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February 03 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

My personal portfolio

A hedge trade reopened; a commodity trade opened.

David Fuller's view

My personal portfolio – NDX 100 Index hedge short reopened; London sugar purchased. 

I reopened my NDX 100 Index (weekly & daily) hedge short this morning and at a somewhat better price than I last closed it on 28th January.  I sold the March contract short at 3508.4, including spread-bet dealing costs, around noon GMT.  This position is currently protected with a trailing in-the-money stop, given the volatility in this contract.  Having missed my opportunity to buy sugar (weekly & daily) last week, although I mentioned it in the Audios, I paid 426.4 for the March London white sugar contract this evening, including spread-bet dealing costs.  I am hoping that it will see at least an upside mean reversion to the declining 200-day MA.  

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