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January 13 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day 1

Which companies will benefit most from technological innovation?

“I listen with greatest interest your comments, very instructive!  Question: could you list those companies which - in your opinion - will benefit most from the technological innovation and the competitive energy prices in the USA. Looking forward to hearing from you.”

David Fuller's view

Thanks for the feedback. 

All big, multinational manufacturers will benefit from the accelerating rate of technological innovation, so corporate Autonomies are certainly among the leading candidates which will benefit the most.  Large industrial manufacturers based in the USA will also benefit most from the country’s competitive energy policies.  However, these are only two factors, albeit very important ones, to consider.  Additionally, management, valuations, global GDP growth, interest rates and also fashion are among the very important additional factors to consider.

For these reasons FT Money is always guided by price charts, not least in terms of timing.  Stock markets are often volatile so the best times to buy are following significant shakeouts, when valuations are lower, and during the earlier stages of cyclical recoveries.  Right now, many US shares are somewhat expensive and often overextended following 4Q 2013.   

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