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February 19 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day

On The Markets Now seminar for 7th March:

“David, at this point I have replied “maybe” but actually hope to be there. A quick question – at the last one of these most of the presentations were in respect of tax avoidance. Do you know if that will be case on 7/03?”

David Fuller's view

Thanks for your question which will certainly be of interest to some other investors and traders. 

Yes, at the Caledonian Club two of the four short talks were on tax but that will certainly not be the case on 7th March.

Iain Little and I are market people – through and through – so we will talk at a little more length about where we see the market opportunities and risks.  It will be specific; I will include trades and investments, as I see them.   

I also want to involve smart people like yourself in discussions, so I hope you will attend.  As investors and traders we have similar interests, and should all be wiser after exchanging views.  It should also be fun.  

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