controls have at least apparently curtailed the effects of inflation for a short time, they have always failed in the long run. The basic reason for this is that they have not addressed the real cause of inflation which is an increase in the money supply over and above the increase in productivity. Rulers from the earliest times sought to solve their financial problems by debasing the coinage or issuing almost worthless coins at high face values; through modern technology the governments of recent centuries have had printing presses at their disposal. When these measures resulted in inflation, the same rulers then turned to wage and price controls.”

- Robert L Schuettinger and Eamonn F Butler, ‘Forty centuries of wage and price controls: how not to fight inflation’ (The Heritage Foundation, 1979). 

David Fuller's view

Here is Tim Price’s latest letter.

This history will certainly interest many subscribers, as will the conclusion.

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