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February 21 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

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David Fuller's view

Which stock markets remain in form?  Many do but they are mostly led by developed countries.  There are also risks following the five-year bull market, 2013’s exceptional gains and a negative January 2014 effect.  Nevertheless, monetary policy remains generally accommodative, not least in Japan, the EU and also the USA despite QE tapering.  Fuller Treacy Money expects a somewhat choppy year for stock markets.  Also, 2Q and 3Q are less bullish on average.

I have long-term investments in Japan and decided to open a trading position in the NKY 225 Index (weekly & daily) as well because it has steadied near its 200-day moving average.  Also, the Yen’s rally (shown inversely) may have ended and a push back above ¥105 against the US Dollar would be generally good for Japan’s competitiveness and corporate profits.  I paid 14,895 for March NKY, including spread-bet dealing costs.

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