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February 05 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

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On Tim Price’s Letter:

“There was no link to Tim Price’s letter today [3rd Feb].”  

David Fuller's view

Thanks for mentioning this as it may have affected other subscriber’s as well.  There are still a couple of minor bugs and mysteries in the updating software which have yet to be addressed, although they are certainly on the programmer’s list.  Interestingly, Tim Price’s excellent letter was posted but it was certainly not the fault of you or any other subscriber for not noticing it.  However, had you clicked on the blue portion of ‘Commentary by David Fuller’, just to the right of the little photo and date, you would have seen it.  However, I have also reposted it, this time just above my comments on Tim’s Letter, as had been my original intention.  I think it is well worth reading.

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