Tim Price: Animal spirits deflating
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February 10 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

Tim Price: Animal spirits deflating

My thanks to the author for his ever-interesting letter, posted by PFP Wealth Management.  

Macro hypothesizing is all very well, but it at least partly assumes that the hypothesizer is benchmarked and in our case, we’re not. We don’t currently have significant exposure to developed world equities since we see much more compelling value (in classic Graham & Dodd terms) in certain pockets of the Asian markets. And we currently have no exposure to US Treasuries because we can access higher real yields with objectively superior credit quality elsewhere. That is, of course, a raging anomaly, but we never said markets were entirely or even necessarily remotely rational.

David Fuller's view

Here is Tim Price’s letter.

Markets can be rational, but no more so than the money flows and sentiment which drive them. 

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